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What’s Your Muggle to Magic Ratio?

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Give Your Guidance Credit
Sometimes even savvy creators spend a significant amount of time trying to figure out how to get what they want[...]
Easy Remedy to Vexing Phenom
There's a somewhat vexing phenomenon in conscious creation world that you might have experienced ... The money is easier to[...]
What Is Happening?
A strange thing happened while watching the hockey playoffs earlier this year ... First let me say, I am not[...]
Conscious Creator’s Guide to Investing
Since I'm a former certified financial planner who worked in personal financial services for well over a decade, it's not[...]
What’s the Rush?
An LOA savvy friend was having a new house built and was adamant that it be finished by a certain[...]
Yes, Even Then …
Two and a half weeks ago I sat on the bench in the exam room as Oscar's veterinarian told me[...]
Self-Love Demo
download this episode How we treat ourselves is a demonstration to how the world should follow suit. It's worth learning[...]
Confessions of a Rock Hoarder
I always liked skipping rocks, but ever since I moved closer to water I've been having even more fun with[...]
That’s Not a Thing
Each winter I get someone who has more confidence than I do to help winterize my sprinklers. And each spring[...]

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