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White Board Work
There was a tricky topic creating significant contrast in my world lately, so I turned to the white board for[...]
Less Is More in LOA
We’ve got a couple of unassuming threads at the Good Vibe University forums that are easy to overlook for the[...]
Friendly Reminder: It’s Your Move
A quick note to any frustrated creators out there ... In conscious creation, the manifestors go first. Not the Universe.[...]
This Tweak Resolves a Common Manifesting Misstep
Key question for you today: Are you using your affirmation or visualization to make it happen or are you using[...]
The Trick Question
I proposed a question to fellow creators the other day: "Which would you rather have … a good vibration, or[...]
You’re Doing It Right
When I was little I got in trouble for putting out food for cats that weren't ours. "They're not our[...]
The Art of Being Dismissive
"Oblivious" or "dismissive" aren't usually complimentary descriptions, but these are manifesting moves that many conscious creators would do well to[...]
A Clean Slate for a New Year
I still have a stack of books I didn't finish this year. I still have an overflowing email inbox I[...]
Give Up the Battle
Conscious creators know that resistance is futile, because we fuel whatever we push against. So of course we know not[...]

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