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3 Core Skills Every Conscious Creator Needs

There are many skills that help us effectively create the realities we prefer. (Think vibrational awareness, letting go, appreciation, etc.)

But there are three core skills essential to every conscious creator’s success.

Without these, we’ve got a significant handicap in our LOA game. (It’s what I spend the majority of time coaching clients on.)

Once we have all three practices fully honed, we become manifesting maestros!

Here they are one at a time:

1. Receiving Skills

This is one of the most important and underrated skills in a conscious creator’s toolkit is the ability to have what you want.

It sounds ridiculously easy, doesn’t it? Who doesn’t know how to have what they want? Why would that be an issue for anyone?

And yet it is.

Whether it’s due to a habit of striving/dissatisfaction, a lack of worthiness, difficulty believing it can be that good, or a simple lack of practice – having what we want is sometimes easier said than done.

A lot of creators don’t realize that being able to receive what they want is a core competency, and those that do know it, often don’t know that they’re missing it.

An inability to receive what we’ve ordered up thwarts many a manifesting game.

If you suspect your receiving skills could use some polishing, plug back into The Ultimate Receiving Challenge for starters.

2. Focusing Skills

Do you know how to turn your attention away from what you don’t want in favor of what you do want?

This is another skill that sounds ridiculously easy, but can be a challenge to engage.

How often do you find yourself ruminating over an unpleasant situation or experience, unable to draw your attention away? How often do you get stuck trying to find a thought that feels better?

Subjects like political divisiveness, planetary crises, and the global pandemic offer practice in honing this skill. Not everyone has mastered it.

Being able to focus your attention in a way that elevates your vibration is an essential conscious creation skill.

If you find it easy to hold your attention solely on what you want for 68 solid seconds (without even a micromoment of negative deviation), you’ve got skills. If you can bust out 100 positive thoughts in a row (without a negative one popping in), no matter your mood, you’ve got focusing game.

And if you don’t, this is one of the drills in Vibration Boot Camp at Good Vibe University. Maybe give it a review if you’d like to brush up on focusing skills.

3. Guidance Skills

Because we live in a largely muggle world that thinks we have to figure out our own path to success, it’s easy for even savvy creators to forget to rely on our inner wisdom.

But if we’re rolling through life without that higher guidance engaged, we’ve got a big manifesting handicap in place.

Knowing how to hear that inner guidance and then having the courage to honor it is another critical manifesting skill.

Otherwise we’re just muggling it.

This just means having the skill of going where your ‘feel good ‘calls you. Honoring your joy, following your bliss.

That’s how inner wisdom calls us forward on the path to dreams come true.

The problem is a lot of people think that having fun is what we do at the end of the ‘hard work’ journey, after we got what we wanted. Not realizing that having fun is the path, not just what awaits us at the end of it.

It’s an LOA skill to both hear that inner guidance and to honor it.

When you get good at this, you will not be like the rest.

(We practiced this skill at GVU earlier this year, too.)

While there are many competencies that contribute to our manifesting success, honing these three will make you a manifesting powerhouse.

And as with most skills, these are best acquired through practice. So don’t berate yourself for not being perfect at all of them yet. It’s an ongoing process for us all!

Listen at the podcast.

  • November 23, 2021
  • Timeline Traveller says:

    Excellent list 🙂 The point about focusing was especially good.

    One technique I’ve found useful for dealing with “unhelpful” thoughts/ruminations/emotions is to ask yourself questions with compassionate undertones. Questions that remind you that your mind is supposed to be a friend rather than an adversary.

    Some good examples are: “Which part of my mind is enjoying this thought/emotion?” or “What good things is this thought/emotion trying to do for me?”

    When you find the answer, you’ll either get to experience the enjoyment (which can be weird when it involves “bad” emotions, but can sometimes clear them surprisingly quickly) or you’ll realise that a particular thought may have been misguided but, ultimately, was trying to be friendly. This can sometimes reduce any feelings of inner turmoil, angst etc… surprisingly quickly.

    I’d also suggest that the underlying theme of the three skills that you’ve mentioned is itself a skill. I am, of course, talking about introspection 🙂

    • Jeannette says:

      You’re good, Timeline Traveller! I love those questions, and I love that you invited us to be more compassionate with ourselves and the focus we sometimes choose.

      Thanks for posting and for the excellent point about introspection. 🙂

      • Timeline Traveller says:

        Thanks 🙂 Another benefit of this approach is that it feels much less stressful than trying to reject/ignore “unhelpful” thoughts/feelings.

        No probs 🙂 It’s a really useful, and interesting, skill.

  • Anne M. Robertson says:

    We are freqently our own worst enemy with a continually “I don’t deserve to have what I really want” humming away in the background of our minds, until we stop and ask ourselves “Why Not?” Nobody is perfect so you just have to keep on practicing how to feel good about getting what you really want.

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