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5 Ways to Manifest Free Money

How to Manifest Free MoneyWho’s in the mood for some free money?

If you’re game, here’s how to tune in and let the easy bucks roll your way …

We know it’s the same routine for whatever we want – all we gotta do is find the vibration of free money in order to experience it.

So if you don’t already know that frequency, use these ways to activate effortless cash flowing in:

1. Give it to get it.

Whether it’s a dollar or a hundred, to a stranger or a friend, left anonymously or gifted in person, giving free money to another can be an effective way to vibrate it yourself. Even being on the other end of the equation puts you in the energy of free money, and for some this is the easiest way to get there.

2. Tell the free money story.

Often we know the story of hard money or not enough money, or we think about free money as something that doesn’t happen to us. So it’s important to learn the words for the experience you want to have. Mine goes something like: “I love all the delightful ways Universe puts effortless money in my pockets. I’m such a natural money magnet that it arrives in all sorts of fun manner and means.” Find your version and start telling it.

3. Feel the free money feeling.

How will it feel when you’ve got cash coming your way that you didn’t have to earn? Find a way to feel that now and you’re greasing powerful wheels to let that manifest. For me it took some practice to get comfortable with the idea of receiving money for nothing, but it’s a vibe I wanted to add to my repertoire.

4. Give pre-thanks.

Instead of waiting for your free money to reveal itself, treat it like it’s already happened. “Done deal” it in your head and do a little celebration dance like the easy cash is sitting in your pocket right now. It’s a sneaky way to create alignment to the free money vibe.

5. Believe in it.

Sometimes the biggest block to receiving free money is that it’s hard to believe it could happen. Making a list of ways it could (or has) happened for us and others helps strengthen the belief in it. Here’s one of my favorite stories of when I wanted to manifest $1,000 in ten days. Last month I consciously turned this signal on again and my paypal account received over $300 in about a week from grateful readers. (Cool, right?!)

If you have any qualms about letting your money roll in for nothing, this exercise will test your receiving skills and sense of unconditional worthiness. (For that reason alone this is a valuable exercise.)

Bottom line, it’s worth learning the vibrations of whatever we want to experience. Many of us have a mix of frequencies we’re really good at … here’s to adding a new one to our repertoire.

If you’ve got more tips for activating this vibration, we’d love to hear them in the comments.

  • August 20, 2014
  • Susan says:


  • That’s a sure-fired way to flow a better vibration, Doaa! Thanks for script link – I’ll check that out.
    And Annette … I love how playful you’re willing to get with the money fears. You rock!

  • Annette says:

    Help! HELP! I am being chased by the Money Monster!!! LOL
    This feels light, free and playful to me.
    Especially because I don’t really believe in the Monster part 🙂
    It brings up visions of money ‘chasing’ me, catching me and tickling me as I giggle til breathless.
    Or catching me and sweeping me up, up in the air and swinging me about.
    (oh yes, I know how childlike THIS sounds, and that’s why it’s so appealing 🙂
    Kori has some good ones going on, too!

  • Doaa K. says:

    Lovely post Jeannette and thanks for sharing this positive vibe!
    My tip to getting ‘free money’ is to feel truly grateful about everything you are/have. The feeling of bitterness drives money away, thankfulness makes you a much likable and trustworthy person 🙂
    P.S. There’s an awesome self-help script To Grow Your Wealth on this link:
    Grow Rich 😉
    Doaa K.

  • Tammy, I looked to see if you had anything caught up in the spam filter, but didn’t see anything from you. (I assume you were testing?)
    Bethany, I love that practice!! That’s one I haven’t really used myself before. I’m excited to play with it!!
    Thanks for chiming in here!

  • Bethany says:

    One idea is to create a real-life container for it. I remember a few years ago people practicing the free money flow would open a bank account for it to flow into. The action indicated a real-world commitment to the intention. Or put a money “bucket” out or make room in your wallet or purse. I imagine cheques coming in the mail and see myself making fat deposits at my bank machine. I also imagine cash falling from the sky to help me feel awash in money. What did Abraham say…that the world is awash in money and we’re showing up with teaspoons. So get out a big bucket!
    The intention to open myself up to receive the free money is helpful too…I’m ready to receive.

  • Tammy says:


  • I agree, Nancy! 🙂
    Kori, I love that version you’re using for a money mantra. Very nice! And clearly it’s serving you well!
    Thanks for sharing with us.

  • Kori says:

    “Money loves to find me.” For the past two weeks or so, that’s been one of two mantras I like to silently repeat myself while meditating. Just something I thought of out of the blue one morning and giggled over, imagining a dollar bill sliding under the front door and walking under the cushions of my couch. The thought of it finding me instead of me finding it feels like the ultimately effortless way.
    Got a few nice surprises today. Checked my email and 1) saw a couple of offers for a couple of items I put up a while ago that I wasn’t sure would ever sell, and 2) received a notification for a small direct deposit coming within the next few days…both of these will allow me to pay a bill in time without even having to borrow the rest of the cash needed, so yay! 3) Received an offer in the mail to pay off another bill and close an account at half of what I owe instead of the full amount by mid-September. So, I must be doing something right!

  • Kati says:

    Aha, I love this justification-free money!! Exactly!!
    And yes, now that you say it, I see how “out of the blue” money IS free, cos I didn’t DO anything FOR it!
    Ahhaa!! Bling, Bling, Bling!! 😀
    Love you, you are awesome!! 🙂

  • This is one vibration worth ‘milking’ on a regular basis! 😉
    Many blessings,

  • Actually, Kati, I think it’s the same thing! I LOVE “out of the blue” money! WOO HOO!!
    And I know what you mean about how once we let our guard down, it seems to just show up.
    Here’s to letting in “justification-free” money. Just for fun. Because we can.

  • Kati says:

    I love this!! 😀
    I haven’t deliberately practiced any free money vibes (yet), but I have received money “out of the blue” before many times!
    Usually when I have not been thinking about it at all, instead totally focused on other things!
    I feel that money is trying to get to me constantly and the moment I let my guard down, it just shows up! 😀 I feel the need to justify my money with the value I’m giving, but I’m excited to test out new ways of receiving for sure!
    Thanx for this post Jeannette! Perfect timing as always! 🙂

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