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I’ve got a thing for conscious creation. I lay awake nights conjuring ways to help us become better manifestors.


You are capable of manifesting big things, and helping you do that is my idea of a good time. I’m not here to convert muggles into believers, but for those of us who are into conscious creation – I want to help you rock that party!


That means we don’t let naysayers get in our way. We don’t fall for gremlin fears. We don’t get intimidated by big dreams. And we certainly know better than to rely on traditional logic and hard work to get there.


Because we know where the magic lies … in our inner technology of turning thoughts to things. We upgrade our vibrational instructions to let reality conform around our favorite dreams. And we have fun doing it! Because everything works better when we’re having a good time. 


Everything I create – from blog posts & podcasts to ebooks & group courses – is all designed to help you better embrace your conscious creation powers. 


You won’t find anyone else this committed to your conscious creation success. Leveraging law of attraction is what I’m about. If you’re looking for manifesting support from a passionate pro, you’re in the right place. 


For those interested in more details: I’m an animal lover and volunteer for local rescue groups as a foster mom. Nature is my touchstone and I love hiking with the dogs! I’m a crystal hoarder, amateur astrologist, and dabble in feng shui, among other woo things. 


Let’s make this friendship official. Drop me a note at to let me know what would best serve your manifesting game today, and I’ll point you in the right direction. Or pick up one of my free gifts and I’ll start sending the goods straight to your inbox. 



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