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Acclimating to the Desire

Sometimes we conscious creators think our desire is taking longer to manifest than it should

  • The dream job was ordered up ages ago yet still we sit at the same old desk
  • We described Mr. Right to a T but he’s still just a figment of our imagination
  • We’ve been working on better health for eons and it seems like there’s little progress.

It can be frustrating when we’re not seeing the results we know are possible.

But there’s something to remember about this whole process of manifesting …

Sometimes it takes us a minute to get used to the idea of having what we want.

Whatever it is we desire, it can’t really come into physical fruition until it’s something we’ve come to expect. When it’s something that feels normal and like it belongs in our world – that’s when we’re a true vibrational match to it.

And that doesn’t always happen in the red hot moment we first recognize the desire.

It happened to me when I decided to create a coaching practice. I wanted it long before I believed in it.

Which meant it took a little doing to train myself into the expectation that people would hire me and that I could successfully run my own business.

I was the reason that manifestation took a little while to unfold.

And when I started house hunting … I entertained thoughts of a dream come true place long before it felt like a real possibility. At first it was just a crazy cool thought. A pipe dream.

It wasn’t until further down the line that I expected myself into it.

You can feel the difference between wanting and expecting, right? That’s the gap we’re talking about closing.

Abraham has said that our desire manifests when it feels like an “of course.” As long as it still feels like a crazy cool thing, we’re not fully acclimated to it. We’ve got a ways to go before we’re fully on board with having it.

We create a new normal for ourselves by pre-experiencing it internally. (That just means imagining it into our reality.)

Once we’re familiar with it on the inside it will take shape on the outside.

So the next time you’re thinking that it’s taking a while for your desire to unfold, just remember that you might still be in the process of getting used to the idea, and that’s okay.

If it manifests before you fully believe it, sometimes it goes out the back door just as quickly as it came through the front, and we find ourselves back at square one. So taking the time to learn to expect it is worth the effort. Hear more on this podcast episode.

And for those who’d like tips on how to acclimate to wealth and abundance, this podcast episode on Rehearsing For Rich might be helpful. Enjoy!

  • November 30, 2016
  • Jarrod Dumas says:

    Hi Jeanette,
    I’m impressed by your ideas. In my Creative Intention System, I teach them as:
    Imagine the life you want
    Feel the emotion it brings
    Act to manifest your desires.
    And yes, that’s exactly what we’re working towards–closing the gap between the idea and the action. The emotion is what pulls it together, at least for me.
    Thanks again, I am grateful for everything you do.
    Happy Manifesting!

  • Thomas says:

    This blog post really resonates with me. I am starting to understand that there seems to be different levels of “believing”. There’s the superficial believing that you might have if you’re trying to convince yourself of something – “I’m a wealthy man” (Yeah, right. Tell me another one…). Then there’s the deeper level of belief when we’re imagining ourselves as having the thing we’re trying to manifest – “I’m a wealthy man” (Oh yeah, I am digging this fantasy I’m having about what it’d be like to have a lot of money… I’m really starting to believe it’s possible.) But at a deeper level, there is a kind of belief which settles into your very core and becomes as though it has always been a part of you. “I’m a wealthy man” (Uh, yeah. Of course. I’ve always been wealthy. It’s just part of who I am.)
    Now if I could just get myself to that deepest level of believing with everything I wanted to manifest then I guess I’d be doing alright.
    A year and a half ago, I was going through some pretty difficult times personally. But long before I was facing that crisis, I started noticing that I was seeing the same numbers over and over again. On a daily basis, I was seeing the same number pattern over and over again. It wasn’t until my world was crumbling down around me that I discovered that the numbers I was seeing were actually communications from the angels who are with me and helping me. Those numbers were brought to me to aid and support me, my thoughts and feelings. I found a lot of comfort in those numbers.
    Over time, the crisis I was dealing with has not gone away, but we’ve learned how to cope with it. I still see numbers, multiple times every day, though the number patterns have evolved and changed. I love it, it makes me smile and at times I even laugh out loud because I see the numbers when I least expect to see them.
    Am I still receiving communications from the angels? Or am I noticing these numbers throughout the day because I have manifested them. Or is it both? I like to think it’s both. But the point I want to make is that seeing these number patterns has become such a part of my everyday life. The belief that they are a part of who I am is in my core and I enjoy the gift of joy they bring me. Now that I know what this is like, to have that core belief, I hope I can leverage that feeling to other things I hope to manifest. I want to be able to say “of course it’s a part of me” to everything I want to manifest.

  • Anonymous says:

    Hi Jeannette,
    How exactly do we acclimate when what we want still feels big? When we want to be married but haven’t been meeting many men we’re interested in, want to be working on our dream career full time but don’t have the money or contacts to do it, when we want to live in a certain country but can’t see many possible avenues to get a residence visa there, want financial freedom but are only earning some money? Can a coach help accelerate this process of acclimation?

    • Anonymous says:

      PS I love your story about how you followed your internal nudge to go out to lunch at work! I’m seeing more and more, even if I don’t have complete trust in the process, that following what sounds fun is how we manifest our desires, even if it seems unrelated!

    • Jeannette says:

      I think the right coach can with EVERYTHING, so yes, I’m a fan of getting expert help on board to speed up acclimation.
      But having said that, my favorite way to know how to get where I want to be is to focus myself into that reality, and then follow whatever nudges/inspirations/divine whispers I get. The more I practice that outcome, the more used to it I get. That is, as long as I’m truly seeing myself there rather than feeling the yearning or impossibility of it. Can you feel the difference in those two approaches? It’s an important distinction to be aware of. 🙂

      • Anonymous says:

        I love your answer! For me, I am still learning to trust those inspired nudges, particularly if they seem unrelated to my desires. I’m acting upon them more and more though! I’m allowing myself to dream bigger and imagine truly awesome things for myself! It’s been a really fun process. 😀

      • Larisa says:

        That’s a really great reply. But what if I am aware of the distinction between yearning for something and seeing myself there, but can’t get myself to see? What can I do?

  • Dave Pairav says:

    Hi Jeanette, I had a fun time reading this blog entry! Thank You! I would like to seek your opinion on something on understanding the connection between PRJ and Law of Detachment.
    I have to serve a 5 day military duty next week, and I would like to have it cancelled as I have other exciting events that I would like to attend (and mostly because I hate serving duty haha:)) I started a prain rain journal for this, starting off how happy I am to receive the news that the duty is cancelled on the first page, and recounting the cancellation in the subsequent days as I attended other events. It has been 28 days since I started journalling and “visualising” this cancellation. I have been thanking the Universe every day and every moment (literally!) for cancelling my duty and thereby enabling me to participate in other events. I also express gratitude for other aspects of my life daily. However, my duty is still going on next week and I dont see signs of its cancellation:(( Honestly, I am really depressed!
    I have been told by another LoA practitioner that I am not allowing my manifestation as I am too attached to the outcome. Pray rain journalling helps me to feel and experience my desires from the point of having it. How then do I use PRJ to detach or allow the physical manifestation, like the cancellation of my duty in my case? Should I stop journalling about this altogether and give up? I am not sure how to respond to this. Really need your advice! Thank you for taking your time to read through this and sorry for the looong post!! Thank You!!

    • Jeannette says:

      Dave, I agree it’s likely that resistance you have to serving duty is helping to perpetuate it. (“I hate serving duty”; “I am really depressed.”) All that powerful energy fuels exactly what you don’t prefer.
      You might want to try making some peace with it, as well as making peace with missing the other events, and that could make a difference in what unfolds. At the minimum, you’ll at least be less depressed about it, and that’s a win in itself!
      At this point, if it were me, I might focus less on my PRJ entries but turn attention to feeling better about potentially serving duty. Appreciation can help with that, or you can search this blog on “releasing resistance” for more tips, too.
      I also like to remind myself that my happiness isn’t dependent on what’s happening “out there” … rather, it’s a choice I make “in here.” So what happens or doesn’t happen isn’t going to dictate how I feel. That perspective sort of liberates me from the events, and that releases my attachment to outcome. Make sense?

  • Exactly what I needed to read today! I’m having some trouble getting aligned with a few of my current desires. Felt good to be reminded that it’s all ok 🙂

    • Jeannette says:

      Indeed, some desires are easier to line up with than others. But it’s well worth the investment no matter the time frame we’re looking at.
      Thanks for posting, Ms. Manifesting!

  • Zorika says:

    Thank you for this, but how do I acclimate to something I’ve never experienced? How do I generate the feeling of abundance if I’ve never felt abundant? I have no idea what its like to feel rich, to have enough money, to spend it without guilt or fear.. I cant seem to move forward because of this.

    • Jeannette says:

      Zorika, I was just quoting Kathryn Schulz online this week as saying, “The miracle of your mind isn’t that you can see the world as it is. It’s that you can see the world as it isn’t.”
      This is where imagination comes in. It’s a good muscle to flex if you haven’t been doing so already! 🙂

  • Jas says:

    I really appreciate this blogpost. There’s something about putting it this way that makes much more sense to me than the usual “imagine it and feel it”. I think it’s the word ‘acclimate’. It’s like warming up to something, which I can do!
    Perhaps it’s one of those sensory things – some people see things in their mind, others hear it. I’ve had those experiences before and they just showed up. I found it more difficult to bring them about (eg visualize and then feel). Not impossible, just not as straightforward when it’s something I’ve wanted deeply and may have some resistance flowing too.
    The word ‘acclimate’ seems to allow me to warm up to something, get used to it. It feels like less pressure and I can go at my own speed. That reduces the resistance. It also makes me feel like it’s personal, something I get to be with and choose moment to moment. This brings me into my own experience and the present moment. The other words sometimes make me feel under pressure.
    I love this and am excited to play with it. 🙂

    • Jeannette says:

      Yes, it’s exactly that, Jas – “warming up to it.” And whatever speed we’re doing that at is just fine. Recognizing it as part of the process often makes it easier to relax and enjoy the journey.
      Thanks for reading and for commenting, Jas. 🙂

  • Karen says:

    Sounds a bit like pre-digesting 🙂 It is definitely something I latched onto from both Abe and Neville Goddard. And it works! There have been things that I’ve imagined myself into that feel so good that I don’t even worry about it any more. Some things I”m still working on, but this is most definitely a valid concept. Thanks for the reminder!

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