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Activate: Good Bosses

activate the vibration of good bossesAs part of our vibration activation series, this post is designed to help you find your energetic sweet spot for good bosses:

Use it when you want to attract supportive managers, trusting leaders, or likable superiors.

We know this works because whenever we find a way to feel what we want like it’s already here, it cues Universe to make it happen.

One read through should be good for a 17 second vibe activation, and that’s all it takes to make a shift. All you have to do after that is honor inspiration (that is, do what feels good).

Enjoy the vibration of having a great boss:

The best boss I ever worked for in my entire life was Kim Stephens.

He was fair, supportive, trusting and even funny. Incredibly likable and easy to get along with. And also really good at his job.

He trusted us to get our work done without micromanaging us; but he was also very available if we ever needed his help. His door was always open to us, and he knew we were capable of getting the job done.

He let us manage our own time. Didn’t question our hours, and as a result, we put in good work for him.

He was expert at balancing the sometimes divergent interests of his employees, the stockholders, and our clients. We were expected to do what was right for the client. And in a way that didn’t create conflict for those of us getting the job done, and in a way that still served the bottom line of the business.

That was such a beautiful combination! To work for someone who was fair! It was such a pleasure.

It was my JOB to be good to clients. Without giving away the store; without stressing myself out in the process – just do what’s right.

Love that guy!

He stood up for us when we needed it, and ran a super peaceful, drama-free work environment. He brought the energy to the work place that actually made it enjoyable to be there.

And he understood that there was more to life than work. He connected with his staff on a personal level. He showed respect for all of us, even when we didn’t hold the same beliefs or practices.

He’s one of the few things I miss about corporate world, and definitely the reason I stayed in financial services as long as I did.

Kim Stephens was a dream come true boss.

And he’s not the only one. There are all sorts of great people to work for out there!

Let’s hear some of your favorite things about your wonderful bosses …

  • August 7, 2012
  • Barbara says:

    As a boss, I always intend to be the ideal boss for people. When i interview new employees, I often ask “Describe your ideal boss.” as a question. Their answers reveal a lot to me as to what their concerns are, what recent unwanted contrast they’ve had in a previous job, what wonderful experiences they’ve had with a previous boss, and whether their answers feel like a fit with me as their boss. 🙂
    As a deliberate creator, I have now learned that I can create “good bosses” even if others in my workplace don’t feel the same about them. THAT is how I activate LOA in the workplace – using all of the tools, tips and practices that I now know to see and feel the best in people – sending them love – using that energy to create situations and circumstances that I desire. Allowing it in. Working in academia, I use it with colleagues, with bosses and with employees who report to me, as well as with faculty, staff, students and administration. That’s probably why I love my field of work so much. This stuff isn’t just for one area of our lives. It works in all areas. 🙂

  • Divine Goddess TP says:

    Ahhhhh…. I’m so loving these! My favorite boss is the one I have right now. Kathy R. is a great boss. She is fair. She is understanding and she allows me to manage my projects with my own sytle. She trust that I will get the job done and I will handle things effectively and appropriately. She is compassionate and she has a sense of humor.
    I really enjoy the freedom that I have in my workgroup having her as a boss. She congratulates me on a job well done and she points out my strengths which encourages me to shine even brighter. She is playful with me at times in the perfect relaxed settings.
    She is confident in my intelligence, my resourcefulness, and my own inner knowing of how to handle and respect my team-members and co-workers.
    She truly believes that I deserve my salary and she speaks on my behalf to ask for more for me. She values the contribution that I make in my career and she expresses her appreciation.
    Just the other day, she said, “Tonica, great job on keeping these projects moving. Is there anything you need from me to support you?” Ahhhh… I LOVE this! I love to be acknowledged for the great contribution that I make AND invited for more support in the same conversation! This is truly SUPPORT and APPRECIATION at it’s finest!
    Just yesterday, I called her to ask a question. She was on the phone. So what did she do? She IM’ed me to ask if I need something right now? YES! I was able to IM her back and ask my question. She answered. THEN, she came to my office after she finished her phone conversation to follow up and ask, “Did my response provide you with what you needed?” Ok, I LOVE this professional and supportive relationship that we have! I’m so blessed!
    Kathy R is an exceptional boss who allows me to be powerful, empowered and compassionate at the same time. She teaches me everyday to stand up for myself and express my needs. She shows me how to take my career path in my own hands and create the outcomes that I desire.
    I truly love having her as a boss and I trust that she will speak on my behalf for a great raise and bonus this year!
    She allows her human-ness to be expressed and that authenticity allows me to be a feminine Divine Goddess even in the workplace.
    I am truly blessed today. I am truly blessed right now in this very moment.
    I am a deliberate Co-Creator and I attract bosses who support me, value me, express appreciation for me, cultivate my personal and intellectual growth, and expand and increase my financial prosperity tremendously!
    I appreciate how Kathy supports me and my financial increase. And I am OPEN TO RECEIVE MORE! YES! YES! And more YES! 😉
    Divine Goddess TP
    (Houston, Texas)

  • Alexandria Barker says:

    My very favorite, hands-down best boss ever was my editor Mandy Martin. Ironically (or not!) she hired me after I’d just quit the WORST boss of my life! Mandy hired me to be the primary reporter of a small weekly newspaper she ran along with several others. It was just her, the advertizing rep (also an amazing woman) and myself. Mandy more than made up for my prior boss who had squelched my confidence. In fact, it was at Mandy’s insistence that I forwarded an article I’d written for our paper to the Toronto Star, which has the largest circulation in Canada. The article was published, along with two others I now had the confidence to pitch to them.
    Mandy was always kind, supportive, thoughtful, fun to be with and an excellent role model. She gave me free-run with the articles I wrote, and I always did my best work for her in appreciation of all the kindness she showed me and my family. I will always be grateful to have known such a remarkable woman who taught me you can be powerful and kind, be a woman and not a push-over, and consistently give your best even in the often dog-eat-dog world of journalism.
    In Light, Alexandria

  • Oh, Kim is real! It’s been a while, obviously, since I worked with him, but that was my real life experience!

  • Anonymous says:

    WHAT?! Kim Stephens does not exist?! Tsk tsk tsk *shakes head*. LOL! Simone sounds utterly divine!

  • I am loving these stories, you guys! in fact, it makes me want to tell a real life interview story over on the Nailed It post, since the real details seem to be so much more powerful.
    Thanks for sharing!

  • Jackie says:

    Steve Evans was my best boss ever. He was my mentor and remains a good friend to this day. We learned to rely on each other through thick and thin. We lost contact for a while but reconnected a couple of years ago. It’s been fun to see where life has taken him…a new wife and a new life in Mexico.

  • Janette says:

    Ooh, this is WONDERFUL!! I’ve been raving for years about my favourite ever boss, and now I get to do it again – sweet!
    Her name is Simone Zelencich. She ran a small human resources department at our local university – except it wasn’t called HR, it was called Staff Services. And she ran it that way. Our internal clients were the staff of the university as well as their managers. In a world where staff and managers are often pitted against each other, our job was to ‘smooth the edges’ and wherever possible ensure everyone was treated fairly and was able to appreciate each other. She believed passionately in providing the staff with all the resources they needed, and that lit me up right from the word go.
    Simone valued all of us equally – from the health & safety manager right through to the girl who opened mail and processed incoming job applications. She ran a weekly staff meeting, and we had a rotating chair. So each week one of the staff would chair and run the meeting, then follow up with everyone on the progress of what they’d undertaken at that meeting. It was a brilliant piece of democratic process and because she assumed it would work – it did.
    When a staff member had a new project idea, Simone would support them. One girl in a middle-admin position came up with a great idea for using the department’s internal web page to provide resources for staff who were thinking about having kids – everything from parental leave provisions through to resources for first-time parents returning to work. Simone helped her put together a proposal, then supported her through the process of getting permission and funding for her to spend three months on the project and hiring an assistant to cover her normal duties.
    Simone also supported those members of her department whose positions had changed, but who hadn’t received a commensurate pay rise. She helped us navigate the complicated internal reclassification process, gave us brilliant advice and feedback on our applications, and gave each of us letters of support as part of our required evidence.
    And I think we were the only staff in the university who were 100% protected from a culture of bullying which existed further up the food chain. I didn’t know at the time, but I learned later, that the Vice-Chancellor would literally scream at his various department managers because that’s the only way he knew how to run the place – but Simone never let us know she was the buffer between us and him.
    Simone would never let us stay beyond our paid hours, because she believed passionately in the concept of work-life balance. She herself would stay late to get things done, but she never made her low-paid staff do it. If our work hadn’t been completed, she would encourage and support but never condemn or criticise, even if she was under the pump from higher up.
    And of course, we happily worked our butts off when we WERE at our desks, because we wanted to do our best for her. We knew she was loyal to us and we felt the same towards her. And we did a GREAT job for her.
    I’ve always believed the most effective managers are also the ones who are fabulous to work for, even before I understood LOA. Of course, if you know about LOA it’s an obvious conclusion!!
    One of the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do was tell Simone I was leaving that job – in fact, we both wept a little. Now THAT is rare. I run into her every so often (this is a small town!) and every time I do, I get the biggest grin on my face. Love that woman to bits!!
    Thanks for the opportunity to rave about her, Jeannette – and to remind myself that there are fabulous bosses out there (and we attract them when we focus on that fact!)

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