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Are You Allergic to Money?

Diagnosing a Money Allergy(A tongue-in-cheek post for those experiencing the all too common condition of resisting financial abundance.)

Do you have a money allergy? Or know someone who does?

This condition can cause deep frustration not just for one who experiences it, but also for their loved ones who feel powerless to help.

Let’s start with what a money allergy is, then look at how to diagnose and treat it …

A conventional allergy is defined as an abnormal physical reaction to an allergen, resulting in itchy eyes, runny nose, wheezing and/or sneezing.

A money allergy is when a person has a negative response (physical or emotional) to financial abundance or prosperity, whether in the form of reduced debt, gifts from others, increased bank balances or cold hard cash in hand.

The symptoms of a money allergy can include tapped out credit lines, living paycheck to paycheck, perpetual disappointments in business, refusal to accept external support, and even resentment toward others who enjoy financial abundance without affliction.

You can test for money allergies by exposing the subject to anything that represents financial wealth – a substantial wad of cash or a large check made payable to them will suffice.

Notice the subject’s reaction. If she recoils in alarm, frowns in confusion, or expresses other physical signs of discomfort (including increased or erratic heart rate, breaking out in a sweat, stuttering or verbal incoherence, or physically pushing it away), you’re likely dealing with a full blown money allergy.

Some allergic responses are more subtle and take a practiced eye to diagnose:

  • If one blows through a sudden financial windfall faster than you can say, “Whatcha gonna do with all that cash?”, they may have a money allergy.
  • If one continues to experience financial lack or shortage despite financial support from others, they may have a money allergy.
  • If one’s expenses consistently rise in direct proportion to increased money flow, a money allergy may be in effect.
  • If one practices creative avoidance by finding multiple irrational excuses not to receive money, that may be indicative of a money allergy.

This is not an exhaustive list, so be aware there may be other signs as well. Trust your intuition to alert you.

What to do if you discover a money allergy is present?

Many choose to practice deliberate avoidance, but that is an unnecessary and often unpleasant solution.

Repeated exposure has shown to be an effective remedy for some, but such a treatment is cost-prohibitive for many sufferers and can be challenging to implement.

A more helpful approach is to address the underlying condition directly, neutralizing the negative stimulus for the subject through a process of belief restructuring or story re-telling. This can be successfully accomplished through diligent self-work or also with the aid of an experienced professional.

The bottom line is that money allergies affect many of us, especially in a culture that simultaneously glorifies financial abundance while holding disdain for those who create it. By raising awareness for those with undiagnosed conditions and making healing treatments more readily available, we can provide more ease and enjoyment for those afflicted with allergic responses to wealth.
Are you repelling cash?
If you know someone suffering from a money allergy, please let them know help is available.

With the right treatment and support, they can counteract the disruptive effects of this condition and reclaim a life free of the negative consequences of sensitivities to financial wealth and abundance.

  • July 13, 2014
  • Shauna & everyone else interested, here’s a new post with money allergy treatments:

  • You know what, Cristina, awareness alone might cure this!!
    Here’s to that thought. 🙂

  • Cristina says:

    OMG, I am TOTALLY allergic to money!!! HOly cow, now I can begin working on it at least…

  • Jesann says:

    Ba hahahahaha XD

  • Glad you enjoyed it, Cassie. It was fun to write. 🙂
    And Shauna, most of this blog is devoted to helping one get friendly with money, so click on the manifesting money category and let your intuition guide you.
    But I will write a separate post just for remedying money allergies. (Thanks for the inspiration.)

  • Shauna says:

    I love it, Jeannette! What I especially like is the term money allergy…I’ve found that using the same words often – limiting beliefs, blocks to abundance, etc., – while accurate, can fall on deaf ears after a while. You know? We block ourselves from it. By reframing the issue slightly, this hits in a whole different way and sometimes that’s all that’s needed for one to recognize such patterns and create a powerful shift. Awesome!
    P.S. Can you or your readers maybe provide some suggestions as the the ‘help’ people might seek?

  • Cassie says:

    OMG!!! This post is SOOOO amazing Jeannette!!! I love it for so many reasons. It’s funny, and true. It highlights the symptoms wonderfully and I love how easy you point out the path to something different. Thanks for writing it!!! It will be helpful to many!

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