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Ask and It Is Given (Make Your List Today)

Ask and It Is Given: Make Your List TodayHave you ever had the frustrating experience of asking someone what they want for Christmas and getting a really unhelpful answer like, “Oh, you don’t have to get me anything” or “Oh, anything would be fine”?

So you rack your brain trying to think of something good, shopping everywhere for something that might work.

Then when they open it you can tell they don’t like what they got?

So frustrating.

Okay, so you can imagine my delight when a few weeks ago my folks gave me their detailed Christmas lists.

With website addresses and item numbers.

Even coupons!!

All of a sudden I could tell this was going to be a much more enjoyable holiday.

And that my folks were finally going to get what they wanted!

Cool how it works, right? They say what they want and I get it for them.

So much easier. So much more enjoyable. So much more efficient!

You might see where I’m going with this …

… because Universe wants to do the same for you.

It wants you to have what you want.

And it will get you whatever you say.

All you have to do is be clear.

(Not pussyfooting around, not trying to not want anything, not complaining that it never turns out right, not worried about what it’ll be like if you don’t get it.)

Just straight up – “Here’s my list.”

Now my folks seem to be new pros at this, so I have half a mind to pick their brain for tips on how to properly ask for what you want.

But they are not allowed to read this post because it contains a story from their daughter’s sex life, so stop reading now, mom and dad!

Okay, so here’s what I think my folks got right:

#1 – They felt worthy of having what they want.

There wasn’t any, “Oh, don’t worry about us, we don’t need anything” or “oh, you’re too busy to pay any attention to us” martydom. They were willing to receive what they really wanted. Super freakin’ cool!

#2 – They trusted I was capable and interested in getting them what they want.

They didn’t worry that I wouldn’t know how to shop online at an unfamiliar site; they didn’t worry I couldn’t afford it; they didn’t assume I wouldn’t want to or have time to. They considered me capable and willing. Which I am.

#3 – They got clear and communicated clearly.

They delivered a list with detailed instructions! That’s practically giving a gift to me. Makes it so much less stresful!

#4 – Their happiness doesn’t hinge on it.

They’re still going to enjoy life whether I deliver or not. Their well being isn’t dependent on getting these items. They’re living the good life, every day, without me delivering presents. I’m pretty sure they’ll still love me even if I show up on Christmas empty handed.

My folks might have more tips than that, but we’ll never know because they’re not reading this, right guys?! This is your last chance, mom and dad, to stop reading.

Because I wanted to share another powerful analogy for how helpful it is to ask for what we want.

The other day my favorite lover says to me, “How come you always call the shots in the bedroom?”

My standard answer to that question (yes, I do have a standard answer because I have heard it a time or two) is ‘because I’m the girl.’

But the real answer is because I’m the one who’s willing to say what she wants. That’s the only reason why.

(Which came from plenty of past contrast in the form of bad sex. I am simply unwilling to have less than fabulous sex any more. Giving clear instructions works much better.)

Anyway … I’d been thinking about how powerful it is (in general) to ask for what you want. Rather than just be used to what you get.

So I suggested to this favorite lover of mine that he practice it himself.

“Ask for what you want,” I invited. Y’never know til you ask!

So he says, “I’d like it if there was maybe some more nudity happening here.”

Okay, that’s not exactly a request. More of a statement or opinion – and tentative at that.

Which is kind of like when the woman hints, “Hmm, the garbage is getting full,” thinking that the guy is going to know that means he should take the garbage out. That’s not clear communication. Ask for what you want.

It might take some practice, but it’s worth it.

And it sure was in his case, because I was delighted to give him what he wanted, once I knew what that was. (The truth is I have fabulous reasons to be nude, thanks to the work I did in Body Love Lab. I will show this story off all day long!)

Here’s another example of the power of making clear requests …

A member of my Masters of Creation Circle wrote the other day about how everything she’d written out on a list had come true in short order.

She had a wide variety of things on that list – and within several days everything was happening before her very eyes! In easy peasy enjoyable ways. Gotta love how that works.

It was yet another reminder how magical it is for us to get clear about what we want.

So, when it comes to communicating with Universe we know it’s helpful to do this:

  • ask from a place of fulfillment, not lack (pray rain, not pray for rain)
  • ask without attachment to how it’s delivered (stop thinking you know how it’s going to arrive)
  • ask with expectation that it’s a done deal (expect to receive)
  • get out of the way (let Universe do its thing).

I don’t know about you, but I’m in the mood to go make some clear requests.

If you care to share your “What Universe Can Do for Me Next” list, or if you have additional tips about how to make effective requests to Universe, we’d love to hear from you in the comments.

  • November 28, 2014
  • Q-Orange says:

    Allow my manifestations
    Release all resistant and lack that is holding me back from receiving what I want and desire
    Release all resistant and lack that is holding me back from manifesting what I want
    Clarity on when I receive inspired inspiration or just being to action minded.
    My important manifestations to come easy
    To feel comfortable and secure in my relationship with my love
    My love to choose me
    Meet and greet tickets before the week is out
    Romantic date with my love
    A happily ever after with my love
    money and more money
    A nice apartment near my love
    Be in the Vortex all the time
    To be able to manifest everything I want within 24 hours
    Tell the Universe accurately what I want
    More invites from friends to do fun activities
    More new friends to invite me to do fun activities

  • Nadine says:

    Thanks so much for this post and for elaborating on “how” to do this, and pointing to the other links! I’ve been very confused about this process myself.
    I was recently advised by a very gifted, trusted psychic who I call for guidance, and he suggested to me to make a very detailed list of what I want and need from my relationship with a specific person. I don’t desire someone new, I really just want a more connected, close relationship with someone who I have loved for years and who feels the same, however due to fears and insecurities, he keeps running away.
    I know it gets a whole lot trickier when it involves another person, but I’m sorry, material posessions just really don’t satisfy my true needs!
    This is the confusing part. He said I should actually write it like if I don’t have it yet (write what your needs are). It’s being honest. However when I did this list, despite even putting alot of passion into it, and I wrote it on patterned paper, with a coloured pen, and I put cute stickers on it, the WORKS…. But after 2 weeks of nothing, I wasn’t satisfied. it didn’t feel right. So I decided to re-write it.
    I wrote it again, this time in present tense: “I am” “I have” “I am so happy now that:” etc.
    So I leave it put away, but am constantly engaging thoughts of “Where is he?” “Still no contact?” “Maybe he doesn’t miss me afterall…Maybe we really are done” I am actually forgetting about what I want and focusing my attention AND emotions on “what I don’t have, and don’t want”
    So Jeannette, do you think the point is, that whether we decide to make a list or use another tool, you’ve GOT to remember what you WANT, and not dwell on the LACK of it right? So whatever tool may trigger you to feel HAPPY, and feel CONFIDENT about your desire, is the way we want to do it, right?
    That’s why I’m thinking… the MOVIE vision board idea seems to be eating away at me everyday, that I should be working on it, that I need to edit it and finish it… And I feel like no other form of manifesting is going to satisfy me, or give me a sense of relief, the way THAT one will. We have to go with our gut feeling, right?
    I wish I had the manifesting confidence of an innocent child… They are SO EXCITED every Christmas that Santa is going to bring what they want. ITS A DONE DEAL! All they have to do is be EXCITED!! Why is this so hard for adults to tap into… lol

  • Tiffhoney says:

    I would love to receive flowers (as a romantic gesture) in the coming weeks by a new guy.

  • Tiffhoney says:

    I would like flowers! I haven’t received flowers (as a romantic gesture) yet. This is something that I have my heart set on!

  • Tiffhoney says:

    I would like flowers! I haven’t recieved flowers (as a romantic gesture) yet. This is something that I have my heart set on!

  • Angela says:

    thanks so much!
    Yes I used the Placemat Process and it worked for several things, but not for some “bigger” things.
    And thanks for the links…really good stuff!!

  • MoviestarAnna says:

    ” I am simply unwilling to have less than fabulous sex any more. Giving clear instructions works much better.” HA! That’s my new mantra. Wish you had written this last month! 😉
    I’m off to go make my list now. Thank you!

  • Della Monk says:

    Can’t wait to get started! First though, could you clarify what you mean by “from a place of fulfillment”? How is this achieved?
    Love your blog et al…
    Best to you,

  • Hard to go wrong with gift cards, Kori! lol I’m a big fan of them!
    And PA Pollyanna, thanks for reading and commenting.
    Hope this is inspiring some of us to ask for more and let the delivery be easy.

  • Angela, that’s a good question. I’ve been wondering about that myself as I’m seeing all these inspiring examples of people getting what they write down!
    Are you familiar with Abraham’s Placemat Process? Where Esther made two lists – one was of things that she would handle and the other list was for Universe to take care. It was like a “to do list” for Source Energy. That’s ONE way to do the list.
    The person I mentioned in the post just made a list of things she wanted to see happen in her life. Example: oh hey, I can use myself as a real example, since I made a list after writing this post.
    I put down on it: wardrobe that makes me look and feel like a million bucks, $1,000 out of the blue, fabulous new story to read, a worthy mentor, even better rockin’ physical shape.
    But I’ve also used a list in a different way:
    And Kim shared about a cool way to use a list for manifesting love here:
    I still find enormous inspiration in how my parents did it. They just wrote down what they wanted and handed it off. Done deal.
    You know what I’d do, Angela? I’d listen for guidance within. Whatever you feel called to will serve you EXCEPTIONALLY well!

  • Practically Always Pollyanna says:

    Great analogy! Thanks for sharing.

  • Ha ha…my sister likes to give me gift cards for Christmas at stores like Amazon or Barnes and Noble (since she knows I like to read), so I can just buy whatever I want! Perfect for me! But this has me thinking about creating a Christmas list for the Universe…sounds like fun.

  • Angela says:

    This is great!
    I would love some guidance as to how to specifically write this kind of list. For example, is it a list of things, or affirmative statements, declarations, requests? The person you mentioned: how did they write it? I’m at a place where I would like to receive my heart’s desires for real! This sounds like a great way to have fun with it 🙂
    Thank you!

  • “Several new phases” – oh, Frank! How exciting!
    Can’t wait to hear more!

  • Such perfect timing!
    I’m moving into several new phases of my life and this is a powerful reminder.
    I want to come back with more thoughts as they pop up. Looking forward to the undoubtedly delicious comments that will show up in this post!
    Thank you, as always, Jeannette!

  • That’s an easy list to work with, Deanna! You go, girl!!
    And GorgeouSophie, we deserve no less, right?! Right!!
    WOO HOO!! 🙂

  • GorgeouSophie says:

    Your whaaaaaaaaaaaat?! Oh this is superb! Universe, I fancy being like Jeannette, smart, and cool and generous and beautiful, not short of a bob or two and surrounded by excellent lovers who are all crazy about me! Oh and a house of my own in Herne Hill would do nicely too!

  • Deanna says:

    Hello Universe,
    new, right now, motivated, ready to roll right this very moment clients, please. and thank you! – Deanna

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