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Astrological Clues to Best Manifesting

best manifesting rituals through astrologyDid you know astrology can offer clues to your best manifesting rituals?
Examining your sixth house (of ritual magic, daily routines, and how we get things done) is one way to reveal the LOA processes that serve you best.
To enlighten yourself take a look at your natal astrology chart. (Kim Falconer offers a quick and easy tutorial to create your chart here.)
With your chart in hand, locate your sixth house planets and house ruler.
Then read the entries below for the planets that apply to reveal what manifesting habits and exercises you’ll succeed best with. (This 3 minute video helps locate houses and rulers if you’re new to astrology charts.)

For example, I have no planets in my sixth house, but it’s ruled by the moon (Cancer on the cusp). That means consistency or some sort of cyclical process would serve me well, and that habits of self-love would make a good focus.

(Any wonder that I wrote two books on those subjects?!)

Take a look at your sixth house activity and see what manifesting rituals are calling you:

Moon: Make It a Habit

If you’ve got the Moon in or ruling your sixth house (Cancer on the cusp), you’ll be well served to get regular with your manifesting rituals. Follow the natural cycles, whether daily, weekly, monthly or even seasonally. Engage processes to enhance self-love as well as love for others. Some possibilities to consider:

Sun: Make It Special

When the Sun is in or rules your 6th house (Leo on the cusp), your best manifesting rituals will be ones that make you feel special. Own the spotlight and make it all about you.

Consider using:

Mercury: Use Your Words

Those with Mercury in or ruling the 6th house (Gemini or Virgo on the cusp) will find their most effective rituals to be ones that incorporate words more so than pictures or visualizations.

Venus: Engage Your Senses

Venus in or ruling the 6th house (Taurus or Libra on the cusp) loves rituals that are tangible, tactile, and sensual. Remember that your body is your friend – it offers powerful guidance when you tune into its wisdom. You’ll also get lots of juice when you partner with a manifesting buddy. Put Venus to good work by using processes that include:

Mars: Get Moving with Inspiration

For those who have Mars in or ruling their 6th house (Aries or Scorpio on the cusp), your best path to manifesting success is to get feisty, be bold and take inspired action! Consider these options:

Jupiter: Go Big!

When Jupiter is in or rules the 6th house (Sagittarius or Pisces on the cusp), you’ll do well to let loose your imagination with big dreams! Go over the top with it – this is no time to hold back. How good can you stand it? Jupiter wants you to raise your standards and expect the best – and also to lighten up and have a good time!

Saturn: Work It

When Saturn is in or ruling the 6th house (Capricorn or Aquarius on the cusp) that means the ‘task master’ is your manifesting ruler. Working on your manifesting project is your road to allowing (no slacking here!), and persevering will serve you well. Consider:

Uranus: Go Your Own (Extreme) Way

With Uranus in or ruling the 6th house (Aquarius on the cusp) it’s important that you follow your own heart. Dare to do it different and travel the unmarked path – rebellion is good for you! Radicalize your manifesting process and watch success follow in your newly broken trail.

  • Make up your own rules, or break the existing ones!
  • Don’t give a rip what others think
  • Leave the gurus at the door
  • Listen to your higher guidance

Neptune: Connect & Allow

Those have Neptune in the 6th house, or Pisces on the cusp, will want to remember to trust, have faith in the unknown, and allow allow allow. You’ll do well to practice surrendering and letting go. You’ll also thrive when you link to community to feel the oneness and enjoy engaging the artistry of manifesting. Consider looking into:

Pluto: Make It Intense

When Pluto is in or rules the 6th house (Scorpio on the house cusp) know that it’s not only okay – but preferred – to be intense with your manifesting process. Go ahead and think about it as life or death – let it be important. Lots of LOA teachers advise releasing attachment – ignore that. Your processes are meant to be transformative and intense, and you might also enjoy employing whatever’s considered “taboo” or occult in nature.

Of course, there are other astro insights to be gleaned and translations of your horoscope about your best manifesting processes.  Trust your intuitions!

If you’d like to hear more, Kim and I talk about the power of ritual on our free calls page at Good Vibe Astrology. (Click on “Power of Rituals” to hear that call.) In the meantime, happy manifesting!

  • September 18, 2013
  • Deborah D. says:

    I’ve got mars in libra in my 6th house. (If I read it right.)
    I love the suggestions so I”m going with it … what a fascinating article. Thanks much. I have never heard of astrology and manifestation combined. I’m a huge Human Design fan but know less about traditional astrology. I am going to enjoy browsing your stuff on this. Exciting indeed!!!!!

  • Kim Falconer says:

    Hi Suzanne,
    Thanks for jumping in. There is much more to the 6th house than most astrology text give credit for. Think of what it rules, health of the body, employees, ‘servants’ pets, gadgets and ritual magic! What do all these things have in common? They are ways and means of accomplishing our Will. Basically, the deliberate creation house! To learn more, start with our free calls: Jeannette and I speak in depth on this in ‘The Power of Ritual’. You can listen to that in our free Astro-LOA page at
    We also have a lot of materials for Open Forum (free) members, and a range of classes, starting with ‘Essential Astrology for Deliberate Creators’ which is on special now. 🙂 That will definitely keep you exploring!
    🙂 Kim

  • What a brilliant article! Kim, could you say a bit more about how the sixth house is the sign of manifestion? All of your comments fit me perfectly. I have the full moon in Pisces in the sixth house… moon and Neptune slacker comments fit me perfectly. The sixth house, like Virgo, is so often ignored and underrated. Where can I learn more about the sixth house and manifestation? Thanks for rescuing the modest 6th house from just being the house of drudgery and “service”.
    P.S. My friends say I’m good at manifesting. I feel like you have rescued my Pisces moon in the 6th house out of servitude and into freedom!

  • jennifer says:

    I re-read what you initially wrote, Kim… makes sense now lol (sorry for the confusion).
    And yes, that does sound a lot like me!
    I’ve found in the past, that when I immerse myself in it… it ends up having a greater effect.
    Thank you again for taking the time to sort me out!! 🙂

  • Kim Falconer says:

    LindaA, as I suggested to Jennifer above, go to the free Astro-LOA page and watch that vid tut (it’s just a few minutes long) and you’ll see in there how to discover the ‘ruler’ of every house. If your sixth house is ruled by Gemini (if Gemini is on the cusp) then Mercury is dominate there, even though you have Uranus and Venus there too.
    Find your ruler (join the open forum for free at GVA and you can upload your chart and get one of us to confirm) but yes, take all three – ruler, Venus and Uranus into consideration. Let your intuition guide you, as Jeannette says, to what’s going to support the most right now. Trust that!
    Let us know how you go!

  • Kim Falconer says:

    Jennifer, You can go to the Free Astro-LOA page at GoodVibeAstrology (top of main page, next to ‘star watcher’s forum’) and watch the video tutorial on finding your rising signs or any point in the chart. In there, you’ll see how to discover the sign that ‘rules’ or sits on your 6th house cusp – the door to your sixth house.
    If it is Taurus, then Venus is the ‘ruler’ of your 6th, and you can look to the Venus support tools to help create authentic ritual for you.
    If it still doesn’t make sense, become an open member at (free to join) pop your chart up at GVA and Jeannette or I will have a look for you!
    Let us know how you go.

  • LindaA says:

    Very interesting, but I’m not clear about how to determine the house ruler. If my 6th house is in Gemini, does that mean Cancer is the house ruler?
    I have two planets, Uranus and Venus, in the 6th house. So do I look at the tips for both planets, as well as the house ruler? Does one carry more impact than the others?

  • jennifer says:

    hang on… also says that venus was in my tenth house, too (I am honestly in awe of how you ladies keep track of all of this!!) 🙂

  • jennifer says:

    all that I can see is that venus was in virgo… hope i’m not being too difficult here lol
    and thank you sincerely for the response, kim 🙂

  • Kim Falconer says:

    Jennifer, look to Venus, if Taurus is on the cusp of your 6th house!
    Does that make sense?

  • Kim Falconer says:

    Hi Linda,
    I’m so glad you like the rave on 6th house and ritual. I think it’s perfect too. Jeannette’s put it together here so well. Really accessible.
    We might be related. It took my ancestors a while to get from the East coast to California. I live in Australia now, but I’m from the Santa Cruz Falconers.
    Stay in touch! Maybe you can do a call with us at!

  • Kim,
    I wanted to tell you what a great, useful article this is. I am a psychic counselor, life coach and evolutionary astrologer and have been teaching manifestation for a long time. However, I hadn’t thought of using the astrology of 6th house ritual. What a terrific strengthening of the process for clients ( & myself). I am always looking for ways to hone in on what will really makes sense to my client and rings their bell. This is perfect.
    I was drawn to you by the synchronicity of the same name “Falconer” – my maiden name, and it seems we have some other like thinking, as well.
    Thank you so much for such a great idea.
    I hope one day we will meet. I am in Des Moines, Iowa (originally from a suburb of Mpls., Mn.) Where are you located? (BTW: Double libra with a scorpio ascendant here)
    Thanks also Jeannette.

  • jennifer says:

    all I can see is that it was in Taurus when I was born… help!! lol

  • Patricia, how fabulous is that?! Thank you for sharing .. and for playing along with us!
    Here’s to more adventure and more of YOU. I’m excited, too! 🙂

  • Patricia says:

    Kim and Jeannette,
    Thank you so much for this! Knowing nothing about astrology, I got out my chart and followed along..I read my bit/ Uranus: Go Your Own (Extreme) Way..and the pieces just fell into place. Something exceptional happened. The loose ends of a lifetime started to knit..and with that something opened inside me.
    I would describe it better – but I don’t yet know what it is..I don’t have to know. Reading your words allowed me to step up to the edge. Poised. move forward and Adventure in a new way. With MORE of myself. I am excited!
    Thank you.

  • Kim gets all that credit, Terri – I just took good notes from the call she led! ha
    And Kim, the dogs and I walked under that gorgeous moon last night. So fun to be playing with her!

  • kim falconer says:

    Jeannette! I love this. And perfect timing for us all with the full moon rising!
    LA – Thursday – 4:13 am
    NY – Thursday – 7:13 am
    LON – Thursday – 12:13 pm
    SYD – Thursday – 9:13 pm

  • TerriC says:

    What an exceptional post, Jeannette!! So helpful and clear – you always break it down into easy, easy…thanks!!

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