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The Advantages of Being a Regular

When I first got my driver’s license at 16 years old, dad took me out in mom’s ’66 Chevy truck to teach me how to drive a stick shift.

We didn’t spend a lot of time on it, but he showed me the basics of operating a standard transmission.

Seemed tricky, but doable.

Being proficient at driving a stick shift wasn’t important until I got a job with a local publisher that required me to deliver edited copy across town.

In the company car. Which was not an automatic transmission.

Can you feel the horror in my heart when I realized the situation?

Suddenly I wished I’d paid better attention in that empty parking lot with dad in mom’s old truck.

It was scary enough just to even have my first job, but it was sheer terror to be expected to do something I was incapable of – that could be downright dangerous for myself, and others, and the poor car I didn’t know how to drive!

Not because no one had taught me how to drive a standard – I had received instruction. I knew how it was supposed to be done. I had seen others do it.

But doing it myself, as a newbie, under pressure, without having practiced it to the point of ease – well, it was a no go.

I was too embarrassed to tell my boss the real reason I had to quit.

Here’s why I’m telling this story …

Some people come to conscious creation the way I approached driving a stick shift.

That is, under pressure, without good skills, or any practice.

Lots of folks turn to manifesting when nothing else has worked and they’re desperate for results.

  • Like when the medical treatments aren’t working.
  • Or when bankruptcy is imminent.
  • Or when the spouse packed up and left.
  • Or the business isn’t booming.

It’s a last resort sort of endeavor.

That is not a setup for great success when you’re new to this conscious creation routine.

Because engaging your focusing skills when the situation feels dire isn’t easy if you don’t know how it works. If you haven’t practiced it to the point of ease. If you don’t know what to expect.

Building your confidence in an empty parking lot – that’s how you set yourself up for success in this gig.

That’s why we play with practice projects in LOA circles … so we can grow the skills in easier conditions, and then take those skills to places in life where it feels more important.

Manifesting a miracle when the stakes are high isn’t easy when it’s your first rodeo.

But when you take the time to develop your vibrational awareness, to grow your focusing skills, to learn your best alignment exercises and to practice that alignment regularly, then you have set yourself up for success as a conscious creator.

That’s why I’m a fan of engaging your creative powers on a regular basis, rather than waiting until the sh*t hits the fan and trying to conjure a new reality from a place of deep doo-doo.

Don’t wait until you need manifesting skills to use them.

Build them now while it’s easier and more enjoyable.

Becoming a manifesting regular not only sets you up for better success, but it also makes it less likely to find yourself in deep doo-doo to start with. πŸ™‚
If you’re wondering where to start, the Manifesting 101 series at GVU is free to everyone.

(This post is also a podcast episode at LOA Recon.)

  • October 3, 2017
  • Steve says:

    Tell us more about practice projects

  • Denise says:

    Goodness, how I love synchronicity! And gentle nudges to follow intuition. (This blog post; and the second time in as many days, that Kate Northrup’s name popped up…. Hmmmmmm).
    You are a wonder, and a delight, Jeannette!

  • HappySandra says:

    Great article. “Don’t wait until you need manifesting skills to use them.” Amen sister! This reminds me of the following quote from Kate Northrup (which I love): “Manifesting is not a magic spell, it’s a way of BEING.” I also like to do what I refer to as my daily “vibrational energy work”. These are little, fun, daily “assignments” to help me stay vibrating at the top seven levels of the Abraham-Hicks Emotional Guidance scale as much as possible. πŸ™‚

  • Dana says:

    I know! You are a psychic disguised as an LOA guru – that’s it! You were in my head, my vibe, my realization this morning — this blog sums it up. My daily alignment practice got sloppy and the result — a slippery slope yesterday. Fortunately, in every moment we’re given an opportunity to start anew! With a bit of love from those who lift me up, reading some A.A. Michael channeling and a hot bath (oh, did I mention the margarita?!), I was back into my glorious alignment where it felt oh sooo good again! Great blog, great reminder and I was living proof that a consistent practice does result in less poop hitting the fan.

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