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Best Law of Attraction Forums

law of attraction forumsWhere are the best places to hang out with fellow creators on the net?

I asked around to find deliberate creators’ favorite forums online.

Here’s our compiled list so far, in no particular order:

Powerful Intentions:
Intended to create the most fertile community in the world for people to manifest their intentions. (Online since 2004.)

Power Law of Attraction Forum:
Looks like the most highly trafficked site on this list. (And possibly the least attractive, but well worth clicking.)

Co-Creating Your Reality:
Hosted by Juicy Living’s Lilou to inspire creators to put universal laws and principles into practice. (140 countries represented.)

The Abe Forum:
Its purpose is to gather together and co-create based on the teachings of Abraham. (Your IP address is manually checked before admission is granted.)

Intenders Founders Circle:
A facebook group dedicated to helping people become proficient at manifesting. (11,000+ members)

Good Vibe University:
My personal favorite, and the only private & paid forum listed here. (A highly supportive and tightly knit community of conscious creators.)

Please add your favorite law of attraction and manifesting forums in the comments and I’ll add them to the list.

Thanks in advance for sharing!

  • March 3, 2014
  • Anki says:

    hey thank you for this list of forums..
    i was searching for few…
    can you please tell me in particular about forum or article which talks about using law of attraction after exams? i mean in exam result awaiting period?

  • Mrs. C says: has got to be the worst LOA forum ever! I thought it was a wonderful post but the moderator stated that only 10% of the whole forum is about LOA and the other is about people wanting to get an ex lover back. Hence the high number of members.
    Each time I went on there is was pure negativity, low vibe stuff, so I just left. There was also too many suicidal tendencies and other mental health problem posts from teens wanting to compel ex’s back.
    As if LOA is come kind of magic fairy dust. I have to take back my rave review before 🙁
    There was no support or growth, just people wanting a quick fix pill with a lack of understanding about basic LOA. Just join and see for yourself how you feel days after weeks after. Shame really.
    I think I will give The Abe Forum a go. So thanks for that Jeannette.

  • Jeannette–thanks for a great list of places people who believe in the Law of Attraction to co-create and support one another. We are individually powerful and collectively even more so.

  • Mrs. C says:

    Jeannette what have you done to me? After I looked at Power Law of Attraction Forum and joined and even made my first post. Jeeze I know I will be hooked but it will make up for the time that I spent reading online newspapers full of mind numbing stuff, which is better for my mind.
    I never even heard of it before so am truly grateful

  • Mrs. C says:

    Thank you very much Jeannette. Funny I was walking to someone a week ago about finding a like minded group.
    I used to be a member of Personal Development for Smart People but I found too many cliques. However I did take part in a all welcome money experiment which was amazing. I didn’t stick around much longer after that for a number of reasons but when I game back it as in the process of closing down, this was back in 2011.
    I would prefer video/ audio skype groups as I am not a fan of using the keyboard to communicate but I guess I can always create one or at least a MasterMind group or a skype group with paid subscription to deter trolls.
    I did also join a new age group back back in 2002 but when they moved all the main stuff to paid subscriptions most people left the forum. Even if that place was like my only social life I had at the time.
    OMG how can I forget I joined the TUT forum (Mike Dooley) around 2005 It was a nightmare I was ganged up on and laughed at (not because I was funny) It was so bitchy and full of wanna be guru’s giving out advice like the the enlightened one from Mars telling you common sense when it was never asked. It didn’t help that one of the forum mods was a supposed counsellor of some sort but was just always trying to find her next client on the boards. Vile vile vile creatures.
    So with all that in mind I didn’t even give any of the listed forums a go.
    I think I will because I did make contact with some wonderful people and practiced my remote viewing which was amazing esp. When I was doing it blindly unaware.
    I did have a look on Meetup but as I live in Europe I could find one locally but I can always create one. But either way I think is a question of finding harmony with people that all resonates regardless of off days people do have. Also I think paid is the way. After all someone has to run the damn thing. I know a few YouTubers who are doing this but i think it may be free for now.

  • I was a little surprised the list wasn’t longer, Namaste.
    So yes, Nneka, let’s definitely include active facebook groups … do you have a URL for us? (Thank you!)

  • Do Facebook groups count? If so, the Abe Live Chat and Law of Attraction Results groups are really cool. Fast moving, but leading edge. I especially like the results group because you can see what people are manifesting along with the how.

  • Namaste says:

    You rock! Thanks for putting this list together =)

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