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Biggest Loser’s Biggest Winner

ali.jpgWho else saw Ali on Biggest Loser last night step into her success spotlight?!

Although I don’t watch every week, I’ve caught enough episodes to enjoy her stunning victory over the “shoe-in” boys during last night’s weigh-in.

Mark and Roger set the bar unbelievably high by losing double digit pounds over the last week. (“This just doesn’t happen in week FIFTEEN,” said incredulous trainer Bob.)

In order to stay in the game, Ali had to lose something like 9 pounds, which she hadn’t done since her first week on the show.

And everyone “knows” it’s easier to lose more weight up front than it is when closer to your target weight. Plus, Ali’s just a little 5′ 5″ girl; especially since dropping 90 freakin’ pounds!

So dropping nine more in one week – no easy feat.

But she did it! Ali also had the highest percentage of weight loss of all remaining contestants, and is in a strong position to take the Biggest Loser title for season five – which would make her the first woman in the show’s history to achieve it!

But my favorite part was when they flashed us back to episodes when Ali was up for elimination (and was indeed eliminated from the game) when she said with complete confidence, “But I will be the Biggest Loser.” (Or was it, “I AM the biggest loser”? Maybe both.)

Even in the face of elimination Ali was claiming her victory. (And she went on to rejoin the show after elimination in a surprise twist.)

I’m so proud of her and every other person who dares to claim what they want – even when it doesn’t look likely.

That’s conscious creation. Not letting doubt or fear or past disappointments creep in to foil it. It’s a beautiful thing, as is Ali. Before and after.

Update: Ali not only went on to be the first female winner of Biggest Loser, but she talks in this four minute Ellen clip about how she visualized it happening.

  • April 9, 2008
  • I know, wasn’t that the BEST?! I loved how Roger and Kelly were saying things like “I want to be the biggest loser” or “It would be great to win” and there was Ali saying “I AM the biggest loser.” She rocks!
    In fact, Wendy said “if it was meant to be, I’ll win” … that was a nice vibe (certainly very allowing), but not nearly as powerful and confident and “attractive” as Ali’s.
    And did you hear her say (before she stepped on the scale) how she already imagined the confetti and cheering when she wins?! LOA all the way!
    She wasn’t even surprised, was she? It was a scene and an ending she was already familiar with.
    Fun to watch – and man, did she look fabulous!! Truly inspiring. Thanks for posting, Wendy. Nice to have someone to share this delicious win with! lol

  • Wendy says:

    Well Jeannette, your intentions have come true! 🙂 Roger went on to compete in the finals and ALI WON! Woohoo! Wow, she looked absolutely amazing, she definitely deserves it. All of them looked great though, just glowing with new life and happiness.

  • Michael, I’m glad you’re paying attention to the “subtle shift.” This is good clarity that will serve you well.
    I’m looking forward to your upcoming weeks! 🙂

  • Wasn’t it the BEST moment, Wendy?! I LOVE it when someone surprises us like that! I think Ali and Kelly surprised themselves, too. I think their trainers, too!! lol
    You’re right – those emotional and mental transformations are even more impressive and inspiring than the physical ones.
    I hope Roger is the one who gets to compete, but I bet it doesn’t matter, since this seems to be Ali’s game. 🙂
    Thanks for posting, Wendy!

  • Wendy says:

    I’m coming into the discussion late, but I had to say I LOVED that moment! We watch the show religiously every week and all three of us (me, hubby and my mother) GASPED when we saw Ali’s and Kelly’s numbers for the week! And the looks on Roger and Mark’s faces were priceless. LOL I was so proud of those girls; they’ve had to face some really stiff competition from those big guys but they’ve done it. Talk about a testament to the power of belief and hard work!
    I love this show for the physical transformations – but even more for the mental and emotional transformations you see happening in the participants. They go from defeatism and fear to empowerment, confidence and genuine belief in themselves. Very inspiring.
    Can’t wait for the finale – one of the girls is going to win. I believe, I believe, I believe! 😉

  • Michael says:

    Yeah, interestingly, it’s shifting in ways that are subtle. I noticed that I really love playing live…I”m just a bit bored playing in my present situation in the same clubs I’ve played for five years.
    I make space to appreciate the work ,but have noticed it would be fun to play in a more adept band in more exotic venues, recording and marketing music.
    So it would be fun to play these new places in a new situation and make about 10 times more than I make now!
    That would be fun!

  • I was thinking about your comment, Michael, and how maybe it’s possible that what you originally wanted is shifting. ? Or maybe temporarily? That makes me think of this passage from Martha Beck’s latest book:
    “If you move toward freedom by saying and doing what is most honest for you, the result may be a beautiful, magnificent life of petting the dog, waiting tables, getting your teeth cleaned. This can be mind-bogglingly wonderful. ‘Ordinariness,’ which our culture tends to see as disappointing, is considered the highest manifestation of enlightenment in many other belief systems. I treasure my ordinary days, the ordinariness of my life as a whole. Each day I list at least 20 things for which I’m profoundly grateful and my rule is that I can never repeat an item. I’ve never had to. The variety of an ordinary life is infinite and precious.”
    I don’t think that’s where you were going with your comment, but it’s what it made me think of.
    I was also thinking how it’s the simple stuff that makes it all worthwhile, anyway. Scratching the dog’s head, listening to my ex’s dad talk about his plans for the garden, trying to figure out what type of bird that is at the feeder …

  • Michael says:

    Very inspiring and fun! Yeah John, we’ll have to see it live!
    I’ve been working on something around employment for around nine weeks, and initially, I felt pretty good about where my head was at. But now that I’m over two months in without the kind of money I was used to as I ‘build’ my new opportunity, I feel like my vibe has been eroded, and it’s tougher to get there.
    I look for inspiring things and even make inspiring things up (hey, the color of the sky ROCKS today), but it literally feels like it’s getting harder and harder to even picture what it was that I wanted in the first place!

  • Peregrine John says:

    Some imagination, huh?

  • Well I know what I’M doing for the next 28 minutes .. ha ha! Thanks, John!

  • Peregrine John says:

    Hey, look! I found the whole show on YouTube! It’s nothing like as powerful as being there (the almost immersive breadth of the stage, the heat from the flames, the surrounding music – ah! love it), and some of the camera movements are confusing, but you can definitely get the idea.

  • John, I’m in love with your parents (and YOU for sharing that powerful mantra with us) and I can TOTALLY hear Mickey’s voice claiming back his dream!
    That’s the BEST!! ha ha!!
    Thanks for the write up on it! You made my day!

  • And that’s why not everyone’s doing it, Michael! That’s for sure.
    You know what helps me do it? (Say it/claim it before it’s true?) Is knowing that even if it doesn’t happen in this red hot moment, that just means I’ve got “one in the bank” that Universe owes me. Or more good stuff in my vibrational escrow as Abe would say.
    It kind of takes the pressure off, for some reason.
    Plus, when I see others doing it, it’s inspiring. Doesn’t it call you to your highest self?

  • Michael says:

    That’s maybe the most daunting part (or at least it occurs like that at times) is banishing that doubt and ‘old’ thinking before it rings around in my head.
    Like your article on being with what is going on in the moment and reframing it as a springboard to the next thing, I sometimes just get exhausted with the toddler, overwhelmed at the dishes and kinda scared at the lack of employment before I catch myself and say ‘okay, but what I’m creating is a life of freedom and joy in everyway, so this is a part of the script that ‘feels’ scary, but I’m still the one writing the ending!’

  • Peregrine John says:

    This reminds me of another of the little sayings I keep in my head. It’s so much a part of my philosophy my parents gave me a picture with it as the caption. Have you ever seen Fantasmic? It’s a multimedia show done at Disneyland and one of the Disney parks in Florida (can’t recall which just now). Dancers, music, fireworks, floats that float (on the water between the main stage and the audience), animation projected onto screens made of fan-shaped water jets… It’s really well named, I’m telling you. Ok, so enough with the explaining.
    The story of the thing is Mickey Mouse dreaming up wonderful things. The Disney villains conspire to turn his dream into a nightmare, culminating in a gigantic dragon that spouts smoke and lights the lake on fire. Poor Mickey quakes in fear.
    But then he raises his little sword and says, “Well, you may think you’re so powerful – huh! Well, this is my dream!”
    Then energy from his sword zaps the dragon, the villains are defeated, and it returns to the “strange and wondrous dreams” it began with, culminating in a triumphal finale that makes me want to shout for joy and dang near brings me to tears. Every time.
    Michael, if you ever get down this way, we’ll go see it together.

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