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How to Make It Rain

In our second year of extreme drought, I’ve been using manifesting powers to call in glorious rain.

This is a quick example of how I’ve been doing that, offered to inspire you to put your conscious creation skills to work on whatever you want to create in your world: romance, clients, money, health, adventure, etc.

Just replace rain with the topic of your desire and let Universe bring it on!

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  • August 6, 2022
  • Timeline Traveller says:

    Excellent podcast 🙂 I’d been thinking about this topic recently, due to the weather here, and it was a really cool surprise to hear a podcast about it 🙂

    Thanks for all of the advice too – I can definitely spot a few of the mistakes that you’ve listed in my recent practice about the subject LOL!

    But, yes, whether it is “Praying rain” or Neville Goddard’s “Thinking from the end” or Jesus’ “Believe you have received it” (Mark 11:24) etc… It’s cool how all of these teachers and traditions are basically saying the same thing.

    Immersion – sensory details, a first-person perspective, seeing it as “real” etc… – is definitely the most important part of any visualisation. It’s like the difference between just looking at something on a screen, and actually being there.

    Thanks again for making this podcast 🙂

  • Michael Pickett says:

    Good job bringing the rain!

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