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Q&A: Can We Manifest for Another?

Using law of attraction to help someone elseHere’s our latest question to field from a fellow creator:

I’ve been studying law of attraction for several years, but am the only one in my family who does.  (My husband and children haven’t been receptive to this material.)

I’m wondering if I can use what I’ve learned on their behalf.

Specifically, my daughter-in-law is struggling right now (with work and health) so I wanted to know if I could use LOA to help her.  (It breaks my heart to see her failing, and obviously it affects the rest of the family, too.)

Can you tell me how to do that, if so?  Also, would I need her permission or approval?  I only ask because nothing else we do seems to help.

Would love to hear what you guys have to say about this subject of using our manifesting skills on behalf of another. Is it completely cool to put LOA to work for a friend – or a waste of time?  Should we ask their permission?  What’s the best way to support another’s success?

Thanks for weighing in, and see you in the comments!

  • February 1, 2014
  • Jeanne B. says:

    I asked myself, “Would I want someone else working their butt off to try to manifest for me what THEY want me to experience in my life?”
    Even if it’s good?
    NO. Because it is my life and my path. It’s no different from exerting control physically, mentally or emotionally, IMHO. It’s not about what you want, it’s about what *I* want. And what I want to manifest may not suit you; it may even drive you crazy to have to watch me go through it. But again, it’s MY outcome. Like it or hate it–still doesn’t give you the right to step in and override my outcome and change it to one you like better.
    Now–if I’m trying to manifest something for myself and not getting very far, and I ask you specifically to join your energies with mine toward MY desired outcome (and you’re supportive and willing), that’s another story.

  • Steve says:

    At one time I would have said no, not without their permission. This was because I know of people who would “pray” for someone to believe like they believe, join their church etc. Now I say if it’s for their good go for it; they may have nothing else going for them and your help may be the only thing positive thing they have.

  • Ingrid says:

    Here is a Bashar recording that I find extremely helpful – listen all the way to the end!

  • Ingrid says:

    In my opinion that is one of the most challenging aspects of practicing LOA and I really like Deborah’s answer – especially her point #1.
    The only reason, we ever even want to create for somebody else, is when WE feel uncomfortable with what WE observe -> their struggle.
    In other words: We see the situation differently than source sees it.
    In this particular question it is: ” (It breaks my heart to see her failing, and obviously it affects the rest of the family, too.)”
    In other words, the first and only thing we can do, is to find a better feeling place for ourselves.
    Abraham often talks about momentum and repeatedly tells the story of trying to stop a car that has no brakes and isn’t in gear and just started to roll down a hill. It is easy to stop the car at the top of the hill, but you have no chance of stopping it at the bottom of the hill – it will run you over.
    When something has created such a momentum – which it sounds like in the question – than all you can do, is get general.
    Pet the cat, take a nap, meditate, do anything that distracts you from thinking about that thing you don’t want to think about.
    When you found something that makes you feel better – milk it!
    Continue this until you can do a focus wheel on how YOU want to feel.
    Once you practiced YOUR alignment, you WILL see the situation with the eyes of source. Than things will not only shift for you, but for everyone around you as well. It must – it is law 😉

  • Deborah says:

    For anyone who’s interested . . .
    I just put one of Dr. Travis’s interviews (MP3) in a Dropbox folder. If this works, you should be able to download it here:
    (Let me know if it doesn’t work! I’ve never tried to share a Dropbox link in this way before.)

  • That interview has been on my radar this last week, too, Deborah! Clearly we’re playing in the same sandbox!
    Thanks for the links – I think many here will be very inspired there. 🙂

  • Deborah says:

    Jeannette, I only just discovered Bashar this week, when you guys were discussing the “Echoes” video in the forums. I found it fascinating!
    His whole thing about how our attitudes and expectations determine whether we experience our reality as “clay” or as “cement” (not his word).
    Play = clay! Love it!
    The resource I’ve mostly been working with lately is Dr. Travis Taylor’s “Science of LOA,” which was a 3-part interview with Bob Doyle from last year.
    For anyone who’s interested, you can get a flavor of Dr. Taylor’s work here (free MP3 download of an interview he did w/ someone else on BlogTalk Radio:
    The specific thing that caught my imagination was the the principle of coherence — about WHY like things vibrate in resonance with each other. Fascinating stuff!

  • What a great example of walking the talk, Melody!
    What I hear you saying here is that we’re best off minding our own business first (including how we think of & see others) – that’s the best way to help anyone anyway.
    Good tip – thanks for posting. 🙂

  • Melody says:

    I think we can manifest for others to the extent that their resistance and ours allow. In the same way, our manifestations often come to us via other people. In the case of her daughter-in-law, holding a high vibration around her and towards her, will cause her to naturally sync higher as well. That may just manifest in a better feeling in the daughter-in-law, not a better job, or better health, but that may be enough to help her get things rolling for herself.
    The trick is we can never really help anyone feel better by feeling bad ourselves. Essential, but tricky to implement. Social conditioning so encourages us to feel bad for people, when all they really want is love and appreciation. I have been practicing this with my husband lately, when he has a hard day at work and is venting. Instead of commiserating or telling him to be positive, I just stay really happy and loving, and before long we are joking about the IT department. His job has actually started to be much more pleasant as well.

  • Deborah, have you been studying Bashar, by any chance? I love what you’re sharing here – and his material is one of the places I’ve found where this perspective is effectively shared. Kudos to you for putting it into practice!

  • Deborah says:

    And of course, the same goes for us, too! I’ve been experimenting with these ideas a lot lately.
    For instance, instead of trying to “manifest” a specific outcome, I try to shift my perspective to allow that the circumstances I desire *already exist* — they were created in the same instant that my desire was born.
    Then, my work is to align myself vibrationally with that reality. I envision it as kind of like a kaleidoscope, with shifting patterns coming into focus. So it’s less about “manifesting” and more about aligning and allowing.
    It’s slow going, frankly! I’m getting mixed results, but I’m also experiencing some amazing shifts from time to time. I’m trying to train myself to sift through the probably realities until I can “feel” the one I want, and then try to hold my intention and vibration there.
    It’s like trying to learn a new habit — some days I get it right, some days I don’t. 😉

  • That’s a good point that makes me laugh out loud, Deborah.
    Kind of a mindbender! lol

  • Deborah says:

    In a way, the question itself is misleading . . . Quantum physics tells us that:
    #1: We can only experience anything from our own point of view, and therefore can only influence OUR OWN events, not anyone else’s.
    #2: There are infinite parallel realities born in every second of every decision we each make for ourselves.
    #3: We choose which reality we want to focus our consciousness in, minute by minute.
    So when we see a loved one is struggling, they aren’t struggling in any “real” or “objective” sense. Their struggle is: a) merely *one* of the realities they are manifesting; and b) is the experience we are having *of them* within our own reality.
    So . . . when we wish for someone to (for instance) recover from an illness, what we’re actually creating with our desire is to *choose the reality for ourselves where that person is OK.*

  • And that can be frustrating, Kimber – when we’re flowing good vibes that someone else isn’t lined up to receive.
    Jody, that’s so true – there always IS something going right to help everyone focus on. And showing them you believe in them goes a long way. (I know that firsthand having been on the receiving end of it.)
    Wonderful contributions here – thanks for that, Kimber & Jody! 🙂

  • Jody Low-A-Chee says:

    I’ve been given some opportunity to experience this type of desire with my children. Lots of it in fact 🙂 And yes letting go of the outcome is key.
    I’ll share my own approach to practicing this to add to the wonderful comments here. I start with building up some appreciation for what is going right for them. It’s there when we go looking for it. Sometimes it means pulling back to a very broad perspective, but it is always there. And as I focus on all of what is going right for them, and all that they are truly, truly capable of, the energy grows to a place that I sum up as:
    “You can do this. You’ve got this. I love you.”
    And that’s the energy I send them. It amazes me how much peace this brings — to both of us. And as I watch them start to feel it more, then their changes that they desire start to happen too.

  • Kimber says:

    I wish we could manifest for others! However, vibration is crucial in manifesting. Beliefs are also playing valuable roles in how the LOA works in our lives. The LOA IS working in their lives… They just may be shouting NO at it…

  • Wow, no doubt, Cassie. Nice job of using your power where it matters.
    And Thomas, I’ve sure been there (pushing a solution on another). We all know how well that works. lol
    Thanks for chiming in, you two! 🙂

  • This is an awesome question. I am usually clandestine in these situations. In the past, I realized that trying to correct what you might think is wrong for a person, is actually depriving them of needed life experience. Especially if you are pushing your solution on them. They won’t hear it until they are ready and will only know the solution that feels correct (aligned) for them.
    To ease my own discomfort for their situation, I usually ask the Universe(Source, God, whatever you call your higher power), if I could clear the person’s energy field. If I feel a definitive, YES, then I go into a meditative state and complete the process. It is sort of like distance healing or sending Love with the purpose of removing any static or fuzziness around their connection to source and receiving their path and answers easily.
    It has been my experience that a shift happens quite quickly because I am not pushing my ideas and what I think is right. I am cleaning up their energy field and helping them increase their connection to source, which is a natural state for everyone.
    Awesome Question!

  • Cassie says:

    I love all these answers and I think this is an excellent question. For me personally, I believe it is my responsibility to always see those in my life in their highest light. I do it when things are good and I know what they want more of and I do it when things look a little sideways and I want to support them in getting back to their feel good.
    I am also a big fan of focusing on what I want. First, seeing them as living awesome! (process above). I also want more people in my life to be LOA savvy and fun deliberate creators. So, I use my LOA magic to create the life I want. I visualize having LOA conversations with those in my life. I imagine being surrounded by people who get what I’m talking about when I discuss how I see the world. I imagine opening up the space for them to ask me questions.
    Then I always check my own vibes. Am I living my fullest life? Am I setting a good example for why someone would want to ask me, “How come your life rocks so much?” If I’m not, I go to work on me first.
    Sending love and light to you and your family. Also, envisioning you commenting on this blog that you were able to have an amazing conversation with your daughter in law and how she is loving what you had to teach her!

  • Janette, I couldn’t agree more when you say let them have their adventure!!
    Sometimes what we desire for another isn’t necessarily what THEY want. And even when it is, there’s something inherently important about the ups and downs of getting there.
    I know many parents want to pave a smooth path for their child’s success, but that isn’t what any of us signed up for, I don’t think. What a ripoff if we didn’t get to play the GAME of life, right?!
    AND, at the same time, I get it that we can have a powerful influence with others in our world, and we want to use that power for good.
    Which is why your other suggestion is so important: go general. See them thriving. Trust they’ll find their way. Don’t invest or add to the story of their failures.
    Thanks for addressing the permission aspect of this question, too, Janette. Much appreciated!

  • Deanna, I think you nailed it, although I suspect those are words not everyone will be able to hear.
    Oh hey – I’m doing it right there, aren’t I?! lol
    Thank you for chiming in – those are powerful words of advice!! 🙂

  • Janette says:

    Absolutely. But it can be harder when we’re attached to the outcome; and being detached FROM the outcome feels kinda trickier when it’s those we love.
    My tip is to go as broad as possible. Intend their perfect outcome.
    And then remember they’re a powerful eternal being, having their own human adventure along their own path. And I don’t get to define what their perfect outcome is. Maybe their struggles are necessary for them, like the struggle to escape the cocoon which (we now know) is an essential requirement for a butterfly to have strong wings to fly.
    When I catch myself wanting to manifest a specific outcome for someone else, I do my best to practise “perfect outcome, whatever that looks like” and “not my path to decide”.
    And on the question of permission – simply ask your Higher Self to ask THEIR Higher Self for permission to manifest their best outcome for them. The answer will always be yes, if it’s truly for them (and not for you).
    Sending vibes for a perfect outcome to your reader, Jeannette!

  • Deanna says:

    We often shift our focus to a negative vibration and think it is the other which must be out of alignment. It is us..or otherwise we would see her as the vibrant loving full of life individual that she is and only fulfilling her life’s contract. Try your best to raise your vibration so you can see their truly is nothing wrong with your baby. 🙂

  • Brigitte says:

    The best way to help her is while you’re connected to Source Energy and hold her as your object of attention… see her happy and healthy… see her the way source see her…
    With love…
    Brigitte (the Netherlands)

  • Cate, your words of advice about getting grounded first remind me of how Abe says we can’t help anyone else if we’re not aligned ourselves. Good tip!

  • Cate says:

    I have had to do this a great deal with my husband, children, mother and brothers. First I ground myself, using simple breathing and other techniques. For me, I know I am “grounded”–connected to Earth energy, when I feel a gentle pull through my feet and abdomen and I hear, in my mind’s ear, a sound like an engine winding down and getting lower and lower. (This reaction didn’t happen over night–it came with repeated practice and sort of surprised me!) But just breathing deep and letting it go will start you.
    Then I imagine or say out loud how I want to feel about my (person.) “I see her adjusting, smiling, I know she is handling things with grace and self-love,” or whatever. I only say things that I feel, in my grounded space, what I can imagine feeling.
    The turn arounds and miracles always are humbling, surprising, thrilling, even! It all starts with getting our own agenda and fears out of the way.
    Hope this helps! I wrote this out to remind myself, too!

  • I think that’s good advice to see her as Source sees her (thriving and doing well), and can also be challenging if we have a front row seat for what looks like struggles and challenges. But it’s good practice for when it’s time to do it for ourselves, too!
    Thanks for getting the conversation started, Brigitte! 🙂

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