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Choosing to Like It

Here’s a manifesting superpower worth developing if you don’t already have this one …

It’s the ability to choose to like something. At will. Just because you can. Regardless of the circumstance.

Not waiting to see how this person or thing presents itself and then evaluating whether you like it or not; but rather deciding that it’s good. (Because you know that’s a vibrationally sound conclusion to come to.)

  • Like when you only have one restaurant in town.
  • Or when you have a neighbor next door.
  • Or a car you rely on.
  • Or an elected politician representing your community.
  • Or a doctor who’s doing your procedure.
  • Or the boss you work for.
  • Or the body you live in.

These are all good occasions for deciding that you like it, because any other conclusion creates a less than ideal experience.

I know some people think that the negative experience comes first, and then our negative opinion follows. That’s the case for a lot of people, but savvy creators know we can transform anything by engaging a good vibration for it.

And sometimes we get to be real proactive about that, instead of just waiting for it to prove itself worthy of our good opinion. We find the good opinion first, and the reality morphs to match.

Remember Abraham’s advice about how a person could have nine negative traits and only one positive, but when we focus on the positive aspect, it transforms the whole thing.

So we’re creating good restaurants and neighbors and bodies and everything else by deciding that we like them. Not waiting for them to give us reason to feel that way, but leading the way with a good opinion first.

This is the doctor you got. They’re the smartest kindest most competent doctor ever, right?

Or this is the person you work for. What a fabulous boss! So understanding, and fair, and funny!

Or the ex who’s the mother/father of your children. That’s another good time to decide you like them. (Or at least be good at playing up their good qualities and not getting hung up on the negative ones.)

That’s not to say there aren’t occasions when drastic change is called for, but in most cases, at most times, it works really well to decide that this is good. To find a way to let it be positive. Because it’s in your world, so why would you pick anything else?

Actually, don’t answer that question. The question worth answering is: what is good about this that I can dial on and let expand into even more goodness in my manifested reality? 🙂

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  • September 13, 2022
  • Anne M Robertson says:

    If you accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative by not “seeing” the negative it is simply amazing how the positive grows and grows and grows. In a way this resembles how a shoot of grass, or a flower can crack a block of cement as it concentrates its efforts on reaching that sunlight it knows with every fibre of its being exists beyond that barrier and so it onwards and upwards it goes…

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