Jeannette Maw, the Good Vibe CoachYes, I offer private coach support to fellow creators!


What are you looking for support with? Choose from the following options to raise your manifesting game … 


Each option is $175, includes roughly 35-40 minutes together, and is named after one of my favorite things:


#1 The Harvmeister: Claim Your Desire

If you’re having trouble knowing what you want, this is your chance to discover the power of deciding and declaring your authentic dream. Wondering whether to go general or get specific? Not sure you’re asking too much or too little? Is it okay if it involves others, or is that a problem? Or you’ve got no idea whatsoever of any good thing you’re willing to go for? We’ll get you sorted and experiencing the sweet spot of clearly knowing and saying yes to what you truly want. 


#2 Bookstore Browsing: Craft a New Story

Need help with an impossible problem? Feeling stuck in a series of bad thoughts? Or just having trouble seeing how things might work out? Together we’ll find a new story that opens you up to expanded possibilities. This is perfect for anyone whose beliefs have them locked in a no bueno reality.  


#3 Triple Chocolate Treat: Create a Manifesting Plan

Ready to come into alignment with your dream? Together we’ll brainstorm the best manifesting process to create what you want. This requires you already know what you want. We’re not focusing on actions here; instead it’s all about activating the vibration that requires your favorite dream to come true. 


#4 Back Porch Sittin’: Remedy the Kinks

Everyone’s got them, so don’t sweat it when you realize there’s something blocking the way to what you want. Maybe you already know what it is, or maybe it’s just a general malaise you haven’t been able to shake. We’ll work together to identify and make a plan to remedy whatever vibes are not letting your dream come true. Might be a minor tweak or a major upgrade; either way you’ll know what’s required to get back in your best vibrational groove. 


#5 Movie Night: Evaluate Progress

Want a second set of LOA savvy eyes on your manifesting process? Wondering if you’re missing something? Just want to double check that you’re on the right track to success? Sometimes we don’t know what we don’t know, you know! This is for anyone who wants an objective review of your situation and your process for creating what you want. By the end of this session you’ll have more confidence and expectation in your ideal preferred outcome.    


#6 Puppy Kisses: Emergency Intervention

When things have gone really wrong and you’re feeling desperate that this must be fixed now, we’ve got you covered. I’m good at soothing situations like this, and am well-practiced at holding higher ground while you find your vibrational footing again. Don’t worry, we’ve got this!


#7 The Plant Store: Anything Goes Consult

If you’ve been overly exposed to muggles in your life and just need a reminder that yes, this LOA stuff works and yes, you are doing it right … or if none of the above options are exactly what you had in mind, pick this one. You choose the subject for our consult. (Plan on 35-40 minutes together. If you’d like more time for our session, send $300 and we’ll book double the time.)   



Email me at [email protected] to book our time together, then send $175 using your preferred payment option:


Paypal: [email protected]


Zelle: [email protected]


If you’re looking for an alternative source of support, check out these additional options:


Good Vibe University
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