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Cultivating Better Conclusions

What to do when the bad thing happens?

When the job is lost, the lover has left, the money didn’t arrive, or the doctor can’t help – what do we do?

Conscious creators have the advantage of being flexible in our response to contrast. We know we have options …

We can entertain the bad story, growing the contrast even further, regaling ourselves and others with how bad this is, how unfair life treats us, or what an unlucky hit we took.

Or we can come to a different conclusion.

We can decide that things are always working out for us, that Universe has our back, and that this is yet another step in the right direction.

LOA savvy peeps have more flexibility in how we tell the story of what’s happening, because we know we’re the story creators.

We’re not unwitting victims of life’s whims and fancies.

We are the script writers, the vibrational directors, the ones who call the shots based on what we focus into being.

That’s why when a bad thing happened in my world, it took a minute but when I regained my right LOA mind, I decided that this was my dream come true.

I don’t know how that’s so, but I know the power of deciding it. It has to be whatever I decide it is.

So if I can vibrate dream come true, it has to be that some how some way.

I’ve had enough experience with past contrast to know that’s what life is trying to do anyway … it wants to keep getting better. That’s what change means.

Remember the massage therapist who concluded when she got fired from her job, “Something really good must be getting ready to happen.”? Indeed it was.

That’s what life keeps doing – getting better and better – when we know how to allow it.

And we know how to allow it. It’s a simple matter of coming to a better conclusion than “something awful happened.”

We can do so much better than that. After all, we’re conscious creators!

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  • March 22, 2021
  • Timeline Traveller says:

    Thanks 🙂 I’ve found at least a couple of techniques/affirmations that have helped a lot with bad situations, which aren’t a million miles away from the principles in this article 🙂

    One is to use an affirmation like “It’s over. I’m safe. I won”. Not only is this a good way to practice the RELIEF of a good outcome, but – thinking about it more – it also has a strong “better conclusion” element to it too.

    The other one is either an observation of reality and/or a strong thought pattern I created, and I kind of love it. It goes something like: “Everything that tries to destroy me not only fails to do so, but also makes me stronger too”. Again, thinking about it more, the feeling of inevitable “victory” it evokes is ALSO a “better conclusion” type thing too 🙂

  • Susan says:

    The massage therapist story is the most positive, raise my vibration, give me a path forward, turn my attitude around story I have ever come across. I keep the link on my home screen…
    I mean, she went to a party the weekend after losing her job… and began a whole new, 1000% more satisfying, more abundant life because of it…
    Thanks for this post…happy manifesting of the dream come true…all of us . .

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