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Dog Whisperer Wisdom for Manifesters

cesar.jpgAnyone seen Dog Whisperer in action? We manifesters have lots in common with him, if you haven’t noticed.Many of us could pick up good tips from his work!

The other night I watched an episode where a fireman had given up his aggressive Rottweiler, Churchill, because the dog was “beyond help.” The Rottie’s issue was dog aggression, and the owner said he’d been to enough trainers & schools and had read up enough to know his dog wasn’t going to change.

Not even for the Dog Whisperer.

Cesar was polite in explaining the problem isn’t in Churchill, but rather in the energy the owners flow. ?! Many folks might think that’s crazy, but you deliberate creators understand what’s in play, right?

To prove his point Cesar worked with the “beyond help” Rottie himself.  Within minutes, Churchill seemingly underwent a complete transformation as he sat quietly while other dogs came and went. The fireman and his wife thought it was miraculous.

But it’s not miraculous.

It’s just energy management.

Cesar flows calm assertive energy and holds different expectations of the dog (than the owners do). The wife admitted when she’s constantly on the lookout for potential trouble, and imagining – or recalling – dangerous scenes unfolding.

Cesar tells her those thoughts and expectations are energy projected on her dog, which elicits that behavior from Churchill.

He teaches the couple how to shift their energy and project new vibrations to Churchill.

By the end of the session they, too, can walk their previously “dog aggressive” Rottie side by side with other neighborhood dogs.

Which is what we’re doing, too! Without the dog, I mean, but we’re up to the same “miracle making” work: shifting our energy in order to manifest new results. 

Cesar said something once that still helps my vibrational alignment: “Pack leaders don’t struggle.”

Pack leaders don’t get mad or angry or too tired. (Because that state is out of balance, and another dog will step into the pack leader role if/when I get misaligned.)

My desire to be pack leader along with this wisdom from Cesar helps me stay connected to a good vibe. Because pack leaders don’t struggle, I remember. They don’t run out of time, they don’t worry about what might go wrong, they don’t stress out.

They are calm, strong and well balanced. “There’s plenty of time,” “all is well,” and “I can handle this.”

With that shifted energy, I’m better lined up with what I’ve been wanting (aka my vibrational escrow).

So I don’t know if Cesar realizes it, but he’s teaching energy management skills that can help people become successful manifesters, not just better dog owners.

Some clients tell me their cats are easy mirrors to identify their mood/energy, since the client might not realize they’re tense or excited until their cat reflects it to them. There are also coaches who help transform people’s lives by getting them in the arena to interact with horses.

What do you think? Has your involvement with animals helped you become more sensitive to the energy you flow? Would love to hear your thoughts and experiences!

  • December 6, 2008
  • Peregrine John says:

    Me too! That sounds fantastic! Wine = Sleepy Jeannette,huh? I’ll have to find you something that won’t put you to sleep when combined with my droning. 😀 Then we just have to make our way to the Great and Picturesque Northwest.
    Once again, you called it: there’s a lot more to what I’ve been thinking about power vs. control, since I’ve been thinking about it for a long time now; but really, the above is the core of it.
    (Eep! Not sure which correlation you mean! I’ll just say Thank You and move along.)
    As we move through this time of year when counting blessings is de rigueur, I can’t tell you how happy and grateful I am to be here and learning so much. My insights are mostly just reflecting back a combination of what more experienced eyes have reported. Some questions, like Kim’s about why kids are so receptive to vibrational suggestion, are the very same I’ve wondered, and am looking forward to exploring them further. In any case, I’m happy to make some contribution in the Brain Nudging Dept. now and again! Seems the least I can do, though it’s near-accidental, for this very wise community.

  • Andi says:

    Wow, dinner and wine with Jeannette, Mitch, and John. How incredible would THAT be?!!
    I’m in. 🙂

  • The other neighbors should pitch in to reward you for that act of community service, Andi! Too funny!

    In my opinion, that’s using your higher power for GOOD purpose!!

    So I’d probably like to take you and Mitch along on that dinner conversation with John. lol Ensuring a peaceful environment for all of us to best enjoy!

    And yes, I realize in saying that I’m reflecting my tendency to require outside conditions to be “just so” in order for me to be happy. Maybe screaming kids are the gift I keep getting in order to learn not to require others to change in order to feel good myself.

    All the same though, you two free for dinner? hee hee

    Thanks for posting, Andi!! Love your story!!

  • Andi says:

    Hi Jeannette, great post! I don’t have pets of my own, but your post made me think of how I’ve used LOA to help my neighbor’s dogs stop barking. When they first moved in 3 years ago, their two outdoor dogs barked almost non-stop whenever their humans weren’t home, sometimes even at 2am! I thought I was going to lose my mind. I tried everything I could to get them to stop: whistling, singing, talking to my neighbors, even (I’m embarrassed to say) yelling “shut up!” out the window.
    I started learning about LOA and decided to use my new creative powers on the barking dogs. When they would start to bark, I would picture them being quiet and happy, but I felt good about it instead of feeling frustrated and trying to MAKE them be quiet. And of course you can guess what happened…they started to become quiet when my vibe was right. For a while I doubted that it was me that was creating this, but I have come to accept that it really works, and now there is very little barking and lots of good feeling!
    You are awesome!

  • Wow, John, I hadn’t thought of this correlationtill reading your intriguing post. But as dog owners, we have responsibilities (that not everyone accepts). And as creators, we also have the opportunity to accept responsibilities.


    And indeed with the inner and outer “sameness” that we develop – ha! That’s going to be fun for me to see over the next couple days with my dogs. lol

    The power vs. control conversation deserves a lengthier address, in my opinion!! I like what you’re revealing with that.

    Yes, I would love to discuss this with you over wine! Well, not wine for me because that’ll put me to sleep, and it’s way too stimulating a discussion to let that happen!

    Thanks for making this blog such a valuable place to stop and think and learn, John. Much appreciated!

  • Peregrine John says:

    Cesar is a very wise man, and make no mistake. It’s funny how he tells everyone on the show pretty much the same thing, and yet his viewers call on him to tell them… the same thing again! Silly people. But it makes for fun viewing, and about 0.001% as annoying as the human versions (SuperNanny, et al).
    As usual, this article struck a flurry of sparks in my mind, some of them (also as usual) having little to do with LOA. For example, the pack leader mindset and requirements perfectly describes the trouble boys have in becoming men: the assumption (and the feminine fantasy) is that these things come automatically, or should, and the fact is that they’re learned like anything else. Making the leap to alpha dog is an illusion, and a lot of important training gets missed as a result, ending in many frustrated men and unsatisfied women. However, teaching the essentials of leadership so neatly encapsulated above would go a long way toward world happiness. There are chapters to be written on this one, but it’d be more fun, clear and (probably) interesting simply chatting about it over wine.
    To touch on a few other sparks:
    One of the first things I discovered when getting training for my dog, Banzai, was that it was about 80-85% me that was getting trained. I was good with that, not merely because I lack delicacy of ego, but because I knew that, loving dogs as I do, I was going to have a lot of dogs during my life, and if most of the responsibilities are mine, there’s a lot less to pass on to each new dog.
    It sounds like the old adage of people and their dogs eventually looking like each other can be applied to internal appearance as well as outer – and faster!
    There is a very, very common problem with people confusing control with power. (Another of those “looks similar, acts opposite” phenomena? You bet.) The best description I’ve come up with is this: Control is the ability to make No happen. Power is the ability to make Yes happen. Both are necessary to make a life function, of course, and available metaphors are endless: a rocket gets nowhere without power; it does nothing useful without control. People so often call one the other, and these same folk tend to lean very heavily to the “control” side of things. They also rarely get what they want, and the slightest understanding of how fear clobbers manifestation makes clear exactly why.
    Oh, I finally put together my thoughts on that quandary in the “What’s it look like?” post. Wow, do I talk a lot.

  • I recently stumbled across that site, Stephen, and really enjoyed the inspiration there!

    Thanks for sharing it with all the dog lovers here. 🙂

  • stephen taylor says:

    Hi Jeanette! I have a book recommendation that goes with this post. Go to and read the story there. Shreve Stockton, the blog author has also written a book and I highly recemmend it.
    Shreve rescued a 10 day old Coyote pup and has raised it. The book is about her experience and is an amazing study in LOA and energy allignment. I just finished it and am purchasing more copies for gifts. The book, also called “The Daily Coyote,” is available at the usual online sources – Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc.

  • I’ve wondered the same thing myself, Kim … and although I don’t pretend to know, I think the possibilities you covered in your post are probable causes. Maybe just through being here longer and experiencing more resistance we have stronger walls in place … I don’t know.

    Maybe we can change that belief, huh? 🙂

  • Kim Falconer says:

    Hi Jeannette, Everyone!
    Mitch, I have to say you are my god. Manifesting the soft, sweet restaurant children is an inspiration! Wow.
    Jeannette, why do you think it is that animals and children are more receptive to vibrational suggestions? Do we adults block vibes? Are we closed to ambient energy flow? Are we more attached to our choices than the suggestions of another? Are we isolated? Are we individuated?
    Love the pack leader analogy. Next time I’m feeling challenged, I’m going to imagine I have a wolf on a leash and I will flow the energy I want to experience to my inner wolf!
    Thank you again!
    x Kim

  • Nice tribute, Judi, to the pure positive energy that is your good friend, Marvin.

    I think anyone who knows animals can relate to what you’ve shared here.

    Thank you for that.

  • Judi says:

    Hi all,
    Great posts here. Mitch, I must try that trick with noisy kids. They drive me crazy, so I’m not sure about holding a peaceful state long enough to get it to work, but I am sure going to try it!!
    I think my old cat Marvin who has had several mentions on Jeannette’s blog is the cat who taught me the most about energy and the power of belief. He blessed my life for 3 months. He was a rescue cat who was in a very bad way, his wonderful little body looked as if it was made from bits of a dozen other cats and not one bit of him really worked too well anymore, but none of this bothered him, he believed life was wonderful and worth living. He radiated a love and happiness that I bathed in every day he was with me. I was just happy because he was, even when I couldn’t find a reason, I was just happy.
    One day when we were together, the Boyzone song “No Matter What” came into my head and stuck there. I knew Marv had sent it into my consciousness. I hummed it to him all day and it was one of the happiest most connected days of my life. I Googled for the words, and the lines that leapt out were “No matter what they teach you, what you believe is true”. Marvin lived like that each day and taught me to do the same. His energy lifted me to another place every day we shared. The day he was pts a light went out, but I remember the “energy” lessons he taught me.
    RIP Marvin.

  • Loved this comment from Debra on in response to this blog post:
    “Thanks for a great post, Jeanette. :0)
    “YES! Is my unequivocal answer to your question. Yes, my personal involvement with animals has helped my become more sensitive (aware) of the energy I flow. And I’ve observed, even facilitated this with many others as well.
    “From little on I have been blessed with the awareness of energy, how it flows, how it effects or influences change. I also grew up understanding the deep connection we have with the creature kingdom. One of my favorite things to do to this day is to tune in to an animals spirit (my dog, cat, a bird, a spider, even a gorilla once!) and listen for the messages he/she is wants to share in that moment.
    “Two of my most dear and deeply respected friends do the work you mention with horses. They’re the real deal. I’ve worked side by side, personally with both of them as well as watched them in action with others. Their work is magical, transformational and empowering. Franklin Levinson exudes “horse whisperer” from head to toe, heart and soul. Anna Twinney’s work crosses all regular horse world themes as she is first and foremost a remarkable horse trainer…who also just happens to use Reiki, flower essences and animal communication in her work.
    “The language of horses holds so much wisdom. I’d love for you to visit my podcast site: ( “In Horse Harmony~dancing in partnership with horse and human” is an expression of my passion for this very topic. Within the podcasts you’ll find interviews with amazing people who deeply understand this connection; who deeply understand the energy flow at work in our lives.
    “Because of my love for all animals, not just horses, you’ll also find interviews with animal communicators and even a few with Reiki energy healers.
    “Both Franklin and Anna are featured in many interviews. In fact, over the last year Anna and I teamed up and did shows together. I hope you’ll have a listen! As you’ve implied here, whether we’re dog or horse people or not, there’s much to be learned within this “arena”. :0)
    “In addition to the podcasts I’ve also posted some of my experiences with animal connection/animal communication.
    “I’m a huge fan of Cesar’s work. He creates a ‘door’ that people feel comfortable walking through…it’s about their dog, not about them, after all. ;~) What he teaches people influences and positively changes their lives, thereby giving the dog a better life too.
    “I’m grateful to the Creature Kingdom for being an incredible teacher! And I’m grateful for each and every one of us who sees the connection and shares it with others.
    “Peace, Love and Harmony…”
    Off to go check out your podcast, Debra! Thanks for the great info and reinforcing thoughts!!

  • Got this email which I loved so much I wanted to share it here (anonymously). Here’s to the power of kitty coaches! lol
    “Hi Jeannette
    “I love this. ….everything happens for a reason, everything happens for the best, and everything is symbolic.
    “I have three cats ….they all stick close around me a lot…
    “Of course, they’re all sweet and affecionate and playful and impish….
    “I’m gonna watch more for balance/outta balance signs……they’re my new Kittycoaches!!!”
    KittyCoaches – I love it! Thanks for the note, my friend!

  • It’s funny, isn’t it, tamara, what we’ll do when someone (or something) else we love is involved, that we didn’t necessarily feel strong inspiration for beforehand, huh?
    Not saying that’s your case, but your post reminded me how sometimes we strive to be better or set a stronger example when someone else we love is involved or affected somehow.
    (Although, it’s usually breakups that always inspire me to look hot. hee hee)
    Anyway, thanks for posting! I was pretty happy to see there’s lots of video clips on Cesar’s site, so even those who don’t have cable can watch online. 🙂

  • Tamara says:

    Thank you for a post that was a great reminder to me of the power of my thoughts and the need to pay attention to the energy I am putting out there. Also, it is perfectly apropos right now as I am trying to retrain myself so that my dogs behave better. I have not yet watched “The Dog Whisperer” but I was on Cesar’s site a couple of nights ago printing out info.

  • Bridgette!!! How cool are YOU?! I love this post of yours, and what you learned in it! That’s exactly what I’m talking about!
    (And I’m SO looking forward to following your footsteps to Koelle’s!)
    My favorite part of your post was this: “Self doubt does not serve me and blocks me from making my full contribution to the world.”
    Nice to learn that in one session in the horse ring, huh?
    Super cool!
    And your barking dog during coach calls challenge made me laugh out loud – that’s one I can relate to, too! lol
    Thanks for posting, girlfriend!

  • Hey Jeannette!
    I just blogged about doing one of Koelle’s workshops which you know is an amazing experience with the horses. The horses (and other animals I’m sure) are amazing outward mirrors of our internal state. I still haven’t figured out how to keep my dog from barking during my coaching calls though… 😉

  • Mitch, I’m in LOVE with this story you shared!! You are a MASTER, too, to be able to pull that off in that situation, in my humble opinion!

    (Screaming kids at restaurants aren’t so easy for me to stay in the good vibe. whew! You’re my hero!)

    I hear that all the time, and believe it’s true, that kids and animals are more receptive or sensitive to the energy that’s flowing that many adults are.

    Thanks for a great example of deliberate creation, Mitch! I love it!

  • Mitch says:

    I don’t have a lot of experience with animals, but I have had young children around me for much of my life. (Kind of the same, right? lol)
    I was in a restaurant today sitting next to a family with two young children, both screaming at the top of their lungs. The grownups at the table seemed satisfied to yell over the children rather than try to quiet them, so I took matters into my own vibration.
    I took deep breaths, feeling calm and quiet within myself, and whispered words under my breath like “quiet,” “sweet,” “well-behaved,” and “lovable” in reference to the kids. Within about 30 seconds, their noise quieted and then stopped entirely. Easy!

  • I don’t know myself whether Cesar has studied Abraham material, but very often the things he says sounds right in line with deliberate creation, which is I’m sure why it’s so easy for me to be a fan of his!

    On twitter the other day when he/his staff asked for input as to what would be most appreciated for his next dvd or workshop series, or whatever it was, I suggested he start teaching PEOPLE what he understands about energy. He gets it in a way that doesn’t surprise me that many people find inspiration in areas of life that have nothing to do with dogs. 🙂

  • Sounds like you’ve got a lot of awareness flowing, Rainie, which helps tremendously! It also sounds like your animals are giving you good practice for mastery – which is another good thing. lol

    Thanks for sharing here, Rainie. 🙂

  • Lisa says:

    It’s been documented that Cesar’s studied with Abraham-Hicks.
    Are you trying to get on the good side of Cesar Milan! sounds like your creeping to him a bit, no offence! It looks like you copied Philip’s blog too!

  • rainie says:

    Interestingly, I can do this in many areas of my life and I am especially good with other people’s animals. My own still provoke a lot of frustration in me and I know it’s my own fault! I find them much easier to “reach” one on one and I know where our “trigger” areas are. I keep working on my energy but for now, I do still struggle.

  • Tia, I had no idea that was something studied in NLP training! Cool!

    I had a girlfriend who was a dog trainer who said she figured out after a while that dogs weren’t responding to her words as reliably as they were responding to the “pictures” she held in mind. She said she could say “sit” but if she saw them not sitting, they wouldn’t sit. So she learned to make sure her “pictures” went along with her words.

    I’ll be interested to hear what other cool things you’re learning, Tia! Thanks for posting. 🙂

  • Tia Singh says:

    When I did NLP *neuro linguistic programming* I learned how we can influence our pet’s behaviour. Look at your cat (apparently they are the most sensitive to this) or dog and create a little or big picture over them in your imagination of them doing something you want them to do.
    So you could visualise or imagine them running towards you, going to the door, eating a carrot (yes I knew a cat who LOVED carrots!) etc and really focus on that. You’ll find the exact action being performed! A friend of mine tried it and presto, was shocked at how well it worked!
    It all depends on the energy and vibes you are sending out as you do this. It probably won’t work if you keep wondering what he/she is going to do!
    Interesting ay? Oh and I like the pack leader analogy!

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