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17 Easy Ways to LOA Your Day

17 Easy Ways to LOA Your DayHow easy is it to practice deliberate creation?

Very easy.

Here are 17 simple ways to leverage law of attraction in daily life starting now. Even one of these LOA habits can make all the difference in what manifests next.

Some of these you probably already do, so give yourself credit for already being a conscious creator!

Of those you don’t practice, choose your favorite one to engage now …

1. Give yourself a new mantra.

You already have one, whether you realize it or not. Choose one that will serve you instead of keep you stuck. (I recently started replacing “Why can’t I figure this out?” with “Man, I’m good at this!”)

2. Point yourself in the right direction.

After you wake up, before you start your day, imagine what could go right in it. Maybe someone will bring muffins to work. Maybe the weather will be perfect for a lunch time stroll. Maybe you’ll get a call from you-know-who. Simple but powerful way to launch a new day.

3. Use the mirrors.  

Every time you’re in front of the mirror, look yourself in the eye and say something nice about yourself. (Think it to yourself if you don’t feel comfortable speaking it out loud.) Self-love is the strongest way to upgrade the vibe!

4. Do something you love every day.

It doesn’t have to be a big deal, and it doesn’t have to be the same thing every day, but get at least one thing you enjoy in every single day. Make sure you’re paying attention to what you love about whatever it is, so you’re getting the full vibrational benefit.

5. Meditate.

It’s true what they say about meditation being a game-changer. Even three minutes a day of purposefully cultivating inner peace and quiet will make a difference.

6. Connect with the big guns.

Listen for – and honor – your inner/higher wisdom. There’s a part of you that’s always guiding you to the right place at the right times with the right people. When you listen for that, and honor it, you make a beeline to your dream come true.

7. Set an intention for the day.

Whether it’s a feeling, an experience or an outcome, set your mind on what you’d like to experience in this day. Then let it go. It’s crazy cool effective!

8. Finish this statement …

Wouldn’t it be nice if …?  Come up with three different endings. It’s one of the easiest alignment enhancers out there.

9. Claim it.  

Declare that this desire will be yours. Deciding you shall have it is a strong pronouncement to Universe (and yourself) that will get results. Put it in writing, announce it to a supportive friend, or make it official in some other way to turn timid, wishful energy into a powerhouse of manifestation.

10. Pre-pave the stuff that matters.

If you’re feeling iffy about how something important might unfold, see it going right in your mind’s eye before you start it. (You’ll like this one if you aren’t already doing it regularly!)

11. Channel Pollyanna.

Get in the habit of looking at the bright side. Make a point in seeing the positive. Give the person the benefit of the doubt. Find the perspective that feels better. Once you get used to this, it becomes an automatic habit that will transform your entire life. No joke.

12. Shake it off.  

When something goes wrong, don’t dwell on it. Feel it out and then be done with it. Get really good at letting the crappy stuff go.

13. Spread the love.

Offer a blessing every day. Send some love to the guy having car trouble roadside. Assign an angel to the neighborhood stray kitty. Since we get what we put out, it serves us well to find excuses to send out well wishes to others. Practice this and watch the good things amplify in your world.

14. Get picky about conversations.  

Opt out of the group rants and raves that drain your energy. Find a more positive way (or person) to engage and connect with. Choose not to gossip with others unless it’s something you’d like to invite into your own world.

15. Give yourself a reason to laugh.  

Seek out something that will lighten your mood. Laughter is magic, and it’s easy to tap into. And yes, laughing on purpose counts as a very LOA savvy practice of vibration management.

16. Hold your dream loosely.

Don’t obsess about it or overwork it. Sometimes our striving to achieve a desire is what keeps it from unfolding effortlessly and swiftly. Enjoy your life now, as is, and life can’t help but get better.

17. Have a vibrational nightcap.

End your day right. As you go to sleep, reflect on what you enjoyed in the day. Recall what made you laugh, revel in the wins, or just think about the best parts. It sets a good tone for sleeping and helps you wake up in a more aligned mood.

This list just scratches the surface of easy ways to engage law of attraction in every day life. Add your favorites in the comments to share an even more inspiring habits list for practicing effective vibration management!

  • November 17, 2012
  • juanita says:

    Thanks for this list, it is just what I need RIGHT NOW!!! I didn’t realize how much I had manifested during this year and had my eyes & thoughts on the “missing” stuff I need but haven’t manifested yet. Like Barbara said “How does it get better than this?” and you Jeannette
    “Man, I’m good at this!” those are my two take-aways for immediate use. Thanks again for sharing this list and thanks everyone for the comments I have gained so much inspiration and many tools for LOA action.

  • Jacqui says:

    Ooooh, lovely list! Thanks Jeannette.
    One of my faves is no 9 – ‘claim it’. I like to move from getting caught up the ‘cursed hows’ by saying to myself (or out loud, with expression!) “Even though I don’t know how this is coming to me, I’m declaring this mine”. Then I’m ‘in relationship’ with my goal. We have a commitment to each other. It has a pulse, it lives and breathes! All I gotta do then is listen, watch, expect it, and get ready to receive it. Not effort, or worry, or think about how it might come. Just trust it will because it’s LAW!

  • maryam hampshire says:

    This is great. I realised that I had made LOA a chore rather than a fun game, so inadvertently held off the good as I was too busy fussing and thinking, ‘The Universe told me it’s coming, so why isn’t it here yet?’ and then of course I spent all my time panicking about it. Then yesterday I realised I’d sucked all the fun out. So I sought out games to play instead, of make believe and fun and magic and last night I had a great dream where my solar plexus was healed and my path to riches was manifest. I woke up this morning AT PEACE. I love all your suggestions and shall implement them as I realised the most important part of being a deliberate attractor is to feel good. Thank you for your great post.

  • law of attraction says:

    I Am Very Happy To Read Of Your Blog.Really Great Post.Its brilliant.

  • Katy Lowe says:

    I love all of these Jeannette! I love reminders of the ‘basics’ as well as ones I’ve never put into regular practice. Bottom line – all about working on alignment and feeling good! Thanks for sharing these goodies!

  • It’s so true, isn’t it, Sandra? Practicing deliberate creation doesn’t have to be time consuming or difficult. Actually, if it is that, we’re probably doing it wrong, huh? lol
    Love your “What went right today” reflection … thank you for sharing your practices with us here!

  • Sandra says:

    Thank you for the reminders that simple, small things make huge impacts! Just before I go to sleep I ask myself “what went right today?” then I pre- pave my morning. No matter what happened during the day I am ending this one on a high note and starting the next one the same way.
    I sometimes still get sucked back into the “come big or don’t come at all” syndrome and all that accomplishes is me trying to fill in my own grid. But I am grateful I now have the ability to recognize it for what it is!
    Thank you for another amazingly insightful post!!!

  • Wow, I get you’re a great friend to meet up with at Starbucks, Tish! Sounds like you’ve developed a powerful practice of presence. You’re inspiring me to more of it myself!
    And Annette, I love that habit of declaring everything as “working out” – no matter how contrary our first impressions might initially be. I’d imagine in your current situation with Big Cats it’s especially easy to find the love.
    Thanks for posting, you two! 🙂

  • Annette says:

    Lately? Saying – even when I am afraid something won’t work out – This is the greatest thing EVER!!
    And it’s working!
    I get asked what’s so great about it and I reply “What’s not?”
    Answers are usually blinkety blinks.
    Before lately? Morning grounded prayer to the 6 directions and the inner self – I still do this.
    And listening or watching to every LOA-ish thing that comes into my circle of awareness .

  • Tish says:

    Thx Janette. Love the list. I’m resonating with Kim Falconer and discovering the freedom in the present (aka being in the moment). I have a more than daily meditation mash going on right now that’s pretty. If I’m walking I focus on the experience of being (air on skin scape, feet on ground, beauty surround sound and visual along with breathing). When I’m in deep thought I come around to here by feeling the tingling inside my body and breathing (Toelle). When I’m with my BFFs at Starbucks I’m trying to feel inside my body to create space for them while they are talking and to be there with them fully but I haven’t mastered that at all. Gratitude lists in my head and pop ups to those I’m with is wonderful. Timeless moments are the best!

  • How nice, Cheryl, to have a partner practicing this with you! Would love to hear your favorite takeaway from the workshop if you care to share?

  • Pernille Madsen says:

    Awesome list, Jeannette, just awesome.
    Would like to add this one:
    Count your blessings and make lists of things you appreciate every day!
    As you keep activating what is working in your life, more pleasing things will flow to you.

  • Cheryl Wiedenfeld says:

    I love the list Jeannette! They are all things that I do and the only other thing was what Pernille Madsen said. Bedsides meditation I look around at everything good in my life and say out loud “I love my life” or my husband and I say to each other “I love our life” ” I love our family, home, cars” Appreciation, Appreciation, Appreciation! My husband and I just went to an Abraham workshop today, it was really good!

  • Glad you guys got some inspiration from it, Suzie and Jesann! Thanks for reading and for posting.

  • Jesann says:

    Number 16. Oy.
    Also, I’m stealing, “Man, I’m good at this!”

  • Suzie Cheel says:

    Brilliant Jeanette, this is a great list
    I like no 3 Isn’t it nice and no 17- something I often forget to do. the are all great tools that we can use daily and what Barbara says:“How does it get better than this?”
    Yes it is nice there is Good Vibe Blog Kim

  • Love that one, Pernille – appreciation lists are a great way to put into practice Abraham’s advice to “get obsessed with” the best parts of our life. Thank you for adding that!

  • That’s a great twist on “wouldn’t it be nice if,” Kim – thanks for sharing!
    Barbara, I appreciate your sharing how well that question works for the good and less than great situations.

  • BarbaraM says:

    My favorite is also asking:
    “How does it get better than this?” for good and also not so good stuff. Universe is answering…
    and also pretending that I alread am or have what I want to be or have 🙂 it always puts me in good mood 🙂

  • Kim Falconer says:

    I love this list! Thank you, Jeannette!
    One I would like to add is a subsection of #8) Isn’t it nice that . . .
    Basically, find things that are great, just the way they are and appreciate the heck out of them.
    Isn’t it nice I’m alive?
    Isn’t it nice there are cats in the world?
    Isn’t it nice that the sun rises every day?
    Isn’t it nice to hear the birds sing?
    There are good things happening every moment. I like to spot them, appreciate them and be grateful.
    Isn’t it nice there’s the Good Vibe Blog!!

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