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Eyes for the Miracles

Have you ever been with someone who couldn’t see something in plain sight? Or at least, something that was in plain sight for you?

Like when your sweetie comes out on the porch to watch the meteor shower with you, but he can’t see anything yet because his eyes haven’t adjusted to the dark. Or because he’s looking straight up when all the action is on the southwest horizon?

Or maybe you’ve been the one who can’t see things others can … like auras, or fairies, or ghosts? Or good men, or easy money, or benevolent politicians.

Just because we can’t see something doesn’t mean it’s not there.

Here’s why I’m talking about this …

When it comes to calling something new into your life, it helps to have the eyes to see it. Otherwise it’ll just keep being invisible to you even though it’s right under your nose.

(And it is very likely right under your nose. That’s how close the things that we “want” are. They’re right here already, but when we haven’t learned how to see them, we’re oblivious to the magic and miracles already surrounding us.)

That’s what I think when someone tells me they want to manifest something big and magical into their life … I wonder if they have the eyes to see it. Or if they’re so used to not seeing it, that they wouldn’t spot it if it was a flashing neon sign hanging from their forehead.

Do you have eyes for the miracles? Can you spot the blessings and count the magic that’s already surrounding you?

If so, the next one is easy.

If not, it’s worth practicing seeing them so they won’t be so invisible to you on an ongoing basis.

(And practicing is easy, since we get whatever we look for! All you have to do is look. And yes, it might take a minute for your eyes to adjust, but stick with it, because I guarantee you it’s all right there in plain sight. Whatever you look for you will find. Including benevolent politicians.)

So just remember that the best way to manifest a miracle is to learn how to spot the ones that are already here.

Developing eyes for the magic that’s already flowing helps you experience even more.

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  • March 1, 2021
  • Namaste says:

    The point you’re making here is why adopting a daily appreciation habit is so important. Prior to adopting a daily appreciation technique, I had such an incredibly narrow focus on what was working out for me. I was actually shocked, after adopting an appreciation habit, when I looked back at the old me and the way I’d viewed the world. It wasn’t bad. I was already a super positive person looking for good, but as you say above, “I didn’t have the eyes to see” because the daily miracles around me weren’t my focus =)

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