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Feeling Better Is a Discipline

It may very well be that some people are born happy and live their whole lives that way. (I don’t know them, but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist.)

You know how the rest of us conscious creators get happy …?

Practice. That’s how.

By choosing it. Over and over. By finding the better feeling thought time and time again.

Not by using our manifesting skills to create the perfect life so we can then revel in it. (Although we do revel, we don’t wait for results to enjoy life.)

We don’t wait for the stars to line up. We know it’s not a gene that we either inherited or didn’t. And we certainly aren’t taking our cue from arriving at the collective’s standard of success.

Rather, feeling better is simply engaging a supportive thought pattern again and again until it becomes habit. It comes from being willing to find one better feeling thought after another.

And that is a discipline.

Someone who’s well practiced at that routine might think it’s easy. (Indeed, it has become so for them!)

But for someone who’s new to the gig, it’s worth remembering that it takes mental muscle to get good at this routine and make it look effortless.

So anyone who wonders about the secret to happiness … there’s no secret. It’s just the mental discipline of choosing thoughts that feel better.

Feel free to cut yourself some slack while you get the hang of it. 🙂

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  • March 14, 2019
  • C. says:

    Of course, practice makes perfect!

    I’m currently disciplining myself into thinking good thoughts whenever I get angry or have an anxiety attack.

    There are moments where sometimes it feels better to let the “hate” flow through me (lol) and get over it, but whenever those negative thoughts try to stick to my mind and my heart, that’s when I learn to pull out my good thoughts boxing gloves.

    As always, you come right on time, Jeannette!

  • Konrad says:

    I love your blog 🙂

  • Denise says:

    Short, direct, sweet, and punchy. Loved every word. Thanks, Jeannette! You rock, as always!

  • Kathleen says:

    Thank you, so very much for this reminder. I just received some bad news right before reading this, so I started a written list, and immediately began feeling better.

    • Jeannette says:

      That was so smart of you to do it in writing, Kathleen! I should have mentioned in the post that that can be an even more effective way to succeed in this practice. Thanks for your comment!

  • Sandeep says:

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