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Give Your Guidance Credit

Sometimes even savvy creators spend a significant amount of time trying to figure out how to get what they want …

They’re thinking about how to get their kids into that school, or get some money saved, or move through traffic efficiently, or get their spouse to agree – or whatever (big or small) challenge is on their radar that day.

But it’s a waste of time trying to figure out how to get what we want.

Because we have an inner wisdom that already knows the way there. Whatever we want, our inner guidance knows everything about the situation: it knows the perfect timing, the perfect people, the perfect places, the perfect words, and the perfect actions.

All we have to do is listen to it. Because it is always leading us along the way to happy endings.

I know this. I’ve experienced it so many times I can’t even count the successes that have unfolded when I disengaged my logical, rational mind and let guidance show the way.

And yet … still, I am sometimes the savvy creator who ignores her inner guidance.

I did it yesterday because I didn’t want to offend a new friend. I did it the day before because I didn’t want to question my contractor. I spent most of the summer ignoring guidance because it wasn’t in alignment with what the business expert said.

I know this stuff through and through, and yet still I sometimes deny or dismiss guidance because it might hurt someone’s feelings or it’s hard to justify logically.

Like when guidance said, “Don’t put your purse there,” and I did anyway because that’s what they said I should do and it didn’t seem like a big deal and I didn’t want to make a fuss. Two hours later I regretted it.

Or when guidance said, “Explain that better to him,” but I didn’t want to offend so I kept quiet. And sure enough, I should have explained better.

Here’s the thing … guidance doesn’t always (or even often) make logical sense. Sometimes honoring it will ruffle other feathers. Sometimes we’ll risk ridicule from loved ones. (Or perfect strangers.) Sometimes it will contradict what we’ve been taught.

But how many times do we have to experience the inefficiency of ignoring inner wisdom in order to get better at honoring it?

For some folks the challenge is they aren’t sure what their guidance is saying. They literally don’t know when they hear it.

That’s worth getting clear on! Which you can do with practice. Start listening for it more often and you’ll hear it better.

The short answer, though, is that guidance is always whatever feels better.

Whatever’s calling you within, whatever nudges you feel internally, whatever intuitive prompts or inspirations arrive – that’s guidance.

You might recognize it as the option that feels even just a fraction better than the other choices. That’s inner wisdom saying, “This! Pick this!”

Learn to feel out what feels better. That’s guidance’s way of leading you along the path to everything that you want.

And it is a key tool for conscious creators.

When we get really good at this, we’re not doing anything that isn’t pure joy. (Yes, that’s possible.)

In the meantime, let’s be more willing to ignore our experts, upset our helpers, and offend the loved ones when their input is crosswise of our own inner wisdom.

That’s the efficient and enjoyable path to dreams come true.

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  • September 10, 2021
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