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Got Flexible Perspective?

How flexible is your perception?

It’s worth developing good wiggle room in how you see things since it’s a key skill in manifesting.

Example, perceiving contrast as a bad thing to be judged or avoided – instead of as a setup for amazing success – is one of many ways conscious creators can play with an empowered perspective. Finding ways to see what’s so in a positive light instead a negative light is another.

It’s easier to do when we remember there’s no such thing as right or wrong as much as there is helpful and not-so-helpful perspective.

It’s also highly personal work, meaning the perspective that feels better to me might not feel better to you, and vice versa.

Which is fine because agreement is not required! We each get our own reality, and we create that based on how we see things. Universe accommodates all of us, even when we have different perspectives and conclusions. We each get to be right, whatever we decide.

And we never create what we want while concluding/perceiving unwanted things. That’s why it’s well worth the effort of developing a flexible perspective.

I’ve seen lots of examples of this in play recently, including with how differently Harvey and Samson view strangers in the yard, and the way the lead character in the Swedish film Border has her perspective on self transformed.

Life gives us lots of chances – and reasons – to find better feeling perspectives. Let’s use them for the opportunities they are to get more flexible in coming to favorable conclusions. It’s not delusional; it’s savvy manifesting.

However you find your aligned perspective – and whatever your idea of that is – be deliberate about getting there rather than relying on chance or those around you to lead you to it. It makes for good manifesting.

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  • June 4, 2022