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Got Mixed Feelings?

I wanted my foster kittens to get adopted, but I didn’t want to say goodbye to them.

I was ready to call in true love, but didn’t want to let go of current relationships.

I was excited to play with local horses, but wasn’t sure it was smart to devote the time to it.

That’s why my kitties got sick before the adoption event; that’s why my love life got muddy; that’s why the horse lady keeps blowing me off.

Mixed feelings means mixed vibrations means mixed results.

It’s worth cleaning it up when we recognize we’ve got conflicting feelings on a subject, because those conflicting feelings reflect contrary instructions to Universe, and that just leads to a manifesting mess.

Maybe you’re familiar with that routine? Like when:

  • someone wants the promotion at work but doesn’t look forward to the extra work that comes with it.
  • a prospective lover thinks he’s ready for Mrs. Right but doesn’t want to give up his freedom.
  • someone wants to overcome the illness but doesn’t want to resume life’s responsibilities once they’re well.
  • a lasagna lover laments the carb load of their favorite meal.

There’s no happy ending when we entertain contrary thoughts like this.

Mixed feelings representing contrary thoughts are also known as counter-intentions and they can jack up your manifesting game.

What to do when you recognize you’ve got mixed feelings on board?

  1. Clean up your vibrational instructions by releasing fear-based or lack-based thoughts. (“There’s plenty of time for what I want when I declare so.”)
  2. Make a cake list instead of believing you can’t have everything you want. (“I’ll have the love of my life and my freedom to do what I like.”)
  3. Most of all, don’t blame law of attraction for spotty results when you’re giving spotty vibes to start.

Awareness is the first key, so here’s to recognizing when we’re giving contrary instructions and then having the thought management skills to clean it up!

I’ll be first to take my own advice as I recognize how my mixed feelings have been handicapping Universe in delivering my favorite dreams come to full fruition. It’s a lovely thing to get clear of!

  • August 15, 2019
  • Dawn Lucy says:

    I can definitely relate. And I used to stress myself out about this. Now, I try to look beyond the outcome and go straight for the FEELING I want! So if it’s about a job, I’ll think about wanting to feel happy, satisfied, useful, creative, and well-paid at work … and try to release the specifics that are kinking me up.

  • Mia says:

    From Focusing and particularly from Ann Weiser Cornell I learned that it is absolutely okay and, in fact, totally human to have ambivalent feelings about your desires.

    I find the Focusing approach very helpful: The idea is to listen to all of your inner parts – the one who wants this particular desire and the one who wants the opposite. The point is to not make both parts agree with each other or try to find a solution. You just listen, with kindness and compassion, to what each part has to say about the issue and it is supposed to kind of resolve itself that way. I think that sounds good. 🙂

    Perhaps this is similar to Jeannette’s cake list …?

  • C. says:

    Something else I’ve been doing is just letting go. Yes, whenever a desire is giving me mixed feelings I let the desire go completely.

    It isn’t too much longer before clarity arrives and I truly do manifest what I desire.

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