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How To Manifest for Others

It’s a common question among conscious creators: how to manifest for others?

Whether it’s a child you’d like to see heal; a spouse you want to help get the new job; or a friend you’d love to support in finding a relationship – many creators wonder how to put their manifesting powers to work on behalf of a loved one.

We’ve covered this before, but the question keeps coming, so let’s cover it again.

First, it’s worth remembering that we can’t create on someone else’s behalf. Everyone has free will and runs their own vibration. They can’t experience what they aren’t vibrationally aligned to.

So you’re not in charge of them.

If they are strongly committed to their struggle, all your best intentions can go the wayside.

Also, we don’t know what’s best for someone else. Not really.

It might seem obvious what would be good for them, but things could look very differently from Source perspective.

So it’s worth not getting attached to details. (Maybe there’s a better job, or a different calling, or a better lover in store. We don’t really know.)

Just sayin’ it’s worth not getting too hung up on particular details, and instead doing some high level focusing. (As in “happy,” “thriving,” “fulfilled.”) Let Universe fill in the details.

Third, you’re probably already doing it.

You probably already are co-creating a loved one’s reality with them.

Because you likely already vision things for them …

You imagine them struggling or succeeding; you think of them as happy or discontent; you talk about them as doing well or having a hard time.

So your creative powers are likely already at work.

Here’s how to ensure we’re working in highest service of our loved ones:

Mind your own business first. Abe says the greatest gift we can give another is our own happiness, and that we can’t be of any real service to another if we’re kinked our own selves. So you best affix that oxygen mask to your own self before you try helping another.

If you’re confident you’ve got the vibrational goods to share, then it’s a simple matter of engaging the highest vision of your loved one’s success.

You could either conjure this vision daily, or just whenever you find yourself thinking about them. See them thriving, imagine their smile and satisfaction, hear their laughter and practice knowing how well everything worked out for them.

Or as Abe puts it, connect with the “vortex version” of your loved one.

You could do that through visualizing, scripting, affirming, journaling, acting as if, or however you like to activate the vibration.

By doing so you create a vibrational foundation that they can join you in, or not. It’s ultimately up to them.

And if you can’t think about them without worrying or fretting, then you’re better off not thinking on them at all.
Because if you perceive them as in trouble, or struggling, or screwing things up, you’re not helping. That perception co-creates their challenges, so lay off if they’ve got their hands full already.

(Again, tend to your own vibe first before you go trying to straighten out someone else’s.)

Also, please make sure your own happiness isn’t dependent on what’s going on with them. It’s the mark of a master manifestor to maintain your own feel-good even when others around you aren’t.

Which just means you aren’t doing them any favors if you join them in upset, discouragement, fear, etc.

Hold the good ground, even if you have to ignore their plight to do it.

Because sometimes it’s just too hard to watch a loved one’s suffering and still be able to imagine their successful turnaround.

Does this stuff work? Absolutely.

I know from experience and from many fellow creators’ stories that magic can happen when you use your focusing powers this way.

I’ve seen countless successes from fellow creators when they engaged this work, including:

  • visioning a spouse or child into a new job
  • intending a physical healing by imagining their thriving health
  • willing courage, strength and/or wisdom to a friend for making a bold move
  • easing feelings of another’s depression by thinking of them as lighter and happier
  • helping to close an important real estate purchase by knowing it as done

The list could on forever …

This is what savvy LOA coaches do for their clients – see them thriving and successful instead of struggling or failing.

My own witchy bff recently intervened on my vibrational behalf by seeing my success where I doubted it; and by pouring buckets of love on a problematic person. (She knew I wasn’t tapping the love, so she did it for me.)

With miraculous results.

Not every time for every person. But often enough to know this power is real.

So use yours wisely.

Because like I said, you’re probably already doing it. 🙂

  • August 20, 2016
  • Manifesting for others is JUST what I wanted to read about this morning! Thank you, Universe, and thank you, Jeannette.
    I am having so much fun reading “Slacker Manifesting” (even the name brings a smile to my lips) and I have practiced all day being a receiver of joy and of ease.
    Another giggle was brought to me from the Universe when I googled “Good Vibrations” to get onto your site, and I ended up on a sex toys site instead. Huh?! The Universe has such a great sense of humor.
    Anyway, I already have some important insights from your program that I never heard in any other program — such as looking for signs that your manifestation is on its way can be a sign of doubt and unease, and not conducive. So I am allowing letting it go completely!

  • Bodil says:

    Hello Everyone! The Universe really is a synchronizing-mashine. I was reading about how to help others out with your own vibrational work and then my sister texts me to tell, she is in hospital with her husband, who again is needing care. I went: “Oh no, not again! They have both had so many healthchallenges. They both had cancer. Today is there weddingday and my brother-in-laws birthdag and they had planned a day out of the nursinghome with a special liftcar and I was happy for them it was not raining – and now this.” I cryed and felt sorry for them ( and for myself to have to experience this all the time.)Texted a friend, wanted to talk about it. What I normally do and what I now realize, will not feel good and will give more energy to my down-vibes. It is giving attention to what is and it is not helping me out here. So I went:”What will feel good to do now? I have to do something different, to get a diffent result!” So I decided to clean my flat and make my home nice for my sister to visit here soon. Ups! Now my friend called back. My phone did not work. I was happy for that! Thankyou Universe. Because now I don´t want to talk about the hospital. But now my sister can´t call me, if she needs to. I took the battery and sim-card out and put it inn again, and now the phone is working. I called my friend and said I just wanted to say hi. She was busy and told me, she had just send an email and asked me to read it and we could talk later. Happily I said:”Fine! Talk another time. bye!” Now off to cleaning while listening to loud and happy music! Change of vibes are in the air 🙂 — Funny to be writing this while it is still unfolding. My first time experincing this. And not the first time, the Universe is messing with my phone – in my favor 🙂 Love it!! Happy vibe-deciding everyone 🙂

  • R says:

    Very interesting. Pray rain journaling usually always works for me. It’s an interesting topic though, this one. I have read some perspectives that say those you attract in your life or those that stay in your life have to be on your same vibrational level or near it. But also I have read others say that your own universe is completely your own, even the versions of your loved ones in it.
    It’s so interesting when you try to think that deeply into it. Have we created these people ourselves and maybe they are not really separate from us? Again, we are technically “all one.”
    Either way, the one thing that you can do that will for sure do something is keep your own alignment up. Sometimes people will see you and simply feel that vibration, we all have the experience of getting all giddy and happy when one of our smiling joyful friends comes and hangs out with us, they leave us feeling as they did. Same with sadness. But if you are aligned with your desires, you will attract those happy people or you will attract happier versions of those people.
    I, personally, have had some weird effects, say I am on a really high vibration and feeling good, sometimes it tends to bring out the opposite in people. Now that I have thought about it, I think a high vibration just causes, for some people, their negative feelings to come up. After all, you have to have a release of those feelings in order to get over them and bring yourself up again.
    But really, who knows? The best thing is to just spread joy and your own vibration as best you can : )
    Visualizing and pray rain journaling are fun for yourself or for other people nonetheless <3

  • Barbara says:

    Great reminders, Jeannette! I have my own Vortex versions of my loved ones. What they choose sometimes doesn’t always align with my version of them, but I keep seeing and feeling them there anyway and get out of their way. It’s their choice.
    And if I find myself getting pulled in the direction of a different version of them that doesn’t feel so good, I remember these Abraham’s quotes from their relationship guided meditation:
    “And since you cannot make them change to please you, appreciating them where they are, will give you ease. Sometimes it seems like others have the power to negatively affect your experience, but that is never true. Only your response to them has the power to pinch you off from the naturally good feeling person you are……”
    And THIS ONE really serves me as a reminder to see them in my Vortex version of them>>>> “Focus on the best you can in others and when characteristics you want are missing, practice seeing them anyway.”
    This last one has really served me well!

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