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How to Sell Your House Fast (LOA Style)

how to sell your house fastI just read Barbara Corcoran’s article on about How to Sell Your House Fast in a buyer’s market. I get asked this question a lot and was curious about what the experts recommend.

As expected, Barbara suggests pricing it right, and making aesthetic changes like eliminating clutter and lightening up the place.  Maybe redoing cabinets and getting new towels for the bathroom.

Regular readers know what I’m going to say about that.

If you want to sell your house fast, the best way to do it is to get aligned fast.

That means paying attention to how you feel and what you’re thinking; checking to see if those thoughts are leading you to the outcome you want; and then redirecting if appropriate.

Typical example, if I do all the right things (pricing it right, cleaning it up, updating key features) but I’m anxious about what might happen if it doesn’t sell, and I repeatedly think about how the neighbors couldn’t sell theirs, and I listen to my sister-in-law about how unlikely it is we’ll get a decent offer in this market – those thoughts and feelings stand in the vibrational way of the results I want.

Lots of folks aren’t trained about how important their vibration is in regards to what happens next.

But your vibration is all that matters.

So if you really want to sell your house fast, you’ll do something like this:

1) Dial in on what you want, rather than what you fear.

Holding pictures in mind of the outcome you desire isn’t as natural as it sounds.  The higher the stakes, the easier it is to entertain visions of what we don’t want.  Those mental pictures and thoughts serve as instructions to the vibrational universe to create circumstances to match.

So get your instructions straight.

What’s the thought you’ll think when your house sells fast?  What will you see when your house is sold?

Think those things and see those pictures NOW.

And after that:

2) Do what feels good.

When you’re properly dialed in on the outcome you want (imagining it in your mind and feeling it a done deal in your heart), you may find yourself inspired to do something.  Honor that inspiration, whatever it is.

That inner nudge or voice within may say “buy a new shower curtain,” or it might say go for a joy ride.  It might say “lower the price” or it might say do cartwheels in the backyard.  It might say clean out the closet or it might say sit down with a new book.

There’s no predicting what that inner wisdom will say.  (It might even say listen to Barbara Corcoran!)  But honoring that wisdom, after you’re properly dialed in on what you want (rather than what you expect or what you fear), will inevitably lead you to exactly the outcome you desire.

Get dialed in on what you want, then do what feels good.  You’ll be surprised how well that works!

Because it’s easy to overlook this vibrational mismatch, it’s worth mentioning that needing your house to sell fast, or feeling desperate about it, is one of the best ways to ensure it doesn’t.

Release your attachment to your house selling fast, and – believe it or not – it’s much more likely to do just that.

Because the vibrational signal of  “need” just ensures we continue to create circumstances that keep us in a state of “need.”  Universe is blocked from satisfying us when we’re signaling need instead of satisfaction.  That’s why they call it the “law of attraction.”

So if you want it to happen fast, practice feeling now how you would feel then.  That vibrational instruction will serve you, no matter how old your cabinets are or how dingy the bathroom.

Back in 1992, Abraham said the best way to get a buyer for your home is to focus on the love you have for your home!

Here’s the exact quote:

“In the moment that you go back and begin vibrating in the glory of that beautiful place, remembering how you felt as you first discovered it, remember the joy that you found within it, focusing upon the positive aspects of it, writing lists of the positive aspects of this glorious place, your vibration will go to the boundaries of the universe far more than any editorial that any real estate agent could put out for you. And those who seek that which you have, and there are many of them, not only that you seek those who have cash, you seek those that are ready to make a deal. You don’t seek those who are dreaming but are not yet ready. You want a ripe tomato, you see.

“And so as you focus upon all of that, it will unfold for you. You have had enough wanting within you to shoot you to the moon. In other words, you are not short on wanting. It is the allowing part that we are adding emphasis to. Just relax within this, and remember how good that spot is, and you will attract very quickly someone to that spot. Good.”  – Abraham

If you’ve got a story about using deliberate creation to sell your house, I know other home owners with houses on the market would love to hear about it here!

  • October 7, 2010
  • ronny says:

    thaks for organizing the whole info here for us.i have already sold my cottage where it was really tough for me in a position where i live. i wanted to sell my home fast. your article is really helpful.

  • ronny says:

    Great post!
    I sold my condo in an impossible market. When I was moving out, it seemed like half my neighbors stopped by shocked that I was able to sell.
    thaks for organizing the whole info here for us.i have already sold my cottage where it was really tough for me in a position where i live. i wanted to sell my home fast. your article is really helpful.

  • Hannah, I hope you found some encouragement in the post itself. This is totally possible and very do-able, especially when you find the good vibe for it.
    The “need to move on” read as an opportunity for improvement in your energy, since need of any kind is a show-stopper.
    Relaxing, enjoying, appreciating … all those vibes will serve you very well. 🙂

  • Hannah says:

    I need some help. We put our property up for sale, the price is right, and we have picked out our new place. But it is not selling and we can’t move on until it does. I have the dream house picked out, it is my screen saver, I have designed all the rooms, right down to the flooring and curtains. I want to sell, I want to move on, need to move on, it is time, we have done all we can in our current location. I just need some encouragement.

  • Amana, Berta offers an excellent example above as to creating a vibration that is well-suited for success.
    She’s relaxed, she’s enjoying, she’s trusting … she’s not needing or worrying or fretting.
    That’s a big difference in the vibrational instructions Universe is getting!
    Making some peace, getting okay with, appreciating and having a positive expectation without attachment to results will take you FAR.
    If I knew an LOA coach who specialized in selling homes I’d be referring you now … I think that is SUCH a helpful investment to someone who wants to create fast results! (Not that stagers aren’t helpful, too.) 😉

  • Amana says:

    Okay, I need help on how to use the the LOA. In August we decided we needed more space as our townhouse is too small for us. We decided to buy first and sell ours later as we didn’t want to settle for something in a hurry if we had to. We found the perfect house and the closing is 2nd week of December.
    Fast forward to today (October), our townhouse is just not selling after 7 weeks on the market. We have decluttered, cleaned and staged everything. I have tried to apply the LOA to sell by staying positive and imagine our house is sold since the day it went on the market.
    My house number is 112 (something to do with numerology) and someone has told me that’s why it’s not selling. Nothing I can do about that.
    What am I doing wrong.

  • Berta Bauer says:

    Right after I posted my reply, my husband and I went sailing for the last time this season. The winds were so light that we ghosted along and spent time getting very clear on what we wanted. We began a list that grew to eighty some items that we could do if we only owned the house we live in now–and no other properties. So, clarity and a goal with both held was finally achieved . . . we thought. Then last night while celebrating in the hot tub at the property we want to sell we finally let it go; released the whole thing to the Universe. What we discovered is what we really want is financial freedom with independence to pursue our passions. BTW, we were celebrating one step closer to achieving this on one front. The clarity we just got is that selling this property is only one way we can get to Financial Freedom, and the Universe might have its own idea about how best we will get there. Maybe it will want us to have an amazing new neighbor or maybe it will want this property to be something else, as in a tool for us to use to be financial free. So, every time last week when I’ve had the anxious feeling about the property I’d start thinking of those eighty some things (that is now at 100 and growing). Today I am feeling the alignment with financial freedom, regardless what happens to the properties. I’m sitting back, now, and just watching to see how the U is going to joyfully provide FF to us. (And adding things to the list as they pop into my head.)

  • It does indeed, Barbara! 🙂

  • Barbara says:

    Great post! I’ll add that the same goes for buying a house fast, too! (And anything else we desire in our lives).. Get clear, then aligned and feel good! Pretty much sums it all up, doesn’t it? 🙂

  • Leah Bach says:

    Thanks Jeanette! I am always here reading, just not always posting! I find that I am super busy lately. Next I’m going to manifest that the work is faster and less time consuming. lol! lb

  • Hey Berta, I would probably start with an intention for clarity – or dialing in on the ESSENCE of the desire, even if I don’t know the details.
    And making some peace with the not knowing in this red hot moment – that’ll allow the clarity in, too.
    The letting go seems to be a key factor for everyone who’s reporting success here, so I’d probably practice that one next – which is sure to be a vortex-enhancer, too.
    Sending good vibes for things working out BEAUTIFULLY for you! 🙂

  • Berta Bauer says:

    I’ve had a house and three lots for sale for a few years. The thing I know is that I am attached to the outcome and stressed about it. I catch myself in worry mode and counter it with appreciation and affirmations/afformations.
    This blog and all the comments are very helpful. My biggest issue is that we have the upstairs of the house rented and we have so many possibilities for the downstairs/garage. One is to make it into a two bedroom apartment. Getting clear about what we want most and both wanting the same thing is what I see as a problem.
    We love the property (it is very spiritual with an panaramic Lake Superior view)and it is half a mile from where we live. We even talk about making it into a retreat. Money to do that holds us back. So, what we need is . . .
    HELP getting clear and then getting into the vortex, and/or letting go???

  • Jeannette says:

    Leah, I think you should have written this post AND Barbara’s!! Love what you’re up to, and love that you popped in here to share it!
    Big love! 🙂

  • Leah Bach says:

    I can totally agree. As an real estate agent, the only thing I’ve struggled with is how loudly to trumpet what’s going on… I have sold my last three properties (this month) at 99% to 105% of the asking price in less than 10 days. It is not me. A little bit of planning (good pricing/well staged) and they sell. But what I know for sure is the MUA…
    Motivated… People want to sell.
    Urgent… People want to sell quickly.
    Able… People can sell.
    I am all about the MUA. When I discovered it, it was all I needed to move.
    My vibration is my 2nd year in this industry is coming to an end (time wise). But I won a sales award in my first year and I can totally do it again in year two.
    My statement at the awards ceremony? Thoughts become things. Choose the good ones 🙂

  • Kimberly, you make it sound easy which is why I LOVE that you responded here!
    Very simple, no rocket science involved, just alignment, allowing, and appreciation.
    WOO HOO!! Thanks, girlfriend! 🙂

  • Kimberly says:

    Great post!
    I sold my condo in an impossible market. When I was moving out, it seemed like half my neighbors stopped by shocked that I was able to sell.
    I did it using the steps you mentioned above. I removed any doubt that I would sell. I was okay with having to pay the difference when I did sell. I focused on all the great things about my place that I loved and that others would love.
    What’s amazing is that every single thing that I focused on, the new owners loved. I met with them while we moved and they loved the location, they loved the quiet, the thought their new neighbors were friendly, and they loved the colors I painted each room.
    Go figure!

  • Hey, Jeannette,
    You probably don’t know this, but one of the women in my 2008 AffirmingSpirit Affirmation Study had not one, but two houses to sell as part of her participation in the study ~ and she did! I coached her personally and helped her craft her own affirmations.
    In my experience, getting into alignment isn’t a one-time thing…it’s an ALL the time thing. Having a coach to get you back on track is very helpful, and one of the main reasons that highly successful folks have at least one (or more) coaches.
    To Pernille’s point, there seemed to be other factors at play for my study participant, too…It wasn’t revealed until later, but both houses didn’t sell at the same time. Originally, this was a big source of frustration for her, but THANK GOODNESS it turned out that way!
    So, I’d say: Get clear, set the intention, visit that *feeling place* often, AND trust that the Universe has your back. Some gratitude for that last one is a good thing, too! 😀
    Many blessings,

  • I’ll be quoting you on this, Nancy (LOVE it!): “… getting into alignment isn’t a one-time thing…it’s an ALL the time thing.”
    That one’s hitting home for me today.
    Thanks for posting this story from your client, Nancy!

  • Jeannette,
    A great post!
    I just accepted an offer on my house today 4 months after putting it on the market. It took a lot longer because – inside I wasn’t sure if I really wanted to sell. Once I realized I was sabotaging my own efforts, I went over the reasons for listing the house in the first place and after I got clear I started getting offers. I wrote a post about this subject a month ago called, “How to Walk Through Walls.” You’re so right and, it’s so true. We have to resonate on the inside first to what we are trying to accomplish – before we’ll see it on the outside.

  • Oooh, powerful practice, Angela! To consciously remind yourself the reasons why you want it!
    It’s amazing how well that new clarity allows results in, huh?!
    Off to go track down your Walking Through Walls post now …

  • John, YOU ROCK!!
    Thanks for posting that here, so people know those experiences are totally possible! 🙂

  • John Wolfgang says:

    Three years ago I sold my house in 4 days. Mind you, NOTHING was moving. I was told that if it is no longer serving you, “let it go”. I did just that on Thursday morning when I contacted my realtor. A potential buyer checked it out on Saturday and made her decision to buy on Sunday. Talk about the power of letting go.

  • Pernille Madsen says:

    Very timely post for me, Jeannette, as my house is up for sale.
    I love your post and I too totally believe that the most important thing to do is to lign up vibrationally.
    However, I’m wondering if there sometimes are also other things at play here?
    My house has been up for sale now for 3 months and hasn’t sold yet. I totally expected it to sell fast with no need and no attachment (at least that is how it felt to me!). I didn’t see the “for sale” sign in front of the house, I only saw a “sold” sign, etc.
    I admit that I have felt frustrated a couple of times, but most of the time I’ve been feeling great.
    Recently I realized that over those last 3 months I’ve manifested so many other desires that could not have come true in so short a time, if the house had sold faster. So I’m actually very grateful and find the situation perfect! (I even wrote a blog post about it:
    And this is why I’m wondering if there are also other factors at play sometimes?
    Maybe I should add that my house actually did sell after about 1½ months, which is very fast in Denmark right now. However, the buyers decided after a week that they didn’t want to buy the house anyway. SO you could say that I manifested a fast sell 😉

  • Loved your Making Peace post, Pernille!
    I think the “other factors at play” are whatever is affecting our vibrational alignment.
    I know Abe says our results are always a reflection of our alignment, so continuing the fine-tuning of it until we get what we want seems the way to go.
    As usual, your ability to dial in on the positive of any situation is inspiring to me! Thanks for posting on this one, my friend.

  • Indeed, nice “driftwood,” Julie!
    I LOVE their story! The allowing, the non-attachment, the pure desire – all powerful factors in experiencing swift results!
    Thanks for sharing it here with us, Julie!

  • Julie B says:

    Hey Jeannette! Happy to see this blog as my house is on the market and has been for 2 months now. Here’s a COOL thing that just happened for my sister and brother in law just in the last week that I have to share!
    They moved from CA into a new home in a gorgeous resort area of Phoenix 5 years ago (retired)… lovely home, on the golf course, etc. About 3 weeks ago my sister (they are NOT LOA savvy) thought, “Man!, it’s just too hot in Phoenix, let’s check out Prescott (5500 ft elevation). They just went up there to “play” found a house they liked and thought “well let’s just put our house on the market,turn it over to God, and see what happens”. (Note – detachment!)
    They put their house on the market last Tuesday, it was sold on Friday, and they bought their dream house on Saturday!! All CASH. This just happened!!
    They are still stunned that it happened so quickly, I couldn’t be more pleased for them… I’m just laughing all the time. I keep saying “Mary, this is a miracle” as most houses in Phx are on the market for 293 days. Isn’t this awesome!!? For me… I’m considering it driftwood and will follow that nudge to plant new flowers out back in my yard!
    Thanks for posting this!

  • Yep, that sums it up nicely, Ryan!
    I think the more we practice this, too, the better we get at feeling something that isn’t “real” yet.

  • Ryan Biddulph says:

    Hi Jeannette,
    Wonderful advice here.
    Selling a house LOA style means practicing the feeling of it being sold, over and over, while kicking out negative suggestions. As you note when we perceive the stakes to be higher fear-based thoughts tend to arise….just kick those bad boys out of your mind and continue to deliberately create the outcome.
    Thanks for sharing your insight and have a fun day!

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