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Instead of Plotting & Scheming

Does this happen to you, too …?

When a problem or issue presents itself in your life, your knee-jerk response is to start thinking about how to fix it through action?

That’s our natural tendency when challenges arise – to immediately think what could we DO to correct for it. Like:

  • when we’re running late we think of how we can make up time (drive faster, take a different route, skip the errands on the way)
  • when technology doesn’t work we immediately begin trying to fix it (reboot, change batteries, check wifi)
  • when we’re having relationship issues, we ponder how to get them to see the error of their ways (lol)
  • when we’re under the weather we think of what we could do to get better (sleep more, hydrate, get to the doctor, take some meds)
  • when we’re short on money, we brainstorm how to make up the shortage (maybe don’t pay all the bills, cut back on spending, borrow some cash, etc.)

It’s quite normal to immediately start thinking about what can we do to make things better.

But conscious creators have a different understanding about what really works in creating what we want …

We know there is no amount of “doing” that can override our vibrational instruction. And we know that most of that “action” isn’t even required when we just do the vibrational work.

But even knowing that, we still have a tendency to default to “doing” things instead of “vibrating” what we want.

What would it be like if at the first sign of trouble, instead of automatically thinking how to prevent or resolve it, we immediately knee-jerk reactioned to imagining what we’d prefer?

Can you imagine?

Like the next time we feel frustrated in a relationship, or become aware of a physical ailment, or notice we’re short on money …

Instead of trying to fix it through action, we automatically activated the vision of what we prefer: the relationship bliss, the physical thriving, the abundance of resources.

That’s a game-changer when we get good and consistent with this!

Because that’s the first most important element in any remedy: the vibrational alignment.

When we take all those actions with the vibration of “don’t want this, don’t like this,” no matter how solid those actions are that we take, they can’t override a vibration of “I don’t want this.”

As long as we’re telling Universe “this isn’t good, this needs to change” no matter how we rearrange the circumstances of our lives we’ll continue to experience things that we conclude aren’t good, and need to change.

So we start with what it feels like to have what we want, even if it’s just for 30 seconds … “What does it feel like to have what I want?”

And then it’ll either start to resolve itself without you needing to do anything at all, or you’ll be inspired to something or something will drop into your lap that’s the key to positive change.

We can’t experience positive change until we get positive ourselves first. In some form or fashion, we have to be a vibrational match to the solution we desire.

There are a variety of ways to come into vibrational alignment (several shared on the podcast), but one way or another, we find a way to feel better “within” and the “outer” takes care of itself.

That’s way more effective than jumping into action to solve something with the “don’t like this, don’t want this” vibration.

Here’s to replacing our plotting and scheming ways with aligning and feeling what we want instead. 🙂

Listen at the podcast.

  • March 10, 2023
  • blank Anne M Robertson says:

    Ah yes! We “do, do, do” instead of taking a few dep breaths and just imagining what it “feels like” to have what we really want and feeling really IS the secret sauce that moves the Universe.

  • blank JK says:

    i needed to hear that at this exact moment.

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