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Using LOA to Resolve Panic Attacks

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Some conscious creators find their manifesting skills to be useless in the face of a full blown panic attack. Here’s how fellow creator and guest poster Namaste Faustino successfully overcame anxiety using his LOA knowledge … 

Are you experiencing anxiety and/or panic attacks?

Are you a student of the law of attraction?

I used my knowledge of the law of attraction to beat the anxiety and panic attacks that I started experiencing last year.

When I began experiencing those two miserable twin terrors, I immediately began googling for a solution.

I was annoyed to find that nobody had a decent answer that didn’t require meds (no offense to those who go this route, just not my thing).

Because I had nowhere else to turn, I set about finding a solution for myself, here’s what I figured out …

Anxiety and panic are caused by thoughts about the future a person is living into.

You would think that this fact would be glaringly obvious but it’s not. None of the research I did online pointed out this insanely obvious fact.

If a person wasn’t worried about the future, the panic/anxiety wouldn’t be there.

Once I had pinpointed that the anxiety/panic was due to my fears/concerns/worries about the future I began looking for solutions.

That’s where I hit a wall. There was nothing I could do about the future I was living into. I was going to be quitting my job and relaunching a business. I couldn’t stay at my day job, they’d already cut my pay and cut my hours. Getting another job in my industry was out of the question as everyone was experiencing the same thing.

Since I couldn’t do anything about the future I was living into, I had to figure out a way to not be anxious/worried/concerned about it.

Initially that seemed impossible, slowly but surely though I figured out the only reason I was experiencing anxiety/panic about the future was because I was living with “one foot in the real world” and “one foot in the law of attraction world.”

I don’t know if I’ve ever felt more confronted in all my 29 years of consciously creating. You can’t get around this one. Either you are consciously creating your future or you’re hoping you are but you’re really not.

If you are, you have nothing to feel anxious or panic about. If you aren’t, then of course the future can be filled with all kinds of terrible scenarios. It’s either one way or the other.

I wasn’t about to start considering myself a half assed conscious creator so I began asking myself the following questions…

  • What proof/evidence do I have that the law of attraction is real?
  • What proof/evidence do I have that I’m able to use the law of attraction to attract my desires?
  • What proof/evidence do I have that the only reason I’m NOT experiencing something I want is because I, and I alone, am blocking it through the resistance I have to it?
  • What proof/evidence do I have that removing the resistance I have to a desire ALWAYS causes it to be attracted into my experience?
  • Why does this knowledge allow me to totally relax about my future?

After answering those questions (you can read my answers in my original facebook post here) I thought I’d solved my problem completely! I was so relieved.

Then a few days later I found myself dealing with night terrors (that’s what the rapper Kid Cudi calls anxiety attacks in his hit The Pursuit of Happiness) at 3am again, I lay there frustrated, angry and confused. Eventually I went back to sleep.

As soon as I woke up again, I reviewed my answers and again felt relief. That’s when I realized that I was going to have to answer those questions on a regular basis. The proof/evidence was undeniable but apparently I was going to have to answer and review them until I had the info memorized.

Answering these questions over and over again brought the info to the forefront of my mind. When the anxiety/panic kicked in, I’d remember the answers and I’d immediately settle down. This helped tremendously but one more thing needed to happen for me to get the panic/anxiety totally under control.

I realized that LIFE HAPPENS FOR ME thanks to this Ted Talk that Jeannette sent me (watch 4:53 to 7:20 for the part about life happening for you) and a conversation I had with Boom Boom Bangarang. Learning this and talking about it were good, but the life changing impact came from answering this question …

What proof/evidence do I have that life happens for me?

Answering this question was incredibly eye opening. Every single time I’d thought that I was in a hopeless situation, another door magically opened for me. I guess the reason I didn’t see this before, that well being really is the basis of the Universe like Abraham Hicks talks about, is that the door that opened wasn’t always a Disneyland pleasant experience. However it was always exactly what I needed to take the next step towards my dream.

Continually answering the law of attraction questions and the evidence of life happening for me question has allowed me to beat the anxiety/panic and get back control over my life. Once again I’m reminded that Napoleon Hill was right, “Every negative has a seed of an equal or greater positive if you look.”

Today I’m so thankful for the anxiety/panic attacks. Those two things have developed me into so much stronger of a conscious creator and have caused me to feel so much more at peace about this crazy thing we call life.
Namaste Faustino learned about the law of attraction when he was eight years old. Initially skeptical, he tried out the law of attraction technique and manifested a red radio. He’s been hooked ever since and over the past 29 years has consciously created cash, trips, girlfriends, a diamond and even a millionaire mentor. Connect with Namaste on Facebook.

  • February 17, 2015
  • Namaste says:

    Practically Always Pollyanna,
    I’m glad what I had to say was of value, thanks for letting me know that =)

  • Practically Always Pollyanna says:

    Thank you so much for your reply. Already I can see things I have not yet implemented (I’ve only known about the LOA for 2 years, so it’s still a learning curve). The CBT books sound like a brilliant idea too. I feel particularly drawn to the questions you have mentioned: Why am I choosing to create this experience? What value is it to me? What am I trying to teach myself by putting myself through this? I hadn’t even thought about these things! I will definitely focus on them next time the situation comes up. Which of course with good pre-paving wouldn’t even be necessary! Lol to the airport thing too. I think you’re right. Everyone would be so much more chilled out after a glass – just the one! – of vino before bringing their stress to the airport. Thanks so much again!

  • Namaste says:

    Practically Always Pollyanna,
    I don’t have any experience with agoraphobic anxiety so I don’t have any tips I can offer from personal experience that I know will be of value.
    After thinking about your post two things came to mind…
    Have you ever checked into Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)? CBT therapists have you look at your core beliefs and then help you adjust them so they start serving you. If you have a core belief that certain situations or spaces are dangerous this type of work might be of real value. This kind of therapy is designed to get results right away in a very limited number of sessions. Here’s a website for more info on it If you’re more of a do-it-yourself type there are a lot of books on CBT. You could get one and then run yourself through the the CBT processes yourself.
    The biggest gift that my panic/anxiety attacks gave me was they forced me to choose between objective reality (the real world) and subjective reality (a time/space reality where I’m selecting my experiences with my thoughts). Once I reviewed my evidence and concluded that the world before my eyes really is my own creation, I had to take 100% responsibility for my experiences. This wasn’t fun or enjoyable to do, it was incredibly painful to go through but ultimately I’m glad I did. I had to ask myself questions like, “Why am I choosing to create this experience? What value is it to me? What am I trying to teach myself by putting myself through this?” From an LOA perspective you are choosing to experience anxiety about certain places/situations. You’ve probably already asked yourself questions like I mentioned above, if you haven’t, maybe you’ll find value in answering them.
    In closing, I think the things you’ve already figured out for yourself are really good. Doing what is easiest is always a great way to go. Your pre paving idea is smart. And being that I use to work in a major airport, we’d all be better off if everybody made a point to have a relaxing glass of wine before showing up =)

  • Practically Always Pollyanna says:

    Hi Namaste
    This is a great post with some fab tips. However, the kind of anxiety/panic attacks I sometimes get (and have had since a teen on and off) are of the agoraphobic type. Yucky!
    It is often something like an airport queue in a wide open space where there are lots of people milling about (and if I feint, which I never do of course, it will be embarrassing!) or a big supermarket when the aisles are wide, no windows or escape route visible, heaps of peeps and articifial lighting. I have tried hypnotherapy and that kind of eased it. But it’s still there and I’d love to find some techniques that really work. I often wonder from an LOA savvy perspective, what can I do? I guess the obvious answer to that is to pre-pave the scenario. But I wondered if you also had tips for those imminent kind of anxiety attacks in the here and the now, palms sweating, heart racing kinds?
    Mostly I do what works easiest for me – shop first thing in the morning when there are less people about and I can whizz around, and (sounds silly!) but I have even been known to have a glass of wine before the airport as it ‘relaxes’ me and I am then able to deal with the feeling of being stuck in a queue and unable to move, much better 🙂

  • Jeannette says:

    I’ve had a couple requests to post the answers to your questions here, Namaste. (Since not everyone uses facebook.) So here they are:
    What proof/evidence do I have that the law of attraction is real?
    As Robert A. Monroe famously said, “The greatest proof of the existence of any particular phenomenon is consistency through repeated observation.” In the beginning I always thought, “Could be a coincidence.” Then it moved to me thinking, “Maybe I’m just a really lucky guy.” Finally after I manifested the diamond for my first wife’s wedding ring, I realized, “I now have over 90 documented cases of me following my law of attraction process and having my desire show up. I could see ten or twenty coincidences, I could see forty of fifty lucky circumstances but ninety times is too much, this has to be something more, the law of attraction has to be real.”
    What proof/evidence do I have that I’m able to use the law of attraction to attract my desires?
    I first learned about the law of attraction when I was eight years old from the Rosicurcian lessons for kids my dad had signed me up for….
    8 years old little red boom box I wanted
    9 years old BMX bike I wanted
    10 years old paper route to make money that I wanted
    12 years old Viking knife I wanted
    15 years old meeting friends from New Mexico at Disneyland
    17 years old money for car insurance
    18 years old business opportunity that got me out of college
    20 years old my cat Tuffie
    22 years old my first millionaire mentor
    23 years old getting trip for Millennium Celebration at Times Square paid for totally
    24 years old meeting Kathy Dennison in San Diego and getting to tour her dream home
    25 years old third millionaire mentor
    27 years old my girlfriend giving me naked pictures of her for X-mas
    29 years old money for my multi-month trip to Southeast Asia
    30 years old money for trip to India
    31 years old bi-sexual girlfriend I’d always wanted
    32 years old met woman of my dreams
    33 years old diamond for her wedding ring
    34 years old meeting Janet at Ike Pono Seminar
    35 years old video tapes from convetion
    36 years old Gateway computer
    37 years old opportunity to move to Los Angeles
    What proof/evidence do I have that the only reason I’m NOT experiencing something I want is because I, and I alone, am blocking it through the resistance I have to it?
    Woman of my dreams not showing up until I removed the resistance
    Diamond not showing up until I removed the resistance
    Job ending not showing up until I removed the resistance
    What proof/evidence do I have that removing the resistance I have to a desire ALWAYS causes it to be attracted into my experience?
    Same answers as last question
    Why does this knowledge allow me to totally relax about my future?
    It proves to me that I really can manifest anything I want as long as I’m also willing to use unblocking to let go of the resistance I have to it.
    What proof/evidence do I have that life happens for me?” Here’s the answer if you want to add it…
    My parents divorcing and my mom moving me to California when I was 10
    The guys at the skydiving place not checking my ID so I got to go skydiving at 17
    My boss introducing me to a business opportunity when I was 18 that changed my life.
    My dad inviting me to come live with him at 22 after business failed
    Getting the feeling to move to Seattle at 25, turned into the best year of my adult life
    Friend gifting me the Landmark Forum at 26 years old
    Abraham Hicks showing up in my life at 31 years old
    Merchandising day job allowing me so much freedom at 33 years old
    Galina and Boom Boom showing up in my life and helping me fully accept being poly at 34 years old
    Anxiety attacks helping me become the full out conscious creator I always wanted to be
    Opportunity to move to Los Angeles at 37 years old

  • Namaste says:

    Glad you like the “life happens for you” point and I’m really happy to hear that it is going to cause you to have more fun. Thanks for the compliment about the post =)

  • rochelle says:

    I love the “life happens for me” question. Lately I’ve been in a “acting as if, thinking as if, talking as if” phase and sometimes it feels so forced.. but “life happens for me” that feels so relaxed, and I can look forward to seeing HOW it happens for me in every moment- which makes the whole thing way more fun. And with that nice we get what we focus on adage, i’m sure to find lots of ways that life is happening for me!
    Very exciting. And thanks for the reminder to keep revisiting it too. A little conditioning never hurt anyone.
    Great post.

  • Namaste says:

    Thanks so much for your kind note and the Menche compliment. It’s always nice when we can take something we’ve gone through and use it to assist others.

  • Michael says:

    Dear Namaste, Your thoughts, feelings, and experiences as a conscious creator are so remarkably expressed; from the inside out, and the outside in. I just wrote a letter to my 29 year-old son expressing how proud I am of the caring, independent, loving and gracious man he’s become, and I see the same qualities in you.
    You’ve worked on yourself as a Conscious Creator, with a remarkable degree of LOA faith, and self-confidence. You have trained yourself and Blessed your life with a loving success,
    In astrology 28-29 marks a time of self-realization, an opportunity for self-growth and understanding that can form the mature basis for a long and remarkable life. As Jen C. pointed out, not only have you taken ownership of your life experiences, but you are also teaching others!
    Thank you for sharing, and setting an example of a life well-lived for all of us. You remind us that there is so much more to come to us in this life, and beyond, if we allow the LOA to operate through ourselves, and in our relationships with others.
    You remind me of a Yiddish term, Menche, which translates to being “a real human being”. You are also modest, which belies your quality of Class. It cannot be bought, or inherited, or gifted. But as you point out so honestly, class (serving others), faith in our selves, and commitment to being the best you can be, are attainable qualities. if we allow ourselves to believe, and accept that especially through periods of panic and despair, we are destined to attain unimaginable states of LOA Grace. Thank you.

  • Namaste says:

    Thanks for the compliment =)
    It really is amazing that every circumstance, no matter how bad it seems, has an equal or greater positive if we look for it.
    I was recently reminded of this yet again when I watched the movie MAGIC BEYOND WORDS. It’s the life story of J.K. Rowling (author of the Harry Potter series). In her 20’s she found herself suddenly leaving an abusive relationship, and moving with her new baby back to England. She had to go on welfare. She started experiencing depression. She wasn’t able to find a job. Her circumstances looked dire. However since she had 8 hours a day on her hands she was able to write. The result was the first Harry Potter book. If she hadn’t had 8 hours a day to do nothing but write, there is a real chance the book never would have been written and she wouldn’t be a billionaire today.

  • Jen C. says:

    Love your article, Namaste. Your truth at the end, about how the situation made you a better creator is awesome! When I feel out of control for whatever reason, I can say that LOA is working for me as well. Acknowledging In-the-moment that I’m making a decision to feel better really does take me to feeling better. What a process it’s been though-to stop looking at what is-and learn to adjust to something that feels better! It definitely works, and I’m so glad for you, and that you are teaching this to others.

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