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LOA Approved Diets?

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It seems everyone’s talking about diets this month, which made me wonder if there’s room for a good LOA-er in those conversations.

Is there such a thing as a law of attraction friendly diet?

One that doesn’t violate our understanding that vibration rules the day, not carbs or calories?

Because any time we set aside our own inner knowing or inspiration in favor of someone else’s rules, it’s easy to get out of sync with our best path to health.

There’s no doubt that many creators become inspired to embrace specific traditional diets that allow certain foods and ban others.  (I know a fellow LOA coach who had a lot of fun losing 50+ pounds on Weight Watchers, and another who dropped two dress sizes when she started paleo eating.)

That’s all well and good when someone finds a traditional diet that lights them up.  (We know whatever we’re inspired to when we’re aligned to what we want is bound to serve us well.)

But what I’m wondering about is a diet in accordance with what manifesters know about energy and thought – one that honors our understanding that there’s no such thing as a “good” food or a “bad” food and doesn’t impose rules that potentially drown out our own inner guidance.

After hearing from several of you in the comments, here’s what our updated list looks like so far:

Paul McKenna’s I Can Make You Thin.
The Joy Diet (Martha Beck)
The Laughter Diet
The Sex Diet
The Donut Whisperer
Sondra Ray’s The Only Diet There Is
Carmela Ramaglia’s Happy Calories Don’t Count
The Gabriel Method

Let’s take a look at a couple of these …

From I Can Make You Thin, Paul’s advice may not be considered a “diet” per se, but more of eating guidelines. These instructions seem very much in alignment with what deliberate creators know about how the world works.  (Meaning, it isn’t the food that makes the difference, it’s our thoughts, i.e. vibration, that dictate our experience.)

Paul’s four rules are:

1. Eat only when you’re hungry.
2. Eat what you want to, not what you think you should.
3. Eat consciously and enjoy every mouthful.
4. Stop when you are full.

A lifestyle based on conscious awareness of the body, food enjoyment, and free of “shoulds”?  That sounds LOA-friendly to me!

As is Martha Beck’s Joy Diet, which actually isn’t designed for weight loss, but for life happiness.  It seems to me, though, those two things often go hand in hand.

Here are Martha’s ten guidelines from the joy diet:

  • Nothing: Do nothing for fifteen minutes a day. Stop mindlessly chasing goals and figure out which goals are worth going after.
  • Truth: Create a moment of truth to help you unmask what you’re hiding—from others and from yourself.
  • Desire: Identify, articulate, and explore at least one of your heart’s desires—and learn how to let yourself want what you want.
  • Creativity: Learn six new ways to develop at least one new idea to help you obtain your heart’s desire.
  • Risk: Take one baby step toward reaching your goal. The only rule is it has to scare the pants off you.
  • Treats: Give yourself a treat for every risk you take and two treats just because you’re you. No exceptions. No excuses.
  • Play: Take a moment to remember your real life’s work and differentiate it from the games you play to achieve it. Then play wholeheartedly.
  • Laughter: Laugh at least thirty times a day. Props encouraged.
  • Connection: Use your Joy Diet skills to interact with someone who matters to you.
  • Feasting: Enjoy at least three square feasts a day, with or without food.

It’s easy to see how following these tips would lead one to embrace and enjoy life in a way that encourages ideal health.

The laughter diet seemed like it could be right up our alley, but most of what I found online focused on how many calories laughter burned.  Which kind of misses the point for conscious creators.  (I wouldn’t be surprised if laughter was an effective weight loss aid, but more from the standpoint of the alignment it leads us to rather than stomach muscles engaged.)

For a minute it seemed like the Sex Diet could be a possible contender as well (focusing on orgasmic bliss – how could that not be effective?), but results are mixed on that one.

What do you think – have you found any “diets” that operate in conjunction with conscious creation?

(And big thanks to everyone for sharing your suggestions in the comments!)

  • January 13, 2014
  • Michelle says:

    Lysa and Gina at have got this figured out, similar to Paul McKenna. The only difference is that they did it themselves!

  • …and for the record, when I was still eating wheat/grain, legumes and dairy, I was:
    HUNGRY all the time and only felt temporarily full (I was hungry even though I knew I had eaten big meals with extra servings), and yet I was always eating what I wanted to and consciously enjoying it. I was also addicted to the wheat/grains, so I was creating my drug-of-choice and consciously enjoying it, and never felt I could get enough.
    Five days of eating Paleo was so delicious, and all my cravings had vanished! Everyone I know who has tried it has had the same experience, so don’t knock it until you’ve tried it! 😉
    Many blessings,

  • Change those two dress sizes to four. May be five soon. It’s been more than 19 months and eating Paleo has improved my life so dramatically when “lining up vibrationally” had me gaining more weight. For me, it turned out the FOOD did matter much more than my thoughts about the food.
    I know that flies in the face of what I teach with LOA, but it is what I and many others have experienced. I wrote about it here.
    Many blessings,

  • Sebastian says:

    I’m a bodybuilder and I’m shredded. If you can learn how to count calories the RIGHT way, you can get away with eating anything. I ate reese puffs and chipotle leading to a competition.

  • Trent Golden says:

    Love this Melody…thats been my experience too! I can make ice cream and other goodies with healthy foods my body loves…and it tastes good too! You’ll have to share the brownie recipe!

  • Melody says:

    I think it is interesting also to ponder what brings a person into alignment. If someone is attracting wealth say, they change their vibration. They think, act, and feel like a wealthy person. They are different, and so they make different choices automatically. They and the universe come together in co-creation.
    Could wanting junk food in the first place be an indicator of being out of alignment with a hot body? Does each food have their own unique vibration a person can align to? Can information be a manifestation?
    Now, I eat yummier food than I did before. I made a brownie recipe the other day that was the BEST brownie I ever had bar none (my junk food loving husband agreed). And every ingredient in it contributed in thousands of scientifically proven ways to my beauty, happiness, and health.
    I think it is possible to eat junk food and be healthy and thin, but it is like trying to get to a mountain by wishing it to you (also possible!) instead of getting in a limo and having someone drive you there.
    Because of ingrained beliefs and resistance, it is generally easier to move yourself than the mountain. That is why the ethos of hard work being the key to success exists. It is not true, but it is the path of least resistance, when someone is at the mercy of their resistance.
    I am not an enlightened master. Not yet, anyway:) For me, changing myself was the path of least resistance, because it fulfilled so many intentions at once: all my health problems CURED, shiny hair, clear skin, tons of energy and happiness, more confidence, look 18 at 30 and so on.
    Theoretically, I could have changed myself to believe I could have all that and eat as much junk food as I want, but in practice it was easier to change what I desire to eat to be in alignment with the numerous studies I have read and what my own physical experience indicates is healthy. It was easier (and more fun!) to learn how to make super-food brownies. I chose to go to the mountain and do a little dance on top.

  • Ginny says:

    Oh! I love this topic, and since I work in the physical training side of things as well, its so fun to play with. As so many have already said, it is all always about what we believe is healthy for us. We really can eat whatever we want and be healthy, but we have to actually believe that first! (which not many people do).
    One thing I am starting to play with is that, if I am eating something I would consider “unhealthy” I simply stare at it before I eat it and put the intention into the food for the molecules to transform and provide my body with exactly the nutrition I need right now. Then I eat it!
    Keeping it simple and enjoying lots of foods :)))

  • Melody, I know another conscious creator who is also loving the Gabriel method. What appealed to me immediately was the part where you don’t cut things out. Yay for no restrictions!
    I’ll add this to the list. Thank you! 🙂

  • Melody says:

    I lost 7% body fat last year with the Gabriel Method. Possibly the most LOA friendly weight loss system (not really a diet).
    Core Tenets:
    Visualize your desired body morning and night.
    When you go to bed listen to the free hypnosis mp3 that comes with the book to fall asleep.
    Find out and address the reasons why your body WANTS to be at your current weight, and how it is using fat to protect you.
    Do not weigh or measure yourself for the first 6 months.
    Do not cut out any foods, only add healthy food in, to ensure you are nourishing your body.
    Only exercise how and when you desire.
    Via this process, I eventually began craving only the foods that made me feel really good, and naturally transitioned to a gluten-free, sugar-free, vegan diet because it felt best to me and I wanted to do it. The whole process was slow, easy, and delicious.
    I still want to lose another 5% body fat, and I know by taking care of my body it will happen in perfect time.
    Here is a link to the website:

  • Sharon, how could I forget Carmela’s book?! Her story is SO inspiring!
    Thanks for reminding us of it!
    This is quite a list we’ll have together by the time I edit this original post. 🙂

  • Sharon says:

    Carmela Ramaglia is the author of “Happy Calories Don’t Count and neither does unhappy exercise”. She is very law of attraction oriented.

  • Oooh, Michaela, I am not familiar with this one, but it sounds really good!!
    Thanks for sharing it here – could be a perfect resource for many readers here! 🙂

  • Michaela says:

    Sondra Ray’s “The only diet there is” (book title) might be an attraction friendly diet. I think it was recommended by Louise Hay, I bought the book years ago when dieting still was an issue for me. (I now have the opposite problem, I need to gain weight.) However, I never used Sondra Ray’s instructions, I’ve just read the book.
    The basic steps of the diet are:
    1) Diet from negative thinking
    2) Feast on affirmations
    3) Use visualizations
    4) Give up anger
    5) Write down your feelings
    6) Bless your food
    7) Love your body
    8) Pleasure yourself
    9) Turn it all over to God
    10) Give thanks
    There are a lot of affirmations in the book, for example:
    – I can use lose weight just by the power of my mind.
    – I am now eating my way to thinness.
    – I love myself.
    – Everything I eat turns to love and beauty.
    – I deserve to maintain my perfect weight of … pounds.
    … and many, many more on the topics of weight, forgiveness, self love, eating alone, etc.
    Might this be a fit?

  • Trent Golden says:

    I really feel where you are coming from, and I agree that its all an inside job.
    Whats worked for me is applying EFT and emotional releasing techniques to food addictions, beliefs, and habits that don’t serve me…This, mixed with loving myself in the form of eating what my body loves provides ultimate health.

  • Amanda, you rock!! Thanks for sharing that (about awareness and menopause weight gain beliefs).
    Christina, you make a good point about how alignment can be found in ANYTHING – so we perhaps shouldn’t rule something out because of past prejudice and instead stay open to what inner guidance delivers us to.

  • Christina says:

    Some years ago I was asking for guidance on a diet and came across Paleo in an unexpected way – on a blog written by a camper van dwelling traveler. Strange place to find diet advice, right? But it kept coming up, over and over again, in different places online. This was before I discovered the disorder that I have, but I now know that paleo / primal diet is one of the best ways to treat my disorder. So I say if you ask for guidance on a health / diet issue, start paying attention and the answers will come.

  • Katy says:

    I’m happy to see this subject – and also as a long time LOA person I have come to believe that technically we shouldn’t have to ‘diet’ – Being involved in natural health, I’ve adjusted my beliefs over the years as LOA and Abe mostly (I do follow others, as well) really bring hit home on how it’s really about our beliefs. If you believe this or that diet or way of altering your eating (usually with some restriction in the program- or a suggestion of something ‘not good’ for you) is going to help you lose weight, then usually it can help you make some headway. But because with many there’s lots of resistance…it’s not always permanent. I, on the other hand have not feel ‘good’ with any of the restriction-based concepts these days…as they frustrate me with my knowledge of LOA
    I’m still of the mindset it’s all an inside job…and isn’t it Kate Corbin’s book, Think and Grow Thin that brings this home, as Abe has said. It is something I wish I could master on a more permanent basis, but I find I have old beliefs that get in the way. (am now on the verge of menopause and all the ‘talk’ of weight gain with menopause is finding it’s way in my head!)
    So! lol I’m not really sure where I’m at with it all…I do know I would like to do better with my meal planning, as I’ve gotten lazy- and with that lean towards more fresh meals that satisfy but in no way feel like I’m being restricted. It’s a personal journey I’m finding…with no right or wrong – yet for me, with LOA in my mind all the time…I find most ‘diets and labeling of what’s bad or wrong’ as too upstream and am trying to find a softened version of it all that feels better to me! lol Sorry rather long winded but I’m hoping to find something that really does FEEL good and will work for me. Thanks for the conversation Jeannette 🙂

  • Amanda says:

    Since the holidays I decided I wanted to “sensitize” myself to flavors and amounts of food, and boy is it fun. Had the feeling that I’d been eating more out of habit than awareness, so being present as I eat is much more interesting. And as it turns out, I don’t need nearly the amount of food or spices/butter that I had thought in order to have that glorious sensation of being satiated:-)
    And to Katy……I lost weight with menopause……..

  • That makes a lot of sense, Katy – that many bring resistance to the party when they engage a “diet” in some effort to change something they don’t love about themselves.
    Maybe in that sense self-love could be a better form of “diet” – there really needs to be a better word for that, doesn’t there? That one is so charged. (At least for me it is.)
    I’m with you in that restriction doesn’t work for me in any way shape or form. Thanks for adding to this conversation, Katy! 🙂

  • I’m a huge fan of Paul McKenna because he made me sleep (“I Can Make You Sleep”) when nothing else did. It seemed he had a lot of practical tips in his book that you hear lots of other places, along with some LOA friendly suggestions. His meditation/hypnosis CD changed my life, though!
    Thanks again for the inspiration to check out the Donut Whisperer, Stacy. 🙂

  • Stacy says:

    Oh, meant to add – I got the Paul McKenna stuff years ago and the book I mentioned above is QUITE similar.
    FYI – the Paul McKenna book does (or did when I got it – and I had to order it through the UK Amazon site and had it shipped from over there) come with a cd that has a meditation. I’ve been meaning to cycle that back in my arsenal. I think this post was the driftwood I needed! 🙂

  • Oh my gosh, that’s PERFECT, Stacy!! I’ve heard of her work before, but totally forgot about it when I put this post together!
    THANK YOU for mentioning it! I’ll have to edit the post to include a link.
    Thanks also for sharing your experience with that system. Definitely right up a deliberate creator’s alley! 🙂

  • Stacy says:

    Yes, actually there’s a diet (that isn’t a diet at all) out there by someone who is very much an Aber. Granted, she wrote the book (I believe) before she became aware of Abraham.
    The book is called “I’ve Tried Everything – Now What?”. You can get the low down on the book at
    Basically you eat WHATEVER you want, whenever you want – but you start to leave bites behind. Her concept is that it isn’t so much what we eat – but we eat too much of it – and we have a lot of guilt and such around it. Also she talks about how dieting sets us up because it is always a form of deprivation (ie less calories, not eating certain types of food, or not eating at certain times, etc.) And human nature is that we want to compensate for it by eating MORE of the “forbidden” stuff either before we start the diet (ie the binge the day before – because the diet always starts “tomorrow” or on Monday) or gorging on it after the diet is over.
    Basically it’s a set of rules for more conscious eating (ie rate your plate/food – decide what appeals to you most and only eat that. You ideally will stop throughout the meal and re-gauge what looks most appealing and focus on those bites. And of course, start leaving several bites or sips of each item behind).
    I tried it this past summer and I was doing great with it – but I went out of town and wasn’t being conscious of what I was eating/leaving bites behind, etc.
    What’s great about it, is that you’re focusing on what feels/tastes best to you.
    I believe she’s working on a newer/updated version since she has studied the Abe teachings. But even without that, the rules do work (but even though they’re called rules they’re not really restrictive. I think what’s difficult about them is that it is almost TOO easy and as humans we love to want to make things more complicated or believe it can’t be so easy, etc.)

  • Agreed, Trent – there’s a lot of contrary programming that can get in the way of our success on this subject. Thanks for weighing in.

  • Trent Golden says:

    Our rules, when it comes to deliberate creation…don’t matter. What does are the rules of the universe. The key to LOA is overcoming your ego in order to create in harmony with these rules. If you do, life becomes effortless. If you don’t, you are ‘stuck’ and nothing manifests correctly for you.
    Diet is exactly the same way. We’ve been programmed by society, our families, and our past experiences to like or prefer certain foods and tastes…but until we are eating in harmony with nature, our bodies won’t be as healthy and vibrant as possible.
    It took me only 12 weeks of eating real, nature food to drop 20 lbs, completely cure my life long allergies, get rid of acne, and gain tremendous energy….and it happened by giving up all the fancy advice I read in magazines and instead listening to nature.

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