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Q&A: Can LOA Fix Lifelong Health Issues?

Use Law of Attraction Fix Lifelong Health ChallengesGot a question for you from a regular reader about how to manifest a solution to a lifelong health issue.   

Looking forward to your input on this one:

I considered myself a pretty good manifester. My friends and family called me magic. The LOA seemed to always come naturally to me.

But since moving across country for my husband’s new job, my emotional, physical, and spiritual health have suffered. I have a congenital skeletal disease called Klippel-Feil Syndrome, something I’ve struggled with my whole life.

Lately it’s been a huge struggle. I’ve had more nerve, bone, and muscle spasm pain than I’ve ever experienced before. I tried for months to step back into the vortex to manifest a different reality, one where I’m not suffering.

But I’m stuck. I’ve surrendered into taking medications and shifted my focus to manifesting people who can help me. I still feel lost.

So I guess I have two questions:

1. How does the LOA work with congenital health anomalies?
2. How do I sort out this mess, know what I’m resisting, and jump back in the vortex?

What do you guys think on this one?  Can a deliberate creator use the law of attraction to uncreate a lifelong health challenge?

Thanks in advance for sharing your thoughts!

  • November 28, 2012
  • Oh, Janette, I was hoping/intending you’d respond on this one! And here you are the first responder! Thank you!
    Brilliant as always. 🙂
    Yes, releasing judgement and finding the love – feels like a direct path to alignment.

  • Jackie says:

    I think the place to start is examining her true feelings about moving across the country away from her family and friends. She may be excited about the move and think it’s a good thing, but it was a big change and she is most likely missing ‘home’ and loved ones. There may be some resentment there somewhere. Maybe she didn’t really want to go but felt she had to. Letting herself really feel the ‘negative’ feelings associated with the move might be the key to releasing the physical, emotional and spiritual uneasiness.

  • Janette says:

    First up let me say kudos to you for being a great manifestor, and for continuing to seek a way forward rather than (as many do) simply giving up on the whole LOA thang.
    It’s difficult to imagine what your own personal experience is like, but it occurs to me that I could say the same for every other person on the planet – I can only make a guesstimate of what their individual pain (physical or emotional) feels like, and that should never stop me from offering what support I can. So here goes.
    Rather than provide answers (because the answer always lies within, right?) I might be inclined to ask some questions. I might ask if you know what’s changed? Your condition has been diagnosed as congenital, so you’ve always had it. What does your inner guidance tell you might be different, might be kinking your alignment? The corollary question of course becomes what might you be able to shift to unravel whatever that kink is? Is it a toleration you can eliminate? Is there some support you need that you’re not getting? Is there some way you’re not expressing your core values to the extent you need to? Is there a belief that’s pulling you off track? Are there energies around you (which don’t even belong to you) that might be pulling you off target (eg health practitioners who aren’t quite as open to your way of creating reality as they might be).
    You mention resistance and I think that would be a good place to look for clues. For example, I get the sense that you’ve had some judgement around yourself taking medication. Like maybe surrendering to medication means you’re weak, or is somehow a trigger for some fearful feelings?
    So with all the love in my heart I’d be asking “how could you be even more gentle and compassionate towards yourself and towards your body? How could you make it completely alright no matter what treatments or decisions you make? How could you make complete peace with all that is, right now?”
    I’m pretty sure you’ve already been doing a grand job of listening to the pain, flowing non-resistance and finding your vortex. Remember Abraham tells us the fun part is not so much being in the vortex – the real juice comes from the moments when we find our way back there after being in contrast for a while. (Yeah, and frankly when I’m in pain and I try to reframe from that persepctive, I just kinda want to kick Abraham LOL!)
    I’m also looking forward to seeing what other folks bring to this conversation. Thanks for the opportunity to participate, Jeannette

  • Lorraine Peck says:

    I have the answer! Truly! It is “Faster EFT”, By Robert G.Smith (who is also on Facebook.)Faster EFT is superior to the regular in that it is also based on NLP. Robert travels the world teaching this and he has 500+ videos on You Tube to start with. The one to start with here is No.118. He also has many,many practitioners he has taught and she might find one near her.This process clears the mind of all past memories & experiences which lead to this condition.As Janette mentioned above the answer always lies within – so this process goes within, cleans it out voila – a clean slate from which to live.
    Hopefully this is helpful.

  • I was wondering about that myself, Jackie – that she mentioned the timing of this seems like it must be significant.
    And Lorraine, I’ve seen Robert’s work – it’s such a more appealing approach to EFT than the traditional eft stuff I’ve explored.
    Thanks for posting, you two! 🙂

  • Bobbi says:

    In her case I would say she has to embrace the situation. Create a case of least resistance and try to move with grace and flow with what is happening. Massage and meditation to manage her pain and anxiety.
    And lots of people sending her lots of beautiful healing light. As I’m doing right now.
    My thoughts and prayers are with you friend.

  • Bobbi, your post is making me think of Abraham’s words about how we “can’t fix a problem.” Because if we see something in that light of resistance, we can’t shake it. (What we resist, persists.)
    It sounds a big challenge to say get okay with something physical like this that you really don’t want, but I agree there’s magic in that.
    I’d love to hear from a deliberate creator who has practiced that – embracing their situation to reduce the resistance.
    Thanks for chiming in here, Bobbi. 🙂

  • Lisa says:

    I think I might be looking to say something like this. “How can I embrace my illness and have fun anyway?”
    I’m not sure the why of it all matters. It might, but it might not. If it’s evident the move caused things to get worse then that’s worth dealing with. However, if it’s not evident, I wonder if looking for the reasons is helpful, because looking for the reasons sort of indicates something is wrong with what is.
    What if nothing was wrong here? What if it’s OK to be sick? What if it’s a blessing? I think it’s pretty important to release resistance to illness. Then and only then try to figure out how to best have a delicious experience, even if the illness never changes.

  • Janette says:

    Quickly chiming in to say I’ve just come across Robert Smith’s Faster EFT and it is worth a try, for sure.
    I struggled with standard EFT because the tapping was physically difficult for more than about one round. And if I didn’t actually tap I couldn’t really feel I was doing it “properly” (and that’s not a light-me-up vibe!).
    But Smith is completely okay about doing it with just the imagination (“mentally tap here…..”) or with a kind of stroking instead of tapping. This makes it much more accessibly to anyone experiencing physical pain. He offers a free 7-part video ‘course’ so you can learn how to do it very easily.

  • Katy Lowe says:

    I think with any health issue, it’s about softening the resistance and finding relief wherever you are with this. If there are medications that help, then be thankful for them. If there are times when you are feeling good, notice that and be grateful for that. Law of attraction is always working as we all know. I do think it stems from belief and for many it’s conditioning of ‘how it appears’ and what others have said or put into our awareness that cause many beliefs to form. I have always believed health conditions can be overcome completely and/or a life lived with such completeness that the ‘issue’ is not a factor. In other words if belief does not allow for something to completely disappear, then how about shooting for living a life where it doesn’t affect the life you live? The more resistance is lessened, and the more focus on what is wanted, on gratefulness, on anticipation and on relief, the more possibilities, answers, opportunities come into our lives – who knows what great answer or treatment is available but just isn’t being let in at this time? I embrace natural medicine and therapies, but know there are benefits to all areas of treatment and whatever works ‘right now’ is what moves you forward if you perceive it that way.

  • These are the thoughts that crossed my mind when I read your post and I offer them for your consideration:
    What if your move across country positioned you to be within reach of the expertise required to address your long term health issues . . . or . . . aligned you/ freed you energetically in such a way so as to make this the exact right time to take on this long held pattern . . . and . . . the symptoms you are experiencing is your body’s way of jumping up and down with it’s hand in the air to get your attention so that there can be no doubt as to where you need to focus.
    You are a magical manifestor (everybody knows) seeking to co-create resolution . . . trust yourself.
    Ground yourself in your truth, give (rather than pay) attention to the “whispers” in your reality, and keep moving forward.
    I wish you radiant good health.

  • Christina says:

    I’m going to chime with one more idea. You said you’ve also been asking for people to help you. Maybe you’re supposed to meet those who can help you or others to support through this as well. There could be something new you’re supposed to learn as well as resistance to work through.
    Another idea, and I’m saying this as a person with a genetic disorder – if you are one who believes we take 100% responsibility for our lives, that we chose to have these illnesses and disorders while we’re still in the non-physical, then there has to be some type of acceptance. I have to admit I’m not there yet, but because of my disorder I’ve met wonderful people and learned so much. I would be a completely different person without the disorder, and who’s to say if that would be a good or bad thing?
    I agree with the others to look for some resistance you may be having with the move and the changes in your life. Find the good in the changes. One of the mistakes my husband and I made was holding on to homesickness for so long when we lived in Germany and we missed out on SO much. Don’t make that mistake. Look for the good and find fun and interesting things to do in your new area.
    From a practical standpoint as well, maybe something in the new environment could be causing a flare up as well. Maybe the weather is different – more or less rain, more or less sun, different humidity, temperature differences. Pay attention to how you’re feeling on certain days in regards to the weather and see if there could be a connection.

  • Meredith says:

    Hi I wanted to speak up as someone who was in a LOT of physical pain and now am not. How I did it was by completely forgetting about everything as much as possible. No how did it happen or why do I have it, that got me nowhere. It got so bad over 6 mths I couldn’t even sit comfortably. Even doing absolutely nothing, was not in any way comfortable. My back hurt, my stomach, my knees, I had no energy, I was in bent up agony at least 3 times a day (the sort where you don’t think you’ll survive it!) I used the LOA to intend there was nothing seriously wrong, so all the dr’s could find was extreme anaemia. The sort where heart palpitations come into play too. It’s a very long story, full of dreams and advice but to cut a long story short I knew being pain free was natural as my guidance said so. And that help would be along as I had chosen health and life. All I did was sit in bed & focus on a feeling. I decided inside my body was a storage locker & I could hang various feelings. First I had to feel them, then I could “bottle” it & hang it in my locker, where it would sway lightly & emit a glow of whatever feeling. It sounds weird but that is all I did. Imagine a butterfly, feel a pang of joy, hang it in the body locker. Next, love, next, hope, next relief, next ponies! next etc. It doesn’t matter what the feeling is, as long as it feels nice. I used love a lot, as it’s pink and sweet. I gave up on the dr’s and refused to go and did this work instead. Within a week, I’d been recommended the same naturopath by 3 different people. I booked, turned up, expecting nothing. My brain was a fuzzy mess (part of the illnesses) arms crossed (still had a useless dr’s vibe) but you know what, even though I hadn’t done a thing LOA wise, no intending, no wishing, not even any hope this guy could help, my days & eve’s spent on feeling work over-rode the lot! Within a minute he had my attention, he knew what was wrong. I had a gluten & lactose intolerance for so many years, it had worn holes in my stomach. It’s called “Leaky Gut Syndrome”. Dr’s have no idea about it! My body had attacked the milky products & hadn’t absorbed calcium so had taken that from my bones which had gone around my system the wrong way & given me kidney stones (extreme back pain) I was anaemic but also low on many other minerals & vitamins, so using muscle testing found out what I needed to take. My body was throwing such a fit it was attacking everything, even my thyroid. Too large bits of food were going thru the stomach holes & sticking to joints (creating the bad knees etc) Also a mahoosive allergy to sugar. This is tip of the iceberg there were many other physical issues & all were food related only one was hormonal, yet over the space of a week and a half I was pain free for the first time in 6 months! (now I am fine) All of it treated naturally too. I also learnt a tapping technique which we figured out together & I love it, it really works! I’ve figured out when tapping, it doesn’t matter if it’s my head or leg or wherever, it’s mostly the fact that when tapping we’re less likely to think so our vibe lifts. I can’t begin to say how well the feeling stuff worked for me. Just the feeling work. I realized I have the knowledge of loa and many other things but the focus of a gnat! My mind & thoughts are constantly all over the place, even when I think not, so any time spent tapping or feeling, giving my mind something to do, it’s as simple as that! It wasn’t easy at first as obviously when you’re in a lot of pain it’s easy to go numb & just focus on moving ur body to try to feel a little ease. But I persisted and it worked a treat. I used to get a lot of indigestion too & I don’t even get that anymore.
    If anyone has ANY issues going on, this feeling stuff works. And it’s simple. I’m rubbish at focus wheels whatever, but this I can do! Recently I forgot about this & got in with some pretty negative people. Yes trying to help save the world and I wanted to aswell, but got caught up in pushing against. After 2months of this I ended up in a hugely unfair fight with my loved ones and ended up homeless! As I booked myself into a hotel I was totally aware of what had happened. I dumped the negative fighting, climbed into bed & began quietening the mind & focusing on the feelings. Nothing else matters, redirect back to the feelings again & again. I had my laptop with me & began searching for places to rent but none of them would open up! I took it as a sign. Within a handful of hours I had a call I was missed and to please come home. This was from a situation where the people are quite difficult and hold grudges forevermore. They’ve been super loving ever since and in fact the entire relationships are better. I’m also going to say that love is the best feeling for this. Even if all you can muster is a pink or white or gold (whatever u think is best, just intend it as love) flowing from your heart and around you, or from source in the sky down into you (whatever feels best) do that as much as you can and watch what happens!! It not only feels fabulous, it’s free and it works.
    This is exactly how I do it. Bcos I’ve whittled it down to the bare essentials! (I’m also pretty lazy 😀 ) I get comfy as poss. In a chair or bed, cross legged or straight legged. Whatever. I close my eyes. I imagine walking in an Avatar style forest, and I come across a beautiful pink mushroom. It’s see-thru & a neon pink, it’s from source and it’s pulsing with love. I lay on the mushroom, and the love starts tranfering into me. It feels like a big hug from grandma 🙂 I keep imagining it tranfering from source thru the mushroom, like sometimes i see pink hearts like confetti come out and into me etc endless different ways to absorb the love. Sometimes i google love images and get some inspiration and then when ive got closed eyes I see a pic i saw earlier and it feels good. When i’ve done that & feel some relief, I then open my eyes and sit back and tap. I tap for a few seconds and feel a rush of relief, then go bk to other position & close my eyes, i move from the mushroom to a beautiful “sleeping bag” hanging in the air like a flower, i can wiggle inside, it’s almost like a sun-bed yet it’s light pink & dark pink hearts inside. Again it’s love from source yet stronger now> i visualize absorbing the love, when i feel relief i sit back open eyes and tap. i might then change to visualising a light in my heart flowing all that lovely pink love out, it’s a never ending supply! If i do this for an hour or so im guarunteed a marvellous time 🙂 it’s also super addictive as it feels so lovely! The only tip I’d give there is to ensure you stay focused on the task and to keep aware of ur feelings, the moment you feel an improvement, move to the next, so you don’t get bored. Wonderful ideas will come to you as you do this, and your mind will be clear.
    🙂 Good luck, I know you can do it. It’s also really amazing how quickly we settle into being pain-free, I was totally like “duh it’s normal” within a day or so! haha! I thought I’d be summersaulting and super joyful and yes it was good but also, totally accepted as normal very quickly. It’s not gonna be a big “dah dah!” moment. I had a couple of those when I realized I could trim my toenails again, totally pain free, but mostly it’s just, “normal!” Which it is. 🙂

  • Meredith says:

    P.s that’s the most hilarious avatar picture I’ve ever seen haha! A bug in kinky boots brandashing a whip?! Or is that just my interpretation!! 😉 😀 LOL

  • Meredith, I love your kinky boots bug avatar and I love YOU!
    Thank you for this post!! I’m going to go re-read it now and relish it all over again.
    PS – LOVE your “storage locker” technique and the suggestion to muster “love lights”!

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