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5 Tips To Win The Lottery

With the world’s largest ever lottery being drawn this Wednesday for a projected $1.4 billion win, here are five less common manifesting tips to give yourself a law of attraction advantage in winning this lottery …

Lottery Winning Tip #1:

While many players imagine what they’d do with their winnings, you can put additional odds in your favor by acknowledging how your life wouldn’t change when you come into a huge money windfall.

By recognizing how your life already matches that of a big lottery winner, you create nice alignment to that outcome.

For example, when you win the lottery, you’d probably have the same name, right? You might keep your same spouse. Maybe your hair would be the same. And you’d still like the same food, still love the same shows and music …

My point being that something’s gonna be the same, and identifying how you are already living a lottery winning life is a great way to do exactly that.

For example, I would still be feeding the same foster kittens, and volunteering for the same rescue group, and doing the same work that I do with fellow creators now. I’ll never give up my ’66 Caprice no matter how much money I have, and I’d still have the same friends and family.

I’d still go to Master Gardener class next week and I’d still love watching The Good Wife with my favorite kitty on my lap. I’ll still enjoy spinach salads with blue cheese dressing, still wear lots of purple, and still not have a cell phone. I’ve got a lot of overlap already!

Put less emphasis on what would be different and instead spotlight how you’re already living the life of a big winner. 🙂

Lottery Winning Tip #2:

Remember that as a conscious creator you get to play outside of the odds. (Odds are for muggles.) Others might feel like there’s a puny chance of winning, but that’s an instruction you don’t have to buy into.

Especially when you practice the first tip, you amp up your vibration of being a big winner. If you’re going to play the odds, create your own and put them in your favor. (Like my dad who says he jokes that he has a 50% chance of winning. Either he wins or he doesn’t. ha!)

Don’t buy into the “ridiculously thin chance of winning” story. As you (dominantly) think, so shall it (dominantly) be.

Lottery Winning Tip #3:

Bashar tells us that the best way to win the lottery isn’t to intend that you buy the winning ticket, but rather to choose the reality where your numbers are the winning numbers. Might seem a subtle distinction, but one worth engaging.

Remember what multiple worlds theory says – there is a reality where your ticket is the winning ticket. There is a parallel reality where you are the winner.

Can you become a vibrational match to that reality? Conscious creators can. And there have been multiple stories of their lottery wins already, so you won’t even be the first to do it.

Lottery Winning Tip #4:

Love your life as it already is without needing a windfall of money to make it better. Hoping or waiting for a financial intervention to deliver your dream life is for chumps. You know how to love life right now, already. Get busy doing that and who cares whether you win this one or not?

Lottery Winning Tip #5:

Buy a ticket. Yes, Universe can manage “impossible” things all the time, but how ’bout making it easier by actually playing the lottery? Treat it as the “inspired action” part of the conscious creation formula.

My last suggestion on this subject – get clear about what you really want and be open about the multitude of ways it could arrive. Lottery wins are fabulous, but there are plenty of other ways you can get what you want, too. 😉

  • January 11, 2016
  • Fen says:

    Do you really have a ’66 Caprice?

  • C. says:

    This Powerball has actually made me realize how much I’m actually SCARED to win!
    Questions running through my head such as:
    “Do I want to become famous for this?”
    “Will this effect my life more negatively than positively?”
    “Could this actually bring the worst out in me? They say that money doesn’t change people but instead, show their true nature.”
    This has me examining my true beliefs about money and success in general more than I ever thought it would.
    Funny how such things work. 😉
    Thanks for the post, Jeannette!

  • Karen says:

    # 1, check; #2, check, #3 check. I’m already on it. So much so that I didn’t even check the jackpot amount until someone started posting things about the lottery. I don’t keep trying to win. I’ve already won (not necessarily 1.4 Billion – I actually have some resistance to that amount); I’m just waiting for the intersection of me and the winning #’s. In fact, I win a lot, so far not over $100 at a time, but I do win a lot. I just buy a few tickets, tuck them away and forget about them every week.

  • Jiya says:

    Hi Jeanette, Thanks for this great post. No matter how much I read about LOA, but I always get something new to learn and refer to.
    I had a query and not sure if I should ask in a comment or send you an email. So, taking the easiest route and asking you right now…
    Many LOA gurus suggest that while we are on our manifesting journey, to make the process fun or just to make ourselves more confident that universe really listens to us, ask a question. I do that quite often. Like I ask universe to play a certain song if so and so is thinking of me? or play a song which reminds me of a strong connection between two of us etc. etc. and that happens within next 15-20 minutes. My question is if this is really an answer to my question or this is a manifestation of the song or object I intended, focused (even for a few seconds) to listen to or see?
    Hope you are getting my question. 🙂
    Love and Light.

  • Eleanor says:

    Fun post!
    I’ve started to play our lottery and someone in our local supermarket won! There is a big sign that says millionaire made here and every time I queue up to pay I always giggle and pretend it’s me (halfheartedly) but maybe to increase my money vibe I might pretend I’m the big winner for real and see what happens. I don’t really need the million right now just being a six figure winner for now will do ????

  • Stacy says:

    Tip #1 goes along with an aha I had a while back. My realization that I was resisting financial success because I had the (deep down and not logical) belief that as soon as I had the money I wanted then I’d IMMEDIATELY have to make major changes in my life (ie buy the private island). And as much as I like the idea of those big changes, the idea that I had to get on it asap was a bit overwhelming. Or that I HAD to do it even if after a bit of investigation I decided that fantasy wasn’t for me. Like having the money meant I was now “stuck” with those new changes.
    Here’s an aha I JUST had. I think/believe that if I won a huge jackpot like that I’d no longer have financial worries. So instead I just need to get rid of financial worries NOW.

  • If I decide to buy a ticket, it is with the intent that I am providing another avenue through which the Universe can flow my supply. I will buy if I am inspired to do so. So far, not so much but ya never know! 😉

    • Jeannette says:

      I’m usually in the same boat, Elaine – we don’t have a lottery in my state so I don’t regularly play. But after reading Robert’s post at GVU about positive anticipation, I could feel the value of having a ticket for this draw. lol

  • Namaste says:

    I love your #1 tip =)
    When I was reading it, I was reminded of the book Sudden Money by Susan Bradley. It’s a guidebook that walks people through what they need to do after finding themselves on the receiving end of a financial windfall. Susan is all about having people take the pressure off themselves once they come into sudden money. I really love one of her key concepts called a Decision Free Zone (DFZ). A DFZ is a set time period (usually three months to a year) where you don’t make any major decisions/contributions after coming into sudden money. This allows you to get use to having the money and avoid making big purchases/contributions that you later realize weren’t such a hot idea after all. Here’s the link to her book on Amazon http://www.amazon.com/Susan-Bradley-Sudden-Money-Financial/dp/B00N4HSL7A/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1452558168&sr=8-1&keywords=sudden+money+susan+bradley

    • Jeannette says:

      Namaste, I LOVE the idea of reading this book in anticipation of experiencing sudden wealth. Nice cue to send Universe, right? lol
      Thanks for reading and thanks for the link! 🙂

  • Jesann says:

    I’m purposefully not buying a ticket (the publicity… ergh…), but these are good tips for any manifesting!

  • Stephen says:

    “Although at first glance there may appear to be a fairly thin line between them, there are significant differences between the attempt to somehow magically exert one’s will on tangible reality for one’s own benefit (manifestation), and the inspiration to imagine entirely new realities (sometimes to add color and bounce to the drab waltz of existence, sometimes to facilitate the recognition of wonder, sometimes just for the hell of it); between an attempt to mentally force fortune to alter its course for one’s personal gain (to manifest, say, a winning lottery ticket), and possessing the lightness of spirit and the freedom of mind to live as if such developments would pale in comparison to those one regularly experiences at the piano, the easel, the writing pad, or upon viewing a pattern of fallen leaves in the gutter; to live — against all evidence — as if advances in fortune were already here…” Tom Robbins~ Tibetan Peach Pie
    Viva la difference

  • Sabs says:

    I was thinking the same thing as I read it Cindie (omg I’m becoming LOA-savvy!!!!)
    Definitely going to put these into practice, although I have no desire to win that entire jackpot! That’s just a ridiculous amount of money, especially considering how much I like my life as it is.

  • Quilly says:

    If we consider the multiverse, then there are realities where EACH of us wins the billion-plus! That idea really amps up my joy!

  • Your tip #1 serves another purpose as well…our subconscious resists change, so taking a measure to realize that there will be lots of things that won’t change goes a long way towards removing the resistance that may show up. Another great post Jeannette. 🙂

    • Jeannette says:

      That is such a good point, Cindie! I hadn’t thought of that aspect, but you’re right! Thanks for pointing that benefit out.
      And thanks for reading! 🙂

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