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What Are You Looking For?

We get what we look for, so getting in the habit of seeing what we want is manifesting gold.

I found that out again after rededicating a whiteboard in the house to a new function: what he’s doing right. That’s where I jot down whatever I notice him doing or saying that I appreciate.

In the past I’ve had a tendency in relationships to notice the shortcomings and dwell on disappointments. Using a whiteboard to capture daily delights and pleasant surprises associated with my guy has transformed him (or at least my perspective of him). It’s expanded how he shows up for me.

He seems now like the most generous, thoughtful, compassionate, proactive, supportive person I’ve ever known! And he wasn’t that before I started whiteboarding what I loved about him.

This game of looking for what I want in my guy reminds me of playing the New York Times’ Spelling Bee. It’s a word game where you get seven letters to make up as many words as you can think of.

I know the words are there, even when I have trouble finding them. If I keep looking, eventually I’ll see more. And the next day it will be revealed to me that there were even more than I could find – just waiting for me to discover them.

Life is the same way for us … it’s got hidden delights and buried treasures that are revealed when we make a point of looking for them. And once we see them, we live in a different world.

It’s the same with my new foster dog. I can dwell on Olive’s problems or her successes. I can tell stories about where she’s not getting it right or I can celebrate her amazing wins.

And whichever version I spend more time with will grow into my reality even more. She can be an amazing dog, or she can be a nightmare worth taking to the shelter. Just like my guy can be the best parter on the planet, or he can be a guy worth divorcing.

I know which version I’d rather, and I know my focusing skills dictate which version I get.

Whether you use a whiteboard, a positive aspects list, an affirmation or script, a pray rain journal, a visualization habit, or whatever inspires you the most – here’s to using your focusing skills to reveal the magic, the delights, the wins and every other good thing you’ve ever wanted.

Use your looking skills to see what you want, and watch Universe make it even better!

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  • November 5, 2022
  • beansncornbread says:

    i’m out of the loop. when did you get a new sweetheart?
    btw, i’ve used this. it def works!

  • Anne M Robertson says:

    Always looking on bright (or right) side of life of life and you will find what you are looking for? That really is how the magic works after all, if you focus on the positive and ignore the negative the positive tends to grow until it becomes all there is and vice versa but we don’t want to go there really.

  • Tammy says:

    Woah! Just what I needed to hear today <3

    • Jeannette says:

      Yeah, we know this stuff, but these stories help remind us to practice it, right? That’s my intention, anyway! Thanks for reading and for commenting, Tammy. 🙂

  • Itssongstaragain says:

    awesome reminder

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