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Maintain the Manifesting Win

TLDR: When things are going well, don’t give up the practice that got you there.

Sometimes people come to conscious creation as a last resort, because nothing else worked, and they don’t know what else to try.

So they pick up a vibration management plan – and then it works! Good things start happening! Things start going their way!

And when they see that it’s working, sometimes they go back to their old ways instead of maintaining the practices that got them there.

That can happen because they’re approaching an upper limit set point, but often it’s because we just don’t properly credit the vibration management work that got us there.

Like when Carmela Ramaglia (author of Happy Calories Don’t Count) tried everything to lose weight, and finally gave up when nothing worked. She decided if she’s going to be overweight, at least she’ll let herself have pizza and ice cream, since that’s what she’d deprived herself of when trying to lose weight.

As she gave up the resistance to her weight, and enjoyed the foods that were previously off limits, she lost weight!

With renewed hope that she was capable of losing weight, she went back to the old weight loss activities that hadn’t served her before, and promptly regained the weight.

That’s when she realized that “Happy calories don’t count.” Because when she ate for joy, she lost weight.

That’s a practice worth keeping up.

What I’m saying here is when you get to the good place, keep doing what got you there. Don’t let your LOA interventions be temporary, one off solutions. Let them be a way of life.

There are so many fun ways to engage our focusing powers to create reality – there’s no reason for us to ever put them down.

Even if it’s just a habit of appreciation. Or a personal rule of imagining something good before you start the day. Or pre-paving for your preferred outcome before starting important things. Or writing a page a day about your big dream as if it’s already done.

Let’s use our alignment powers to get where we want, and continue using our alignment powers to maintain it.

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  • July 31, 2023