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Making Friends with Debt

For those of you who are using your manifesting powers to eliminate debt, I’ve got a question for you …

What have you got against debt?

And why would someone who knows that what we resist persists try to get rid of what they don’t want?

In fact, wouldn’t that be huge incentive to make friends with debt when we know that pushing against it locks it into our experience? Wouldn’t that be a good reason to welcome it, and even celebrate it?

Can you feel that vibrational difference …? If we were thrilled with our bills and proud of our debt, instead of weighed down by it or frustrated with it? That’s a big energetic shift. And it’s a shift that serves, because we know that feeling better is the key to success in everything.

Lots of folks, even law of attraction savvy creators, think that if they stop pushing against what they don’t want, they’ll be stuck with it. (Like if I embrace this extra weight, I’ll never lose it!) It’s the opposite, friends. Fighting anything brings you more of it.

I suspect it’s not so much that we don’t want debt, as much as it is that we want freedom. We want to live how we like, and just see debt as an obstacle to that.

But we’re too smart to fall for that routine …

We’re conscious creators who know that our enjoyment and well-being are not conditional on our financial status. And if you don’t know that, it’s a good thing to remember because attachment to anything trips up our happiness.

What do you want, fellow creator?

Whatever you think being debt-free would do for you, that’s getting closer to the real answer. Does it help you stop worrying? Does it give you more discretionary funds to spend as you like? Does it free up your time since you could stop working so much to pay bills? Does it bump your credit score so you can get approved for a new home loan?

Think on what you really want, and not be so focused on what you (think you) don’t want.

Debt is not the issue.

As someone who once committed to (and succeeded in) eliminating all debt in her life (before I was LOA savvy) I can tell you that rolling debt-free is overrated. It’s not as cool as you might think. In fact, it feels exactly like you felt when you still had the debt.

You know why?

Because external circumstances do not dictate how we feel. We are in charge of how we feel – not anything out there.

Plus, if you look at the finances of wealthy people, you’ll often find loans and debt as part of their situation by design. They do it on purpose because it can be financially beneficial and savvy. Using other people’s money is kind of cool, actually, when you use it responsibly and intentionally!

I’m not advocating that you run up a bunch more bills if it’s not inspired direction from inner guidance. I’m just saying …

Make peace with your debt and you’ll find it a lot easier to shake. (Because you’re not trying to shake it when you welcome it.)

Although, honestly, there’s nothing wrong with having bills to pay unless you think there is.

And we can think something more empowering than that, right?

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  • January 11, 2019
  • Brigitte says:

    But if I welcome my bills and celebrate them I’m afraid that Universe says; Yes, here you have more bills to celebrate. How do I have to look at that?

    • Jeannette says:

      Super common question, Brigitte – thanks for asking it!

      Let’s think on it from a vibrational perspective … if you’re afraid of that, then you’re not really in celebration mode, right?

      Fear and celebration are different vibrations … when you choose celebration, you attract more things to celebrate. When you’re in fear, you attract more things to fear. And when we’re in resistance, we attract more of what we don’t want.

      So which will you choose?

      It’s a pretty simple system when we look at it energetically. 🙂

  • Susan says:

    I clued in to something yesterday. Surprised to discover that I have been thinking that my money was never enough. Aww. I’m so sorry, money, to have thought of you that way! I’ve made peace with this notion and, while I was at it, sent out the vibration that I’m not sorry for my debt. It brought me TONS of great learning and definitely brought me closer to understanding who I am – a deliberate creator of my wonderful reality. Great read, Jeannette!

  • Ming says:

    This was the big GAME CHANGER in my life- when I got right with debt, not only got right- but appreciated it. Its when you talked about good debt verses bad debt. When I realized I had good debt- money started coming in to pay off my debt – to becoming debt free. 😉

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