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Manifesting a Valentine

manifesting loveWhat’s the best way to get the love you want?

Some say it’s to love yourself first.

Others will say it’s best done by loving others (because you get what you put out there).

Some say it’s to forgive your past. (Grudges, resentments, etc. prevent good love from finding you.)

Some tell you to act as if you’ve already got it.

In fact, I’ve said all of those things myself.

But the message I got today on Harmony Harrison’s Self Love shamanic journey call for Good Vibe U was this:

let it be okay that you don’t have it right now.

Those are wise words from spirit guides. Because we know how this works:

If there’s any part of you that doesn’t like how something is – first of all, know that’s natural.  It’s part of being human – we have new desires and preferences all the time.

They’re not to be wished away.

But if we stay dialed in on what’s wrong or what we wish was different, the difference can’t come in.

So it’s to make peace with what is.

When I asked guides how to replace drama with peace and harmony, the answer I got was to not wish this drama away.  Which makes perfect sense, because I know that in wishing it away, I’m resisting it.

Rather, our best move is to allow it. To make peace with it. That in itself transforms the vibration.

So I’m no longer needing the drama to go away before I feel better. I feel better now, and then the drama’s not so bad and pretty soon I don’t even notice drama.

It’s the same with everything we want.

Getting what we want starts with not resisting where we are.

So to get the love life you want, whether it’s attracting someone new or transforming an existing relationship, it starts with getting okay with how things are now.

(This is where I share a colleague’s disclaimer about denial.)

If you’re wishing for a better Valentine than you have right now, take a deep breath, know it’s on its way, and let it go for now. Let it be okay today that you are where you are.

With that you just took the first most important step in manifesting dream come true love.

  • February 14, 2012
  • Just Me says:

    Hi Missy!
    What if I am single for the rest of my life? I would really not be happy, cause it is my biggest dream to experiment a relationship, get married before I leave this world. It’s not that my happiness is dependent on someone, it kind of is, but not 100%.. Having someones give life a lot of flavor and I am tired of living without this flavor… It’s just that the more I look at my life it seems there’s not going to be anybody for me and I can’t accept that and I won’t be happy if I have to go through that.. I understand I am resistant for not wanting to be alone, but all my friends live like that too, like they can’t live without a partner, and a new person always comes along for them. In fact, they never spend too much time alone, even if they are resistant to being single and alone (on the other hand, for me nobody ever comes). In other words, there is more than someone for them but there isn’t for me, and I don’t et why. This is what gets me crazy, if I’m supposed to end up alone I wanted to at least know why so I can just give up on this dream in peace.
    Hope I explained my point well! It was very nice talking to you, even if the subject is kind of gloomy =)

  • MissyB says:

    Just me – what if you are single for the rest of your life ? I read from your words that you’d be unhappy (or at least not happy) if you were single for the rest of your life ? Forgive me if I have read that wrong. But if I have read it right – there is the resistance – right there in a nutshell.
    What if you are going to be single ? Does that mean you will allow yourself to be not happy for the rest of your life ? Does that means you are placing your happiness dependent on a relationship ?
    I can only say what I have done – and no, there is no man in my life…YET ! I’ve asked the Universe for one…and in the meantime…I am busy getting happy. We only have here and now – and I want to be happy in this moment and not wait for someone to come along to allow that.
    Oh and there is someone for everyone (in fact I think there’s more than one for everyone)

  • Just Me says:

    I makes a lot of sense! =)
    I understand where you’re coming from, if a woman never wanted a partner in the first place, she could totally be happy and not feel lonely. But if her dream was to have a partner and she did everything possible to attract one but one never came, even if she was mostly happy with her life, she would feel lonely and miss having a partner.
    This is something that bugs me about the law of attraction, I don’t know which things you can really attract and which just won’t happen for a certain person or depend on her “destiny”. Is it really realistic that there is a partner for every single person in the world out there? What if just there isn’t any possible partner out there for some women?
    I know my comment showed I have some resistance, I am very afraid to release it and actually ask the universe for a partner and maybe have to face the fact that he won’t come no matter what I do.
    Thanks for answering my comment, any new insight would be very much appreciated =)

  • Well, Just Me, I actually know men who have the experience, too, so women don’t actually hold the market on growing old alone.
    Not that there’s much solace in that thought. ha
    But if one were “doing everything right” – by that I assume you mean they’re getting happy now, finding fulfillment in life without needing a partner in order to feel complete – if they were doing that, they wouldn’t be lonely, right? Rather, they’d be happy.
    Some people do prefer solitude to committed relationships, so we couldn’t assume just because someone was single and older that they had somehow failed.
    But you said something in your post that reveals where the opportunity for a helpful energy shift lies …
    … when you said “I don’t want to end up like this” – that’s a sign of a “don’t want” i.e. “resistance” which – we know how that works. (What we resist, persists.)
    So the first step is in releasing that resistance.
    Does that make sense?

  • Just Me says:

    Is it possible to do everything right and even so a relationship does not come? Everyone knows at least a woman who loves herself and has her life all figured out, but still no man ever comes into her life and she grows old alone. I don’t want to end up like this. I don’t see it happening to men ever, only to women. Why does this happen?

  • Pernille Madsen says:

    Very wise words from two very wise ladies – thank you Jeannette and Harmony 🙂

  • Stacey - Soul Intelligence says:

    Love this: “Getting what we want starts with not resisting where we are.”
    That’s the work. Letting go of resistance.
    Thanks for the reminder.

  • MissyB says:

    I am all for making peace with what is…and it is seeing me through in a week where I have had a mini “break up in the vortex”.
    Pain seems to dissipate so much quicker when you make peace with where you are at… but then you guys know that already.
    Thank you GVG and HMH – I know I am on the right track after reading your timely post.

  • Stephen says:

    I had a thought this morning about creating something I want. It sounds appropriate to this discussion.
    “I have to become the person who has it.”
    So, in the context of manifesting your valentine, what does it feel like to be the person who has found their lover? It feels joyful, it feels excited, it feels content.
    The person who already has the lover isn’t bummed about when she didn’t. She doesn’t think about being single and miserable at all, or if she does *it is with a laugh about how it used to be.*
    The fastest way to manifesting anything imagine how it will feel to have it AND THEN BECOME THAT.

  • Harmony Marie Harrison says:

    Jeannette, you’ve got some pretty wise spirit guides showing up for you. Thank you for sharing this! 🙂

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