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The Classifications of Manifestation

Because I’m a manifesting nerd and this is my idea of a good time, I created these classifications of manifestation.

Which of these have you experienced? Which is your forte? Would love to hear in the comments!

(Classification legend is published below.)

1. Sleeper Success (Latin: Tarda Victoria) 
This is the manifestation that is so gradual and so slow you can hardly tell it’s happening. Often you don’t realize this one has come to fruition until well after the fact.

Ex: Like when you pull out an old vision board and realize half the things have already come to pass.
Classification: W/I/E/S

2. Expired Target (Latin: Mortus Scopum)
An old desire that you changed your mind about comes to fruition after you no longer want it.

Ex: Like the long time crush you fantasized about reaches out after you’re engaged to someone else. Or the couple who gets approved for an adoption becomes pregnant.
Classification: U/D/E/S

3. Kitchen Sink Success (Latin: Durum Opus)
When a big dream comes true after you thrown everything you’ve got at it: every manifesting tool, technique, and action you can think of.

Ex: When you make a vision board, set an intention, perform daily affirmations, call in divine aid, act as if, script it, journal it, and take every action you can think of – that’s throwing everything you’ve at it.
Classification: W/I/H/S

4. Driftwood (Latin: Signum Victoria)
This is a hint or signs of early progress on your true desire. It’s sometimes misinterpreted as failure or manifestation miss, but it’s a sign that you’re headed in the right vibrational direction.

Ex: When your desire is to have a full client load, and you get an emailed inquiry from a prospect. Or when you want a specific car that your neighbor comes home with.
Classification: W/ID/E/RS

5. White Whale (Latin: Potest Cupiditatem)
Successful landing after a lengthy pursuit of a giant mythical elusive desire. Often is years in the making, if not decades. (Sometimes it can even be generational.) Pursuing a white whale can cause many to throw in the towel not just on this big dream, but on conscious creation altogether.

Ex: For many people, financial freedom.
Classification: W/I/H/S

6. Beginner’s Luck (Latin: Novicius Fortuna)
Typically performed by an uninitiated or even skeptical boyfriend or husband, this is when a manifesting newbie lands an easy win without effort. (Often frustrates more experienced conscious creators who watch it unfold.) This type of manifestation is usually fueled by hootlessness and complete unattachment. (We call it “beginner’s” luck, but it’s really “not-trying-too-hard’s” luck.

Ex: When your partner (who scoffs at your manifesting magic) jokingly declares he’s going to conjure a perfect parking place for the concert you’re on your way to, and he does.
Classification: W/U/E/R

7. Wrong Target (Latin: Malum Scopum)
When you got what you were going for, but it turns out not to be what you really wanted after all.

Ex: Like when you intended for this specific person to become your love interest, and the romance is a nightmare. Or when you create a nice windfall of cash but at the same time a surprise expense wipes it all out.
Classification: WU/I/EH/RS

8. Worst Fear (Latin: Pessimi Timor)
This is when the exact thing you’ve been dreading comes to pass. Your attention to it brought it to fruition, even though it’s exactly what you didn’t want.

Ex: We’re too savvy to really entertain examples of this, right? Right. We all know when this happens, and everyone’s done it.
Classification: U/D/H/RS

9. Repeat Performance (Latin: Echo Ostende)
When you get in a strong vibrational groove and the successful manifestation makes repeat appearances, over and over. This can happen whether the desire for it is present or not.

Ex: Like when you get a new foster gig with a semi-feral momma cat, and another, and another, and another.
Classification: W/D/E/R

10. The Sweep (Latin: Vulgus Conscientia) 
This is when you get caught up in someone else’s vibrational activation and you experience the manifestation of it right along with them. This occurs when mass consciousness turns its collective attention to a common focus, and also when someone close to us gets a strong activation going. It happens whether our desire for it is present or not.

Ex: Pandemic fears, political rage, job frustration, Game of Thrones obsession, etc.
Classification: WU/D/EH/RS

11. Picture Perfect (Latin: Perfectus Demonstrationem)
This is conscious creation at its finest: where we experience an authentic desire coming to full fruition without struggle and in swift form. It’s a smooth unfolding, an enjoyable process, and a satisfying win. This can apply to both big dreams and smaller spontaneous desires.

Ex: Like when you intend an enjoyable commute and you get green lights and open lanes galore. Or when you call in a new love interest and in next to no time you’re smiling as a new romance reveals itself.
Classification: W/I/E/R

12. Victory Burst (Latin: Victoria Verberare) 

When you hit a hot vibrational streak and manifest wins across multiple categories at about the same time.

Ex: You get a raise at work, hit your target weight, your cat comes home safe and sound, you find a $20 bill in the glove box, and your partner does that thing you’ve always wanted them to do … all in the same week!
Classification: W/ID/E/R

13. Whimsical Win (Latin: Subita Acceptum)

When something you think lightly about once, not giving it any more attention nor putting any effort into it (and often not even any desire), manifests in swift order. You have a whim of a thought, and next thing you know, there it is in real life.

Ex: You think about a former colleague you haven’t seen or talked to in years, and you run into them at the gas station.
Classification: WU/D/E/R

Classification Legend:

Wanted (W) : Unwanted (U)
Intentional (I) : Default (D)
Easy (E) : Hard (H)
Rapid (R) : Slow (S)

Which of these are your forte? What have I left out?

I’d love to hear from you in the comments!

  • January 16, 2021
  • David Michaels says:

    Some Driftwood, some Wrong Target, recurring Picture Perfect but with (sometimes large) gaps of time in between, and random Whimsical Wins scattered throughout. 😉

  • Donna says:

    Ok … what about Instantaneous Manifestation much different than the Victory Burst … it is more like 1 red-hot, instant manifestation.

    I can relate to White Whale and Sleeper Success.

    I’ve had Expired Target but disagree with Default … it took me that long to accept receiving. Practise wasn’t a strong point. It was a true desire just a very wobbly vibrational experience.🤗

  • Timeline Traveller says:

    Excellent list 🙂 Love the dramatic-sounding Latin names too 🙂 I’ve experienced quite a few of these, sometimes at the same time or in overlapping ways.

    As for additional ones, I’d suggest:

    14) Non-physical (Latin: Non Physica): Manifesting a sudden insight about something, an answer to a question, a piece of knowledge, an emotion or any other non-physical thing. I’ve found that this can often be quicker and easier than manifesting physical things (since it’s easier to believe that it can show up at literally any time, anywhere, in any way etc…)

    15) Even Better (Latin: Bonum iterum): I think I first learnt this concept from an older GVB post and, in my experience, it’s definitely a separate type (sort of the opposite of “Wrong Target”). This is when your original intention doesn’t manifest, but lots of even better stuff related to the intention manifests instead.

    • Namaste says:

      I like the “Even Better” addition, good idea =)

      • Timeline Traveller says:

        Thanks 🙂 Sorry for the late reply. The example I had of it a couple of months ago was when I was waiting/hoping for a modern re-release of an old videogame I wanted to play again. Yet, at least 5-7 other games – many better than the one I wanted – manifested (either free or heavily discounted) instead.

    • Jeannette says:

      Oh, that’s so good, Timeline Traveller! I’m adding both of these, too! Thank you!!

      • Timeline Traveller says:

        No probs 🙂 Sorry about the late reply. Thanks again for the inspiration for the “even better” one (I can’t remember the exact article, but I’m sure that I initially found the idea/concept from an older article on here).

  • Pamela Joy says:

    So good, Jeannette! As always, your style and humor are just as great as the content and information are. I just love ya!

  • Namaste says:


    I’ve experienced all of these as well. We’ve both doing this a long time =)

    The only thing I’d add to this list would be this…

    13. Whim Desires Manifesting
    When something manifests in your experience and you think, “I thought about that one time, like one single time, I didn’t even necessarily want it.”

    Ex: Years ago, my father mentioned electronic planners. I thought, “That might be interesting” and that’s all I thought about it. A short time later, an electronic planner showed up in my life. I remember playing around with it for a minute or two, deciding that it wasn’t for me and laughing at the fact that it had manifested.

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