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How Manifesting Is Like a Chinese Finger Trap

Releasing Resistance for Successful ManifestingSuccessful manifesting is all about aligning to the desire, which is sometimes tricky when we’re in the throes of resistance …

Like when we really don’t want to be at this weight or are tired of dealing with this disease.

Or when we’re scared about looming debt or hate our stupid job.

Or when we absolutely cannot stand a particular person in our life or are determined to create change in a key relationship.

Resistance like that can keep our desires from manifesting because that vibe is so contrary to what we want.

And we can’t get what we want until we know the vibration of it.

Conscious creators know this.

And yet releasing that resistance isn’t always the easiest thing to do.

The process of dropping that resistance sometimes reminds me of a Chinese finger trap … where the way out isn’t to struggle against, but to relax in. That’s what takes the pressure off and allows the release.

It’s the same with vibrational resistance – making peace with the thing we don’t want actually leads the way out.

It seems counterintuitive that we get what we want by getting okay with what is. But it works!

Just like it seems weird that you escape the finger trap by going further in.

(Bashar says the highest truths seem paradoxical – here’s another one!)

That means our manifesting work is to …

  • Practice being okay with how our body is right now.
  • Or make peace with our money (or lack of it) in its current state.
  • Or learning to accept the person or job that drives us crazy.

… or whatever we’re flowing negative energy toward.

Finding a way to accept what we’ve been pushing against is a good LOA trick. But embracing what we’ve been pushing away is a powerful step toward transformation.

That doesn’t make a lot of intuitive sense or come to us very naturally, so it’s a mark of a master to be able to practice this.

Whatever conditions you’ve been trying to escape in your life, consider making peace instead and watch the magic unfold. 🙂

  • August 23, 2015
  • Brian says:

    When you offer resistance to resistance, you create more resistance.

    When you offer allowing to, or make peace with, resistance, you create more allowing.

  • Elle says:

    I take this to mean relaxing into whatever you are doing and not kick and scream with frustration; whistle while you work. I just read some reviews of LOA books in which people say it is BS. I think they miss the point. Yes, you do have to work and lift a finger or two, but do it happily, gently, do it with ease, flow, feel good about it and things will just flow better. Let go of the outcome and be detached, and it gets even better. Am I on the right track?
    Like, if you want to get pregnant, you still need to have sex. But, enjoy it, be relaxed and stop looking at your calendar, because the baby won’t come that way. Enjoy the time with your partner and stop obsessing over it and one day-viola!

    • Jeannette says:

      “Stop obsessing over it” – is really good advice, Elle!
      It makes me think of this guy’s video about conquering the finger trap:
      But to be technically LOA accurate – regarding the example you gave, to get pregnant we don’t actually HAVE to have sex. Plenty of people do it without that step. But inspired action – yes. Whatever that inspiration is, that is part of the manifestation process. It works way better when we drop our judgments and prejudices about what that action should be, so that we’re more open to hear and follow true inspiration.
      Our beliefs have a way of getting mixed up in a lot of that, but they can be leveraged to work for us instead of against us.
      It’s a pretty fun process, if you ask me. 🙂

      • Elle says:

        Thank you, Jeannette! Lots of people do ivf with no result, lots of tears, frustration and hopelessness, and empty savings accounts, because that is their only hope, so they are told, and when it does not work, then they feel like there is no way to get pregnant. Then, they stop obsessing about it, stop listening to others telling them it is not possible (we just do not know enough about the mystery of life scientifically; up to now they were looking at the wrong thing), and it happens naturally. I just use this example because everything is possible, if you do not obsess.

  • Bashar says the highest truths seem paradoxical – here’s another one!

    Paul calls this The Great Paradox.
    But only because we tend to believe that logic is supposed to be THE way to do anything instead of realizing that intuition leads while logic serves (my favorite example they give is of why logic is great for baking a cake — it’s deeeelicious!).
    There’s actually nothing paradoxical about this at all, once you remember how thoughts work.
    And, intuition leads us naturally in the direction of “stopping the pushing,” because when we do, it feels like relief. That’s how we know it works immediately. Of course, the fabulous results rush to further confirm! More deeeeeliciousness! 😉

    • Jeannette says:

      “Intuition leads while logic serves” – love that, Frank!
      I aspire to live that more often. 🙂
      Thanks for chiming in on this one!

  • Gillian says:

    Great reminder (Y)

  • Phil says:

    I guess, as a newbie here, that I am concerned that making peace with what I don’t want will just bring me more of what I don’t want.
    Why is that not so?

    • JG. says:

      Hi Phil:
      As I understand it, it is all about your vibration. So, if you make peace with what you do not want, you stop offering that vibration. Instead, you have the mental space to focus on what you do want and start offering this other vibration.
      The quality of a vibration is defined for how it makes you feel. An example may be useful: if you focus on more money and it feels good, then you are effectively aking for more money. But if it does not, then unconciously you may be focusing on the lack of it, and that is what you will attract -more lack.
      To me, it is important to always be aware of the unconcious component of any thought.
      Hope this is helpful to you!.

    • Jeannette says:

      Yes, very well said by JG! (Fab to see you here, JG!)
      Phil, thanks for asking such a good question. Even very savvy and experienced creators have that suspicion, so it’s not a concern limited to those who are new to conscious creation. 🙂
      As JG said, we get what we vibrate, so whatever we’re focused on and feeling, that’s what’s coming next. When I’m resisting a bad breakup, for example, (since I know this one from personal experience: that’s what I’m focused on and attracting. When I make peace with having a bad breakup, peace rules. And the breakup isn’t so bad. Or even if it is, I don’t experience it as such because I got peaceful about the whole thing.
      This is why I said it’s the mark of a master to be able to do this. It’s one thing to understand the concept/principle – quite another to practice it under fire! 🙂

  • Phil says:

    Thanks JG.

  • Monica says:

    Yes, relaxing is releasing resistance! Very helpful. Thanks Jeannette for another great post! 🙂

  • Indeed! Which is why everyone should take time everyday, not only to count their blessings, but to meditate and relax.

  • Heather says:

    Hi Jeannette,
    I don’t know about the Chinese finger trap, LOL.
    But it is a GREAT article and it still makes sense. 😀
    And it is such a perfect reminder, thank you!

    • Jeannette says:

      That’s funny, Heather, I was wondering if I needed to explain or demo the finger trap! Glad the story still worked. 🙂

      • Heather says:

        😀 😀 😀
        If I ever come across one, I’ll remember that I just need to relax my fingers. 😀
        I’d better master LOA-wise until then. 😀

  • Dani says:

    It’s kind of strange how we know things in theory but when it’s time to practice, all that knowledge seems to fly out the window. At the moment I’m okay with my job but I’d love to be more than “ok” with my job (or a new one…I’m trying to let the Universe decide which will best satisfy my desires) but I’m not sure how to get to that place.
    When I try to be appreciative of my jobs. I find myself stuck on the same things and it feels kind of forced. Any suggestions on how to love my situation as it is now?

    • Jeannette says:

      Back when I was in corporate world I had a coach who told me that my homework was to find something I appreciated about that job I really didn’t like any more. “Even if it’s just the elevator,” she said, find something to appreciate at work.
      Which was funny that she used that example, because I was in one of the most beautiful buildings in the entire city, and the elevator was stunningly gorgeous. And still, I hated that job. I couldn’t even appreciate a beautiful elevator.
      Because I was burned out, and I had wimpy appreciation muscles. The easier thing for me to do was to set a date to quit. And that lifted my spirits. So much so that I actually quit ahead of schedule. (And built a full time coaching business in 3 months!)
      So I get it when someone says, “There really isn’t anything for me to appreciate about this.” Because if we’ve been practicing less-than-fabulous vibes for too long, we really are blind to good stuff.
      Which makes it all the more imperative that we give ourselves relief however else we can. Maybe you could set an intention for higher power/higher self to show you the way or to help upgrade the vibration. That always works for me when I ask for guidance or inspiration. 🙂

      • Ay caramba!

        Because I was burned out, and I had wimpy appreciation muscles. The easier thing for me to do was to set a date to quit. And that lifted my spirits. So much so that I actually quit ahead of schedule. (And built a full time coaching business in 3 months!)

        Have you ever written about this?
        Appreciation, on principle, is what SHOULD have worked.
        But setting the date, in practice, is what ACTUALLY worked.
        The takeaway for me is that we always know what we’re doing. You followed your own intuition. And boom!
        SO MUCH HERE!
        (Pardon my yelling…)

        • Jeannette says:

          This is a good point, Frank. It’s got me thinking …
          You know what I’d been resisting that whole time I kept working a job I didn’t want any more? I was resisting the call to coaching. I’d been resisting it for a number of years, believing the gremlin fears that it wouldn’t work or I couldn’t do it. Which kept me stuck where I was.
          And when I finally said yes to it, everything worked out!
          Still thinking on this one, because your point is really intriguing …

    • Brian says:

      ”When I try to be appreciative of my jobs. I find myself stuck on the same things and it feels kind of forced.”
      Then back up from the specifics and go more general of what you want and how you want to feel.

      Or, get off the subject of your job altogether, and focus on things in your life you do genuinely, and easily appreciate.

      It doesn’t matter if you appreciate aspects of your job or appreciate your body, butt, hair, or appreciate the nice sunny day or even appreciate you’re a nice person… all that matters is you focus on feeling good being in the vibration of appreciation.
      The specifics of what you are appreciating are not as important as the simple fact you are appreciating. Something. Anything, really. Use anything as your excuse to appreciate, and the easier it is for you to appreciate it the better.

  • Ale says:

    Thank you very much for this inspirational post. Is amazing all the things needed to achieve a successful manifestation although yeah, it seems hard to embrace the actual situation when what you want is to change such situation and it would seem like taking a step backwards. It does require a lot of work and I believe training as well but hopefully once done, it will all flow freely and amazingly.
    Just to make sure I get it, embracing me and all that I have now will not appear to be like a resistance to getting what I desire, right? Embracing what I want to change wont mean a contradiction to getting what I desire?
    🙂 Thanks

    • Brian says:

      “Just to make sure I get it, embracing me and all that I have now will not appear to be like a resistance to getting what I desire, right?”
      If embracing you feels good, the Universe hears, “Hey, they want more good feeling things!”
      It’s when you don’t feel good you offer resistance and the Universe hears, “Hey, they want more not good feeling things!”
      How you feel, let’s you know what’s coming. So, focus on what feels good, and you know more good feeling things, people and experiences are coming.
      Abraham says, “Happy with where you are and eager for more… the perfect point of attraction.”

    • Jeannette says:

      Well said, Brian. And good question, Ale!
      This is a concept that makes even some savvy creators nervous, since it seems so contradictory. But yes, anything that helps you feel better leads to results that feel better. And dropping resistance to what we don’t want is a sure fire way to feel better. It’s why making peace and accepting what is is such a foundational key to a manifestor’s skill set. 🙂

      • Ale says:

        Thank you Jeannette 😀 it makes a lot of sense, nonetheless, I believe is something that needs to be practised continuously, precisely like getting out of a “finger trap” needs practice to get out of it
        I am starting to believe is ok to accept what it is, see the bright side of it and enjoy it, but that does not mean I settle and that does not mean I loose sight and desire of wanting more and better 🙂 so I think I am on the right direction
        Thanks for your article and for taking to the time to respond to my comment Jeannette.

  • Sharne says:

    Yes so true! I had a situation with a dear friend that turned into a flat mate. We both weren’t happy with the arrangement and I found myself wondering how I was going to make it better. When I realized that wasn’t my job, seeing my pattern in the situation, came to a sense of peace and realizing I deserve a better living situation without blaming, in fact I was loving she revealed my pattern. Thinking I was going to share my revelations only to have her reveal she is leaving. Effortless, I maintained a loving friend and have the potential to create a better home condition!!! All through letting go of resistance, seeing my part, feeling grateful for insight. Great stuff. Love and light Sharne 🙂 <3

  • ramonasun says:

    Thank you ! : )

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