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Manifesting Missing Kitty

cat.jpgBefore I left town last week, a law of attraction savvy friend asked if I’d send good intentions for her missing cat.

That one always gets me. Well, pretty much anything to do with our companion animals. Sick cats, missing dogs, unwanted bunnies. Years of animal rescue have contributed to my (old) vibration of sadness and hopelessness when it comes to our furry friends. I’ve worked purposely to leave that vibe behind, but it’s always there waiting for me when the opportunity arises to activate it again.

I told my friend I would send good thoughts for her and cat. Then I thought about how hard it must be for her to lose her cat. That’s a scary time, not knowing what’s happened; retracing the events wondering if you’re responsible.

That’s pretty much what I vibrated: sympathy, compassion, lost cat.

Not “reunion with cat.”

Can you feel the difference?

I wasn’t aware of it at the time.

But I became so, when I came home from my week in the Bahamas and discovered my cat was missing. Big surprise, huh? (not)

Yeah, that’s how this works. We get what we vibrate.

So – as my cat sitter tells me he hasn’t seen Elsa in five days, and he’s worried some evil fate befell her, I feel my worry vibe grow.

I’ll spare you (cat owners) the details of my anxiety so you don’t go there vibrationally, but this is a good story of how LOA works when we remember to work it. Here’s how it played out:

Early evening she still hasn’t shown up, so I step out on the porch to call her. I bring tuna with me, but she’s a no show. I optimistically try to imagine all the fun she might be up to. Maybe she’s on a big adventure. Maybe someone found her and they’re lavishing her with love.

But I don’t really believe she’s on a fun adventure. My thoughts easily slip to, “What was she doing outside?? How did she get out here? How well does she know this neighborhood?” I know she wouldn’t go far. If she were here, she could hear me. Is she trapped? Hurt? Confiscated by animal control? Will AVID have her information properly recorded, so the shelter could contact me?

I continue this routine throughout the rest of the night, as my thoughts wander back to missing kitty. I pace the yard, calling her name over and over. I feel guilty for not being a better cat guardian, and worry she might think I left her. I knew I shouldn’t have left town.

Okay, that’s enough looking. You’re doing no good with those thoughts. Go to bed!

I try imagining she’ll appear in her own sweet time. That’s a nice thought, but it quickly digresses to, “Will I see her dead body in the street tomorrow morning? And what is she eating? Is she finding water?”

Go to sleep, Jeannette! This isn’t helping!

Before I go to bed I remember to run a quick errand. Driving home, I finally get to a good vibe. I recognize I’ve been carrying worry, and I know that can only keep her lost.

I imagine my friend’s lost cat, and what she should do to let her cat come home.

She should FEEL her home now.

Oh, HELLO! That’s how that works. I remember now! Sheesh, Jeannette!! Feel Elsa home now.

Feel the relief of seeing her safe and sound on the back porch, waiting patiently to come back in the house. See how nonchalantly she flips her tail on the porch, as if nothing out of the ordinary has transpired at all. It’s not a big deal at all to find her safe and sound, because you knew all along she was just fine.

She just didn’t like your cat sitter. No big deal. She laid low. She’s ready for some tuna now. She’s safe and sound. Relief. There she is, safe and sound.

Yes, I can feel that vibe now. I’ve got it. I’ve got a good grasp of it. It feels good.

I’m home free now.

Having gotten solidly to “relaxing” about it, I finish up the night routine and head to bed. Once there, I hear a dog scratching on the door. Probably Koda wanting out. I get up, open the door to let him out, and see an empty tuna can that I may as well run out to the recycling bin. On my way to the trash in the dark, guess who I spy lounging on top of the old scratch post?

That’s right. Sweet, nonchalant Elsa. Flipping her tail to let me know I’m disturbing her peaceful night’s rest.

Hello, Sweetie. A couple pets confirm she’s a-okay. Ready for her nightly sleep. Must have been a big day.

She lets me bring her in without protest. Too bad you missed out on tuna, young lady.

And before I drift off to sleep, I remember to thank Universe for bringing my cat home safely. Gratitude. Relief. Relaxing.

Wow, what a nice vibe combo.

It’s hard for Universe to match us up with a reunion while we vibrate worry. I know it’s even harder to vibrate relief while someone’s missing. But – we know how this works. That’s how we let it in. Vibrate it first, then it happens.

Someone remind me that next time Elsa goes on a big adventure. : )

  • August 1, 2007
  • blank Teena E. Mason says:

    Wow! Nice manifesting on your part. I think this is more “allowing” and it speaks volumes to me in my current situation. Thanks, Teena

  • blank Good Vibe Coach says:

    Yeah, that allowing thing again, huh? Funny how it always comes back to that.Feeling good is where the action is. Thanks for the comment, Teena, and the welcome back, Leah!

  • blank leah says:

    Welcome back (both you and Elsa)… Good reminder…

  • blank Anonymous says:

    You know I especially like this post, not that I don’t love all your posts Jeannette. But your sharing makes me really see how worrying absolutely pins us down -locked in an energy that just spins our wheels.
    And if it has been a past habbit it takes a lot of conscious effort to step out of that energy. I have noticed my body gets hooked on that buzz. It’s the same energy that has you saying yeah but instead of letting go. It’s almost like the body gets charged up from it.
    What I am trying consciously to do these days is to fuel up to a better source, one that will let my wheels get me somewhere, instead of being charged up and going nowhere.

    Love Leslie

  • blank Kate West says:

    Yeah, as the person who lost the original cat, I must say that this post has helped me and my family (who know better, but still revert to old patterns under animal inspired stresses) refocus our focus from searching from our ‘lost’ cat, to feeling him home. I went out and changed all my posters from “Lost Cat” to “Have you seen me lately?” That feels better. Louis is on a road trip and I can’t wait to hear him meow about it. I’m getting all kinds of ‘driftwood’ as I change my focus too. I even found someone else’s orange cat who was missing. Thanks Universe, that’s positive evidence if you ask me! And I’m doing me best to let go and allow him to have his life wherever he feels it’s best for him. After all, he knows better than I do. Reassured by the notion that once we make connections we can never loose them, I no longer feel the urgency, the panic, the LACK!!! Yeah, Abe’s right, we never get it done and there is no hurry. So, I’m surfin’ this wave!! Got my wet suit on and my board all waxed up. Yeehaw! Feelin’ better already!

    For some seriously inspiring free articles on the animal/human connection, visit . And bring some Kleenex! It’s the good kind of tears!

  • blank Kim Falconer says:

    Hi Jeannette,

    Your post is so relevant to me! I am (obviously) a cat loving person and my ‘boy’ Draygon sometimes has little adventures and I don’t know where he is. My immediate response is fear and worry—which I now switch to a feeling of trust and love. I find it’s great practice at ‘allowing’, as mentioned by teena, and practice in the art of shifting an old vibe into a new one. This is the same kind of energy that vibes around our kids when they are out, a partner or friend, any loved one. Can you imagine how it is for them when they are surfing or hang gliding or driving to the city and we are worrying about …well NO. Don’t think about that! When we see them having a wonderful time, we contribute ‘wonder’. That’s got to be the best support anyone can give.

    Thank you so much for your moving story.
    Xxx Kim

    PS. Sometimes when I can’t easily move from ‘worry’ about my kitty friend I ask Bast (Egyptian goddess and protector of all felines) to look after him. That gets me to the feeling of trust and allowing right away.

  • blank Good Vibe Coach says:

    Ah, yes, Bast! What a good idea, Kim! And thanks for the link, Kate. I’m enjoying pleasant thoughts of Louis and what he’s up to right now. Thanks for the chance to get myself straightened out on, as you said, “animal inspired stresses.”

    We are learning so much!

  • blank Patricia Singleton says:

    What a great way to use the Law of Attraction. Thanks for the story.

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