Masters of Creation

want a VIP way to upgrade your manifesting powers?

Dear Fellow Creator,

If you aren't fully leveraging your creative powers already, I've got an invitation for you ...

Lots of us know manifesting skills but don't engage them the way we could be. I'm on a mission to change that.

My Masters of Creation Circle is designed to upgrade your skills and focus your powers to create whatever you most desire.  

It's my most advanced manifesting program to help you become the conscious creator you're capable of being. 

Because focused guidance and support makes all the difference in what happens next!

Jeannette Maw, Good Vibe Coach

are you making the most of your manifesting powers?

You study the materials, you listen to the teachers, maybe even join the online groups ... but in your heart of hearts you know you're still not leveraging possibility the way you could.  

Maybe it's because you aren't sure how to put the knowledge to use. Or maybe you keep drifting back to muggle ways. 

Whatever's handicapping your reality-creating game, I'd like to help you raise your manifesting standards by creating your favorite dreams come true with swift ease and high enjoyment.  

Master the art OF conscious creation.

My Masters of Creation Circle offers Private Support

to Embrace Your Highest Manifesting Game!

Success is contagious, and so are habits. When you engage law of attraction at this level, your success becomes natural and effortless. You embrace a new normal for deploying your best creative powers! 

What Is the Masters Circle?

This is an intimate gathering of committed creators to help you master the skills of manifesting and focus your powers in service of your favorite dreams and desires.

Its purpose is to help you become a masterful creator.

Here's how we do it:

  • You declare what you'd most like to create next, whether it's a material thing, an experience, or a feeling. (Yes, you can choose more than one, but focus is our friend.)
  • Based on an assessment and our initial consult, I create a customer formula for you to achieve that desire. (We'll tweak it as called for.)
  • You get my support via relevant resources, expert suggestions, personal check-ins (email and private sessions), as well as other systems to elicit your best alignment.

That's all it takes to open the doors to dreams come true! 

why this works so well

There are several elements that make this meetup so powerful, including:


  1. Personal, customized support from a master manifestor dedicated to your success
  2. Normalizing the habits of conscious creation with like-minded others
  3. Commitment to your game by investing time and money in this endeavor

This isn't just a private coaching circle and you're not following someone else's cookie cutter approach. This is an entire customized system designed to elicit your best manifesting game with the techniques and processes proven to make the real difference.

what have you been wanting to create?

If you've had a long lasting desire that's eluded you, that's a perfect focus for this party! If you've doubted your manifesting abilities, we'll correct that. If you've wondered what the best approach is to create what you want, we'll remedy that, too.

I intend members of the Masters Circle will experience:

  • Clarity and confidence about what you're creating next
  • Upgraded beliefs, perspectives, and thought processes
  • Releasing of sabotaging habits
  • Eliminating energy drains
  • Significantly improved receiving skills 
  • Mastery of core conscious creation skills

You can use this system to manifest whatever you desire, including:

  • New/rewarding relationships
  • Improved health and physicality
  • Enjoyable social life and experiences of community
  • New heights of professional success
  • True financial freedom and abundance
  • Smooth transition of life phases
  • Upgraded material satisfaction

Whatever you've got in mind to create, I'm delighted to help you get there.  

Here's What You'LL Get in the masters circle:

Private Mentoring (avg 2 calls/mo)

Being part of the Masters Circle means you have a manifesting coach on retainer when you need one. We’ll talk twice a month (or as appropriate) to keep your focus in place, grow good creation skills, and troubleshoot whatever challenges arise.

Masters of Creation Advanced Curriculum

Each month I deliver to your inbox a pdf and audio module focusing on the key practices and habits that make for masterful manifesting. These tutorials are exclusive to Masters of Creation members, and are based on advanced creation principles. 

Unlimited VIP Email Support

You get first priority in my inbox, for those times it’s more convenient to write instead of phone. It’s an easy way to keep me in your loop and for me to check on your ongoing progress.

Full Access to GVU

Enrolling in the Masters Circle gains you automatic access to the entire GVU library as well as private member resources, including complimentary coach sessions with LOA coaches.

Live Training Calls

Each week you're invited to join us on a variety of live calls designed to enhance your manifesting know-how. This is one of our favorite ways to “normalize” the art of manifesting – by gathering with like-minded others on a regular basis!

Private Masters Forum

Masters members enjoy a private secure forum for sharing successes, posting updates, and passing along helpful resources, as well as continuing discussions inspired by the group recordings.

Like-Minded Peeps

If you’ve been craving a powerful circle of like-minded friends, you’ll find it here. Most members report that this is the most supportive and positive-minded group they’ve ever encountered. If you’re looking to upgrade your “five,” this will do it!

Archived Library

You'll find a year's worth of Masters calls available to download at your leisure, as well as the full library of GVU calls, articles and newsletters dating back to site inception in 2010. (Yes, you can download and keep the library content for whenever you want to come back to it!)

This isn't just a private coaching circle. It's a robust lineup of proven systems integrated into my expert manifesting formula to ensure your highest success as a conscious creator. 

And there are a variety of enrollment options to make it an easy yes to join …

Masters of Creation Circle Is for Those Who ...

  • Believe in our power to create reality. (You don’t have to be LOA savvy, but at least open/curious.)
  • Are willing to do the vibrational work. (This is not for theoretical study. We apply the principles of conscious creation in regular daily life.)
  • Want to experience the magic of co-creating with a professional manifesting coach.
  • Recognize the value of setting oneself up for success with LOA-savvy resources at their disposal. 
  • Are excited to maximize their potential and are excited to be well-supported in creating big success.
  • Love a great deal! (Since this is a new manifesting formula this year, you get the benefit of beta rates!)S Ss is not your gig.)

If that sounds like you, you're invited to join the Masters of Creation Circle.

choose from 3 enrollment options:

The annual membership offers the same benefits as the monthly option, but costs less per month. New this year is a 6 month option as well!

Pick the one you like best:

Monthly Member

No time commitment. Your card

is charged monthly until

you cancel, which you can

do anytime online.

Regularly $397, now just:




6 Month Gig

When you want significant savings but not for a whole year. Your card is charged every 6 months until you cancel. Reg price is $1997, now just:



/6 months

Annual Member

SAVE BIG when you enroll for the year. Your card will be charged annually until you cancel anytime online.

Regularly $3997, now just:




* No contractual commitments required.

Your card is charged at the relevant time interval until you cancel, which you can do any time online.

Intrigued, But Not Sure?

If you're feeling the pull to join but have questions, drop me a note and we'll chat.

Expert tip: don't launch any new endeavor with fear or lack vibration engaged. Instead, decide from your satisfying end result. Imagine the success you want, feel what it feels like to be rocking your manifesting game full out, and then ask yourself what feels best from that aligned place. That's a decision you can trust, whatever it is! 


If I’m new to manifesting, will this help me?

If I’m an old hat at Manifesting, will this help me?

IS there a contract?

What are your policies and procedures?

how is this different than other programs?

how many monthly calls ?


How Much Support do I get?

how do I cancel?


When you join me in the Masters Circle, it will likely not just change your life, but the ripple effect will positively impact your loved ones as well. Including me. I’m a better manifestor for all the work I’ve done with Masters members, and I look forward to playing with you, too!

To Your Manifesting Mastery,