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Mind Your LOA Business

This post is for those of us who have a tendency to step on Universe’s toes (and block our own desires) by sticking our nose where it doesn’t belong …
Mind Your LOA Business

When one is tempted to figure something out in an attempt to fix a problem or change a situation, savvy creators take a pause.

Because we know our job isn’t to connect the dots and make things happen.

We’re not meant to come up with answers or coordinate solutions.

That’s Universe’s job.

Our job is to give Universe the instruction for what will be.

It figures out how to do it.

And it does it way better than you or I ever could.

When you’re fixated on a problem, you’re not giving instructions for solutions. You’re just creating more problem and blocking results.

So the next time you find yourself “figuring it out,” take that as your cue to get your nose out of Universe’s business and get back in your own. Which is to focus on what you want; feel how you want to feel; vision your desire to life.

After that Universe calls you forward via your inspiration. All there is for you to do is simply answer the call of whatever feels best.

That doesn’t feel like resolving issues or working hard for results.

It feels like fun. It feels joyful. It feels like your favorite thing.

Surely we got the easy part, right?

Let Universe do the heavy lifting for you. 🙂

  • April 29, 2015
  • Katy says:

    OMG Jeannette how come I never read that story before?? Or maybe I did and needed reminding? I just read it aloud to my boyfriend (and yes, made him mute Seinfeld lol) – I actually got tearful reading it.
    Big sigh…thank you for sharing that, as yes, like you I KNOW better and am VERY thankful for the reminder and the great story to bring it home! 🙂

  • Jeannette says:

    Thanks for reading, Becky! I totally get it about needing the regular reminder. (Me too.)
    But I guess the more we remember this, and the more we practice it, the less we stick our nose in Universe’s business.
    Yay for us getting better at this! 🙂

  • Becky Bacon says:

    Thank You! I totally needed this reminder today…and actually all week. Swimming upstream…or rather swimming in the Universe’s business, feels the same. Time to turn around and “float” downstream on my intention raft.
    And yes, the Universe directed me to read your blog today. Gotta love it!

  • Jeannette says:

    Suzie, I have a theory that sometimes we don’t open ourselves to our true desires because of all the ‘work’ we think it entails! Not saying that’s the case for you, but for anyone that might apply to, this is an especially good time to remember it doesn’t work like that!
    I’m with you, Suzie – here’s to going with the flow and enjoying the ride! 🙂

  • Suzie Cheel says:

    Funny i was just thinking that i haven’t been asking the universe for what i really want and in came you emil, which brought me over here.
    I have a big manifesting/ attracting project ahead of me so this is a great reminder
    Thanks , time to allow the flow and ditch the figure it our xx

  • Jeannette says:

    Oh, Sandeep, you might want to read this one, too!
    I was tempted to think moving could solve my problem, too! But we know wherever we go, we take our vibration with us. So the cleanup starts at home.
    You might not find any inspiration there. But I figured it’s worth sharing just in case.

  • Sandeep says:

    Good morning Jeannette,
    Agree with you most of it; but there are politically-intended individuals in all walks of like trying to pester, annoy, distract out of fear of competition and sheer jealousy; these people are even family members, relatives, friends, and neighbors; the Iron Age (Kalyug) comprises a majority of such people; I am planning to change my location and country; I pray to Universe to help me.
    Thanks for your good words; some of these I have imbibed; but as I said, this is Kalyug that will be followed by Satyug (Golden Age) after 70-80 years when consciousness will be benevolent instead of being malicious.
    Love and regards

  • Jeannette says:

    James, this clip from Bashar really helped me remember to unplug from trying or expecting things to make logical sense. It really can be easier than we make it.
    You might like it, too:

  • JamesWestbrookGamer says:

    OMG I needed to hear this. THANKS UNIVERSE.
    There have been certain skills i was wanting to learn, but there are certain factors that prevent me. I realize its my job to relax, and not stress, while the universe helpse find the answer to sneaking past the obstacles.
    Also from this post- another reminder that if i want something- to be happy NOW and not even think about it: because by thinking of these things, i only push them away!
    Lol Jeannette, I feel like the universe gifted your knowledge to me!

  • Jeannette says:

    Katy, I know how easy it is to try to solve that problem!
    I spent at least three months up in arms with many other neighbors about a particularly problem neighbor in the hood:
    Hope that offers some inspiration about where your real power lies. It took me a while to clue in!

  • Katy says:

    Ahh…a reminder of something I seem to keep on the outer edges of my thoughts! Meaning I know this 😉 I can find it too easy to start meddling – I tell myself it’s because i’m a ‘do-er’ or ‘getting it done’ but in this instance recently I think I need to really just mind my own business for a while.
    Have been dealing with less than desirable neighbors living below..not terrible..just not as quiet as one would hope. I find it too easy to get upset and letting it interfere with my thoughts all too often. Have been wanting to move for a while…our winter made it almost impossible to consider but now I’m ready again – and I know now is the time to make peace with where I am, the Universe knows what I prefer…and distract myself in the meantime. Thanks Jeannette. Perfect photo by the way lol – love it!

  • Jeannette says:

    You and me both, Sabeen. I wrote this in the morning, and just hours later found myself trying to figure something out. Seriously. !! lol
    But yay for noticing when we’re doing that and using it as a cue to dial back in on the desired result/feeling and let Universe take it from there.

  • Sabeen says:

    Appreciate your reminders so much! I feel like this is the key thing to solving any problem – quit trying so hard to solve it and remember that’s not your job. I need to keep reminding my brain until it gets this 🙂

  • Jeannette says:

    ha – actually it was inspired by our Monday call at GVU when I coached our friend to stop sticking her nose in Universe’s business. I said it’s like reading Universe’s diary – get outta there! Mind your own business!
    And I could feel how much I needed to hear that, too. 🙂
    Here’s to sticking our noses where they belong – deeply in the sweet scent of our best and highest dreams!

  • Ming says:

    HAHAHA Jeannette, did you write this just for me 🙂
    All kidding aside. Good to be reminded again! I have been focusing on the feeling what I want to feel. Feeling much better today.
    Nose unsticking!

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