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More Powerful Than You Realize

Conscious creators know thoughts turn to things.

That’s old news to us.

We’re all about learning to better harness that power in creating realities we prefer.

But sometimes when it seems like our best thoughts (like for financial windfalls or true love) are slow to materialize, it’s easy to think our other thoughts aren’t doing much, either.

A while back I read The “I Am” Discourses, and even though I already knew thoughts become things, that text left a lasting impression about the power of even idle and undisciplined thoughts.

Whatever thoughts we launch into the world come home to roost, sooner or later.

And still, as I’m currently reading The Secret Life of Plants, it’s struck me yet again how crazy incredibly powerful our thoughts are.
Listen to this …

Just as a little experiment, a woman named Vivian who was friends with a researcher plucked two leaves from a plant in her garden, and placed one on her bedside table and the other in her living room.

Each day she “willed” the leaf next to her bed to continue living, and ignored the other.

As you’d expect, the ignored leaf turned brown as it began to decay.

But the leaf that received her positive attention each day was as “radiantly vital and green as if it had been freshly plucked” – even two months later.

She kept a leaf alive by willing it so.

I’ve got live, rooted, regularly watered and fertilized plants that aren’t doing that well!

I realized that when I water the plants each week, even though I feel love and appreciation for them, sometimes I worry over leaf loss or pest symptoms. I wonder whether they can survive or whether I should just toss them.

Not realizing the plants are listening.

They’re listening to me say that they’re in trouble, and they might not make it.

Instead of hearing me give instructions to thrive and grow and be radiantly alive.

And here’s the thing – we know it isn’t just plants responding to our thoughts.

It’s our entire world.

From The “I Am” Discourses:

Surrounding each individual is a thought-world created by him or her … The time has arrived when all must understand that thought and feeling are the only and mightiest creative power in the Universe.

Anyone who read Dr. Emoto’s The Hidden Messages in Water also knows how our thoughts affect the crystaline structure of water itself.

This is why Abraham regularly advises us to get as picky about what we think as we are about what we wear or eat.

Sometimes when we find our current conscious manifesting projects are slow to come about, it’s easy to forget the power of each and every thought we think.

But if we truly understood our creative power to turn thoughts into things, we’d learn some thought discipline in a hurry. Abe says if you got hit with a brick every time you entertained an unhelpful thought, you’d figure out in a hurry how to focus your attention on better thoughts.

Another excerpt from The “I Am” Discourses:

It is very easy at times for the student to think that his acts or thoughts are under cover and not known, but … there is no act or thought that can be hidden, because everything you think or feel is registered in the etheric world about you, as plain as the nose on your face.

When I realize that my plants are picking up on my slightest of thoughts, it makes me wonder what my animals are picking up. And my human companions.

And I realize I’ve got some cleanup to do.

  • March 19, 2018
  • Brian says:

    Reminds me of the Eckhart Tolle (spelling?) (or even the name, is it right?)lecture given at Findhorn in Scotland. Findhorn is a place of terrible soil in which the consciousness of the people who live there causes the most wonderful crops to arise from that soil. The crops are large, healthy and beautiful.

  • Anonymous says:

    I wish I could agree with this right now, I really do. And whether or not this was a part of my creation or not, I recently received some terrible news that the cat we recently adopted into our loving home had severe, incurable kidney disease and would need to be humanely euthanized. This happened after searching so hard for and “manifesting” this cat. This happened after daily “barrages of gratitude” for the animal. I tried imagining the best possible scenario and “willing” this animal to heal, but to no avail. It feels as if the whole LOA rug has been pulled out from under me… i’m not trying to be a downer at all, but when stuff like this happens…well what can you do?

    • Jiya says:

      Hi Ano,
      MY prayers and good energy are with you!
      LOA delivers what we believe and I truly believe in it.
      I have manifested many things successfully, deliberately intending and receiving them. But I still have my doubts in some case or can say — for some people.
      By any chance, you or anyone in the family ever feared how you guys will take care of her? Or anything related to her being with you guys? A constant fear?
      I am not expert but I am a deliberate creator and I have seen things manifesting due to fear.
      However, hope you get strength and belief to see beyond this and have a beautiful time with her.
      Love and Light

    • Heidi says:

      I am an animal lover and I am sad to read your experience. I do not have an answer for you. Based on my experience with animals, I am grateful that this cat had a life with you where he or she was loved and had a family, even if for a short time. This incredible little being probably chose you knowing that you would provide the a loving experience here in this life.
      I’m sorry I do not have any loa words of wisdom for you. The only thing that has every helped me in times like this is to focus on gratitude. I am sending you love and peace.

    • k says:

      I had a similar experience when my cat got ill and that was going through my mind as I read this blog. Blew my faith/god/etc connection after that. One of the worst things about LOA is believing that my worry about him somehow made his illness worse, despite the vet trips/treatments/love. Then I worry about worrying about my family members for fear something similar could happen. The concept of LOA makes anxiety disorders much worse. I’m so sorry about the loss of your wee one, definitely with you on that.

  • Noelle says:

    Thank you for this one Jeannette!
    I,like others who responded realized I have some “work” to do on this!
    And you know it’s kind of tricky cuz while I DO believe, and know some very positive good feeling things about my desires, I also “default” to my habitual “old” thoughts(therefore feelings) on those subjects as my day goes on(and my vibe dips)!
    So I sort of believe both the positive and negative(or not positive) thoughts at different times of the day, depending on how high my vibe is!
    I’m thinking I need some new memorized(on auto pilot sort of) “positive statements/mantras” to fall back on when i feel my vibe sinking a little! To catch myself in the early stages cuz I know that’s when it’s easiest. Or even just to say to myself all day cuz they feel good to say:)!
    I KNOW this works, too! Like Abraham says; a belief is just a thought we keep thinking! So the more we say something, the more we believe it….IF it’s in the realm of our “personal believability” that is, and the more it becomes true for us!
    For instance; I say all the time “everything always works out for me”, and “there’s a positive reason for everything”, and amazingly, or “naturally” of course:), everything does, and there is!!! And it’s uncanny the “unlikely” things that work out for me:))!
    But reading this post i realize i’m going to have to get a bit more specific on each of my dreams and desires so when I am reminded of them I have an “on the tip of my tongue” good feeling mantra to REMIND myself what I really DO believe/know to be true!
    Thank You again Jeannette for all your insightful inspiring posts! Your LOA blog if my favorite!!!

  • Dana says:

    Great all-around reminder Jeannette… now to send some good juju to a house plant!!!

  • Leslie says:

    Wow. I have goosebumps from this one. And I have some cleanup to do as well. Thanks for this!

  • Brent says:

    Well played Jeannette! And may you Be Radiantly Alive too! <3

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