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Names Have Vibrations, Too

When I named my dog Harvey it raised a few questions in the family since it’s the last name of dad’s lifelong best friend.

“Why did you name him that?”, dad asked.

I didn’t exactly realize it at the time, but in answering the question it became clear that Harvey was a name I grew up associating with love, appreciation, and good times. It wasn’t conscious, but it was there.

What better vibration to christen my new dog with?

Elvis was my rock star cat. Cher, too. Merlin is my magic cat. Black kitten Sebastian is Latin for revered. (Black cats are my favorite!)

I had a foster cat once who was so mean I named her Serenity, hoping she’d live into the name over time. I winced when the animal communicator who adopted her renamed her Monster. “That’s not going to turn out well,” I thought. But I suppose it did because the adopter enjoyed the challenge of partnering with an unusually feisty feline.

This morning I saw a lost cat post with a picture of a gorgeous Siamese that read:

Missing over a month. He is microchipped, registered, and we are offering $200 for catching him. He usually only wanders around the elementary school so I have heavily considered that he is in someone’s house. Alternatively, we did get a dead mouse delivery a week ago and his brother could never. We have combed the neighborhood repeatedly.
Please help return Ghost to us and his other half of our yin-yang.

Oy. This kitty’s name might not be helping. Sounds like he’s living up to it by being elusive, mysterious, maybe present but not exactly. Maybe alive, but maybe not. Definitely can’t be pinned down.

It made me take another look at what I was manifesting through the names of my loved ones: Deva (for the goddess, not the attitude), Don Diego (hero Zorro in disguise), Magnus (he is great!), Miss Bea (after Andy Griffith’s matronly and ultra-kind aunt).

My guy got vetoed when he wanted to call Samson “Violator” since this dog intrudes the personal space of everyone he meets. That name would not help curb the behavior. My horse trainer friend quotes her mentor in advising not to name your riding horse “Bucky.”

Conscious creators aren’t the only ones who know the importance of the vibe that a name evokes.

But it isn’t just names of our loved ones. It’s also:

  • our addresses (have I mentioned I live on the cusp of Liberty and Eden?!)
  • our businesses (Good Vibe Coaching – come on! So good!)
  • our projects (No More Homeless Pets – sigh)
  • our cars (some people name theirs! My truck was Big Bessie for reliability and durability)
  • our forum posts (at GVU we have OutSourcerer posts where we invite others to join us in a desired manifestation, and we’re pretty good at titling them in positive ways)

Of course, a name can evoke different vibrations within different people. And sometimes the thing itself informs our vibration for the name over time. (Ask anyone who cringes when they meet a new love interest with the same name as their ex, or anytime we meet someone with a notorious name like Kennedy, Buffet, or Trump.)

So it’s worth paying attention to what we’re calling things, because names have vibrations, too. It’s a helpful advantage when the vibration contributes to what we want rather than detracts from it.

Hey, before we go, can we all just take a moment to vision the gorgeous Siamese kitty pictured in this post home sweet home, safe and sound, happy and healthy and loving life? Yes, indeed, all is well for this lovely kitty and his loved ones.

Big thanks, you fabulous creators, you!

  • October 9, 2022
  • Moonsparkle (ZM) says:

    I posted this last week but it’s not showing up, so trying again:

    Good post, names are important! 🙂

    Any updates on the Siamese cat? I intend that he was found safe and sound. <3

  • Pamela Joy Marshall says:

    re: my last comment…
    Another friend posted today about her lost cat, Lucky. I hope this cat – and her family – will live up to her name.

  • Pamela Joy Marshall says:

    So true! I love this.
    Two things about this post:
    I did recently notice that you live in Eden, UT. Our daughter changed her name from Carter (several reasons for naming her this, but mostly after Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter, my absolute favorites!!!) to Eden, when she started her freshman year of college.
    Her dad and I were not thrilled, because we put a lot of thought into naming our daughter. But we also respect her decision to make the choice for herself. She never liked the name Carter. Sigh. Oh well.
    After getting used to it, I started to notice all the Edens that come up. Anyone named Eden (even more unusual than Carter), the natural food company that has many of it’s items in our pantry and fridge, etc…And of course, where one of my favorite mentors lives!
    And just this morning, I ran across a fb post for a lost cat in my neck of the woods…named GHOST!
    I guess it’s a common mistake that folks make in naming their cats.
    Funny, not funny.

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