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Overcoming My Manifesting Hiccups

Overcoming My Manifesting HiccupsI’ve got a new manifestation in the works that’s highlighting a couple of tricky spots.

Thought I’d share in case anyone else bumps into these challenges in their own process.

Here’s to the self-awareness that helps us overcome our manifesting hiccups!

1. Caught up in contrast.

My mind has a tendency to review (one might even call it an “obsession with”) what I don’t like about current circumstances. I keep checking off all the things wrong with the present reality, but I know that habit blocks the path to where I want to go.

The work here is to drop that resistance and find Abe’s sweet spot of appreciating what is while looking forward to what’s next. Easier said than done, sometimes, but I’m a pro and if anyone can do it, I can. (That’s my story and I’m sticking to it – you’re welcome to join me in it!)

2. Trying to make it happen in order to feel better.

Instead of doing my alignment work and then letting Universe fill in the gaps, I notice a bias for getting in the game to make it happen myself. More effort is happening than is helpful. That’s my cue to chill out and make room for Universe’s magic.

My job is just to make sure I’m focused in a way that lets the good stuff in. If Universe needs me for anything, it’ll let me know via inspiration to act.

3. Believing in what I want.

Sometimes my gremlins argue I’m asking for too much – that what I want just isn’t possible. But that can only be true if I let those thoughts run rampant – and I’m too smart for that. I know that if I can imagine it, I can have it. So my work is to practice believing in my desire. Abraham’s Amp It Up exercise is great for that.

I also remind myself that “stranger things have happened.” That thought works like a charm in opening up the door of possibility for me.

4. Receiving it.

Calling forth a big manifestation requires big receiving skills. Because if I’m not used to having it this good, my ability to let it in will be tested. That’s a test I want to pass with flying colors.

My work here is to feel worthy of the fabulousness and upgrade my new idea of “normal.” That’s actually a course we’re doing at GVU this month. (You’re invited to join us on the 12th if you’ve had issues with set points or upper limits in your manifesting work.)

My point in sharing these personal hiccups is two-fold: first, it raises my personal awareness and inspires me to do a better job of walking the talk by going public with it.

Second, it serves as an invitation to you to realize that kinks in our manifesting process are not unusual. If you’re not sure what your kinks are, this manifesting diagnostic might help.

All we have to do is engage the law of attraction tools we’ve learned in order to find our way back into alignment. And that, believe it or not, is part of the journey’s joy.

Happy manifesting, fellow creators!

  • September 29, 2015
  • Great post Jeannette. Loved it.

  • Brilliant an analysis as usual. The steps are very helpful to me thanks.

  • Elle says:

    Really needed this! Thank you!
    My thing is the muggle echoes reverberating in my mind that it is not possible, I am deluding myself yadda, yadda, yadda, while my higher self laughs it all off and winks at me, telling me not to worry, sugar. How to stick with the latter?

    • anonymous says:

      I would love to hear an answer to this too.

    • Jeannette says:

      Good question, Elle. I was thinking “practice!” Consciously spotlighting and choosing higher self input over gremlin doubts/fears/worries – but I did ask Joshua (via Gary Bodley) to chime in with thoughts as well. 🙂

    • Joshua says:

      Dear Elle,
      Everyone experiences reality from their perspective. You assume that what you see, what you feel, and what you experience is quite similar to everyone else around you. However, this could not be further from the truth. What you experience in this life is completely and absolutely unique to you. In fact, this is how physical reality was designed. It is not possible for any two people to have the same experience. Every life and every experience of reality is unique.
      So then, when someone sees something that is not possible for them, they are right. They are not a vibrational match to it. They cannot alter their beliefs, opinions, desires, attitudes, enough to come within the vibrational range of that idea. It is just too far removed from who they are being in the moment. And when they see you attempting to do something they don’t believe is possible, they must express their opinion. It is almost impossible for them not to do so because to them, it is quite obvious. This is because from their unique perspective, that thing you want, that idea you are pursuing, does not line up with their version of reality.
      Because they believe that all are experiencing the same things in the same ways, they believe that what is right for them is right for everyone. They believe that what is possible or not possible for them is possible or not possible for those around them. This is why you see some cultures thrive and some become stagnant. In general, those living in the US, and even more so in certain parts of the US, have a more optimistic belief that all things are possible. Those cultures in other parts of the world believe that less is possible and so most do not even try. They are greatly influenced by those around them.
      Imagine if you were raised in a household where your parents, based on their experience, told you that anything was possible or that nothing was possible. You know that they cannot create in your reality, but you also realize that their influence affects your belief system, which affects your vibration. If you were told that you can be, do and have anything, this influence on your belief system would be beneficial and as long as you allowed things to come to you, they would. Conversely, if you were told that you were worthless and could not do anything, yet you did not believe them, then their negative influence would have the opposite effect and you would succeed in spite of their influence. You see, it’s all up to you. You have complete control.
      So you can see the muggles as just those with different perspectives who are so far removed vibrationally from the idea you have, that they just can’t see it. From their perspective, it’s just not possible because based on their beliefs, attitudes, etc., it’s not possible for them. And if it’s not possible for them, then it’s not possible for those around them, who they believe are just like them. You could use their negative influence as motivation to prove them wrong, and while this may work in the short term, it is not in alignment with who you really are and your results will not be as elegant as the results that stem from utilization of the leverage of the powers of the universe.
      So, we say that if we were living your life and we had a desire, we would realize that our perspective was unique and could not be seen by others. We would not condemn the muggles for trying to influence us away from our dream. We would not make them wrong and their negative words would not motivate us. We would love them anyway and focus on what was important to us. We would realize that this is our universe and they are there to awaken us to our limiting beliefs and in doing so they serve us very well indeed.
      You can be, have and do anything you desire in this reality. If others don’t understand that just yet, they might change their mind when they watch you achieve your desire.
      We are Joshua

      • Elle says:

        “We would realize that this is our universe and they are there to awaken us to our limiting beliefs and in doing so they serve us very well indeed.”
        Amen Joshua. Thank you!

      • anonymous says:

        Thank you Joshua, this really resonated! I love knowing that everything is possible in my reality.
        For much of my life I was told by others that many things I wanted weren’t possible, and that I would have to settle and compromise like everyone else. But I knew in my heart that this wasn’t true! Thus, eventually I attracted learning about the law of attraction. 🙂 lt seems that more and more children being born are also rejection the BS of “you can’t be/have/do this”, even people from my generation in comparison with our parents.
        It’s a really great thing to know that more and more people are waking up, that more and more people across the world are rejecting idea that hold us back and doing what we really want to instead.

  • anonymous says:

    Hi Jeannette,
    First, thanks for the link you attached on the last comment I made, the article helped a lot! I am feeling a lot better about my desires, knowing that I can have what I want and don’t have to settle or comprise for something less.
    It’s so good to read this article too, to know that receiving our desires can be easy and effortless, that the Universe can arrange things extremely efficiently. I love knowing that I don’t have to figure things out, I just have to allow the solutions and answers to come.
    Lately I’ve been feeling a lot of anger and resistance come up, which I know is a good thing, even if it can be painful in the moment. I haven’t felt severely depressed for nearly two months now, which is a really big thing for me! I’m learning more to set boundaries and follow, believe, and do only what truly feels good and relieving. Once I stopped accepting beliefs that didn’t feel good (even if from experts, or what is normal for society at large), I began to feel more allowing and worry less.

    • Jeannette says:

      Congrats, anon! This practice will serve you SO well: “I’m learning more to set boundaries and follow, believe, and do only what truly feels good and relieving.” Keep up the great ‘work’! 🙂

  • Mitch says:

    I was just about to call someone to “vent” about a situation, but I came here instead and I’m already feeling better. I’m pretty sure venting is one of my manifesting hiccups. Not that a good vent doesn’t sometimes relieve resistance, because I think it does. But even as I was dialing the number, I asked myself, “Are you really going to feel better after this?” And it was a muggle I was calling, so rather than cheering me up and reminding me how powerful I am, the response likely would have been, “You’re right, Mitch. Things are bad. Worse than you think, really.” LOL No thanks! So glad I remembered your blog, Jeannette, and got myself back on track!

    • Jeannette says:

      Mitch, this is a topic I have a lot of interest in, since I’ve been attempting to go 24 hours without complaining once ( – and watch my life change, as they tell me it will) – but I have yet to make it! Can you believe that?! My theory is that once I started resisting complaints, they just got more stubborn.
      (It makes me wonder if I truly embraced complaining/venting, if I would just never feel inspired to do it?)
      Anyway, glad this post could help you find some relief. Always a pleasure to see you here in the comments, Mitch!! 🙂

  • Chris says:

    Going through some health issues at this time and your blogs, as always, never fail to uplift and guide me. To you, Jeannette, and to all of you, whose responses add that positive twist to my manifesting skills when pain and frustration rear their lovely reminders…a heartfelt thank you! You help me to appreciate the things I CAN STILL do at my age and how I will cherish the activities that are presently restricted when my health is once again at its awesome best!
    To manifesting awesome health and wellness!!!

    • Jeannette says:

      I so agree, Chris – I say it all the time – the best part of this blog are the comments from you all!
      Here’s to your highest health and happiness, my friend! 🙂

  • Angel says:

    Whoa, really needed this! Thanks, Jeanette! Being “caught up in contrast” is particularly tricky, I know I find myself going over reality in the holy name of “being practical” and “preparing for the worst case scenario”. Meaning, there’s that base line of thinking ok, what solutions/resources do I have if x doesn’t work out, which to me is pretty unavoidable. The problem with that is it keeps you dialed into survivalist mode…when really you want to be thrivist instead.
    I try to give myself time and space to accept and allow what is and what I think the practical solutions are then let that go, the caveat being that I DON’T always know better. Thankfully, I’ve had enough historical proof to see the Universe whip up something better and way beyond what I thought was “practical”. STILL it can be a challenge not to get caught in that, especially during those down days…
    I also love that you mentioned the new normal and the challenge of learning receiving. I’ve always wondered how other people upgrade their idea of that while mired in lesser circumstances. I tend to think of times I “unexpectedly” received something when all I had was a strong desire with a somewhat vague visual, only to be really happy when what appears suits even better than I could’ve designed it myself.

    • Jeannette says:

      Right?! (“going over reality and being practical”) That’s our muggle training at its finest. lol
      Here’s to engaging a new way of being that makes it so much easier for our best and biggest dreams to come true. 🙂

  • Johanna says:

    Dear Jeannette!!
    I detected your blog about one week ago.
    Since then I read a lot of your posts!
    I am SOO enthusiastic about you and your way of thinking!!
    You confirm that everything is possible with ease.
    I just want to say
    THANK YOU!!!
    and go on with your posts.

  • Mary says:

    Great post, Jeannette! I particularly like “stranger things have happened.” It’s the perfect antidote to disbelief. I’m definitely going to use that.

  • I LOVE this: “My job is just to make sure I’m focused in a way that lets the good stuff in. If Universe needs me for anything, it’ll let me know via inspiration to act.”
    That reminder really gets me fired up, because I think this is such a sticking point for me (the whole, “but I neeeeeed to DO something!!”)
    So, I’m loving this reminder to focus on alignment and if the Universe needs me to do something it’ll let me know. So spot on.

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