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Overlooking the Manifestation?

My colleague Melanie Bates has a theory that we already have what we want (to some degree or other) …

… we just don’t realize it yet.

And that if we could just see where our desire is already manifest, we would become a better match for more.

I’m inclined to agree.

Especially after this happened:

A week or so ago I volunteered for a puppy transport from Louisiana to Washington. I got the leg from Evanston to Salt Lake.

I told my ex I’d be gone next Saturday night since I was driving a couple puppies across town.

He asked if I wanted company. Very out of character for him to show any interest in any of my animal-related stuff.

I said sure, knowing he would either forget, or be out of town, or still be on the golf course. No big deal, I’m used to doing my thing without him.

But I forwarded him a copy of the email with transport details even though I knew he probably wouldn’t be involved.

In the meantime, the transport coordinator is exchanging a bunch of emails with everyone to coordinate the trip.

Everyone’s asking things like how big are the crates, will they fit in my car, where should we meet, what’s your cell, expected weather delays, etc.

A whole bunch of people are involved in this transport. (It is so cool to see so many strangers coming together to help get two little pups to their forever home on the other side of the country!)

I admire everyone involved so much, and I’m just delighted to be part of the effort!

Okay, so I’m happy to be involved and my inbox keeps getting updated with new emails in this conversation, which I’m largely ignoring.

But one reply gets my attention.

It’s a guy’s name, first of all. Which is rare in itself because animal rescue is mostly a lot of women.

You don’t see guys here too often unless it’s someone’s husband, and single guys get snatched up fast in this world. (Everyone loves a guy who helps out animals!)

Including me.

I made a mental note that there was a hot guy somewhere in this transport. (Of course he’s hot, he’s in animal rescue. That’s my kind of guy!)

And get this – he was super excited to be included.

You know how your inbox previews the first sentence of the email? This guy was saying something like, “So excited to be part of this. Can’t wait to meet the pups.” How cute is that?!

I was like, man. If I had access to a guy like that … whew! It’d be ON. But he’s probably in Texas or something. And probably married, too, so cool your jets, girl.

This rescue work isn’t for meeting men. Not right now, anyway, while I’m still doing an on again off again routine with my ex.

So the day passes, and later that night I catch up on emails.

And I read the full note from the guy I’m trying not to pay attention to. The guy who is excited to be part of this transport and can’t wait to meet the puppies.

I notice he has the same name as my ex. (Seriously, you just don’t see guys in this gig every day!)

I continue on to read his full note to the group.

Except it’s not to the group.

It’s a note to me. I’m the only recipient. What?! Why would he be writing me?!

That makes no sense. Who is this guy?! I look again. I must be wrong.

Sure enough, his note is just to me. (My heart beats a little faster at the thought.) And it reads:

“Super excited to be part of this. Can’t wait to meet the pups.”

That part I knew from the preview earlier.

The next line says, “Love you.” wth?!

Now it’s getting weird.

I look at the signature line.

It’s an email from my guy. Not some guy on the other side of the country.

It’s from the guy I already live with!

The guy I thought wasn’t into this sort of thing. The guy I was sure would forget about it or flake out at the last minute.

The guy I’ve written off many times because we just don’t see eye to eye on stuff like this that matters to me.

Because he just doesn’t care about the things I care about.

He’s excited. He can’t wait.


You know that saying about how what you want is often right under your nose? Yeah.

Cue the Pina Colada song.

Apparently I was so programmed in thinking Russ is not my guy that I couldn’t see how he was.

Melanie would say this happens more than we realize. I suspect she’s right.

I did this before when I insisted the renters were late with their payment, but the money was in the account the whole time. (I had seriously checked it well over a dozen times and literally couldn’t see it while telling my story of “it’s not here.”)

I did it when I started my coaching practice and believed Utahns were too close-minded for LOA coaching, and it turns out there was a local meetup of LOA savvy business owners who’d been gathering in my neighborhood for years.

Because when we’re used to seeing what we don’t want or appreciate, it’s hard to see what Universe is delivering. Especially when we’re prejudiced about where it comes from or how it gets here.

It can literally be right under our nose, but we don’t see it because we’re beating a different drum, as Abe would say.

Anyway, I tell this story in answer to a question I got this morning about why our fabulous men seem to get less fabulous over time.

I don’t think it’s that they get less fabulous over time as much as it is that we stop seeing their fabulousness over time.

We start seeing their shortcomings and flaws. We switch focus from what we love to what irritates the hell out of us.

Until one day we mistake them for a stranger and recognize their fabulousness yet again.

Okay, maybe that was just me.

But my point is we get whatever we focus on.

Thank you, Universe, for tricking me into dropping my guard about my been-there-done-that ex and letting me see him yet again as the hot guy I first knew him to be.

In fact, it makes me want to commit to seeing not just the lovely things in the guy under my roof right now but in everyone and everything around me. Because I think Melanie’s right – everything I want is already here and I just need to develop eyes to see it.

  • June 20, 2015
  • Heather says:

    Hi Jeannette,
    What a great post!
    I’ll confess, when you revealed that it was YOUR Russ, and I knew it was coming, of course, 😀 my eyes were full with tears. I am a very romantic person, I guess. 😀
    I will look more carefully under my nose. 😀
    Thanks again for such a wonderful, inspiring post.

  • RachelRachel says:

    so it’s all perspective? the guy I’m hanging out with and crushing on, will be my boyfriend if I change the voice/thoughts of he doesn’t like me like that, to, he likes me just as much as I like him and we’re not hanging out we might be actuallly dating? As a creator is this how we do it? Just keep being positive about it, have fun with it and change the perspective? I’m able to manifest so many things easily and effortlessly, relationships so far not as quick, maybe over-thinking and I guess surrender to the universe? Him or someone better hasn’t happened yet.

  • Barbara says:

    LOVE this one! Had me laughing out loud, because I’ve certainly been there before, too. Great reminder to check the “stories” we’re saying and thinking! lol Hugs!

  • Cat says:

    This may be my favorite post ever, Jeannette!
    I’m starting to think that we’ve gotten LOA a little bit wrong all along. It’s not “instructions,” the way everybody thinks it is, it’s more of a “description.” (I wish I had a good analogy for this, to help explain it, but the only one I can think of comes from “Conversations With God,” and I doubt everyone’s read that.) It’s not “First imagine what you want to be real, then see if you can find where it’s almost real, and then it will become real”; it’s actually more like “You see it (with your imagination, which is really just a set of eyeballs for the nonphysical) because it IS real.” Which is just plain more elegant in the first place.
    I wish I could find the Abe quote about being willing to see your feeling-state as the first evidence of your manifestation, because I used to think that what that really meant was “Keep the faith; you’re on the right track.” But I’m learning that that’s NOT what it means after all: It’s *actually evidence*! It’s not so much a compass to help you move toward the desire, or a siren song to call the desire to you; it’s truly the first — and often immediate — result of you and your desire existing in the same space. And once that happens, “same space” becoming “same PHYSICAL space” can’t help but also be true in pretty short order.
    Love, love, love the growth of this!

    • Jeannette says:

      Oh, I like that, Cat!! And I think you’re exactly right!
      Abe would say we created the reality as soon as we had the desire (as a result of the contrast). So in that sense perhaps we are still creating realities, but your point that it already exists and it’s just for us to develop the eyes to see it sits really well with me and what I’ve studied.
      Which is what I remind myself whenever I wonder if such and such will happen – I know it already HAS! That version already exists! And if I want to know that one, all I have to do is find the frequency of it. Such cool stuff.
      Thanks for adding to this conversation, Cat! 🙂

  • Ian Listman says:

    Such a great read!
    I thoroughly enjoyed it. It is so true that often the very things we are looking for are right under our nose.
    It also reminded me of Paulo Coelho’s book The Alchemist 🙂

  • Judy Marcellot says:

    Well, of course I loved the post because of the rescue connection. But what if the “remedy” to everything we consider not wanted is just to see things from a different perspective? LOAers are taught “What you focus upon grows” and that is surely true. But what if the larger “truth” is just to change the interpretation of the focus? Same focus, different story. And life is as we see and tell it, isn’t it. And we all get to see and tell it like we want to. Lovely post Jeanette.

    • Jeannette says:

      You’re exactly right, Judy – whatever helps us change what we’re vibrating would do the trick! And sometimes that approach works best.
      Thanks for chiming in, Judy! 🙂

  • Practically Always Pollyanna says:

    I loved reading this. I am all too often this way with my husband… and then I will see him with a fresh pair of eyes like I did when we first met. I wonder why we can’t keep that going? It’s such an exhilarating feeling! Reading your blog I can see the parallels! I often think my other half doesn’t give a monkeys about my Lit Agency, or the fact I am a writer… and then he will surprise!
    By the way, my friend and dog expert, Lisa Tenzin-Dolma has a Facebook page which I think you will love… She is very involved in European dog rescue -https://www.facebook.com/TheISCP

    • Jeannette says:

      I know what you mean, Pollyanna. I’ve done this visioning ‘trick’ with Russ enough times to know that he responds to whatever I think of him. Good, bad and ugly. It’s such a reminder that it is so ON ME to nurture what I want by how I focus.
      Thanks for the dog rescue link! 🙂

  • OK! This would be a part of the spiritual solution to economic problems when people do what you did, that is not allow themselves to be bribed into doing something that hurts the planet we live on. Great example of this.

  • Sandeep says:

    Hi Jeannette,
    Nice to read your post.
    Actually, I have declined offers many times because they were from people not of my liking and because the offers were not one-sided i.e. they had business intent, which is really not giving in true sense. For example, my cunning neighbor tried to bribe (I would use this word here) me by giving me a box of sweets; he said he had been somewhere and had brought this for us; I thought what a change, but I thought to better wait ‘cos I know him very well. He established a namesake society for the cause of environment and polluted environment while demolishing/ reconstructing his house. So after a few minutes during our conversation, he asked for a favor for me to ease the norms on noise/ air pollution. Realizing his hidden malicious intent, I returned the sweets through a known contact.
    So it is not always wrong to decline gifts – whatever be the form. Even if he had offered me $100 million, I would not have submitted to his malicious intent. One may be called unsuccessful – in financial terms, which is the contemporary definition of success – in reality, it was spiritual elevation of the Self or the Soul. Hence, sometimes one may opt for spiritual victory at the cost of materialistic/ financial failure. It is tough, agreed! This can also be witnessed in the characters portrayed in the movie, “Indecent Proposal” where love eventually wins over cunning, malicious intent.
    Love and regards

  • Cee says:

    I’m in heavy like with a guy who only wants to be a friend. Would having an opposite story be helpful in not wanting him anymore? I feel like it would only make me hopeful and I really don’t want to do that anymore, especially if he’s told me so many times that we’re not together (when I become overly nice). That “this or something better” opening to the Universe is actually just “something better” for me.
    I love your site by the way.

    • Jeannette says:

      Lots of different approaches you could take in this situation, Cee. If it were me, and I were capable of appreciating him as a friend only, I’d do that and then look forward to a love interest manifesting elsewhere. If it was too hard to not covet him as more than a friend, I might relieve myself of that effort altogether and distance myself from him greatly.
      The last thing I would ever do is try to manifest that he changes how he feels about me. No thank you. I’ll take someone who doesn’t need encouragement to love me through and through, thank you very much. 🙂

      • Cee says:

        Thank you, Jeannette! Pity love is just sad. I’m sure the Universe has something else more spectacular than anything I could ever imagine.
        You’re a blessing with what you’re doing here. ❤️

      • Sabs says:

        This answers my current situation as well! I’m trying very hard to appreciate my friend as just a friend, which is very easy to do for the most part. It’s only hard when I think of him dating other people (hasn’t happened yet), or that we won’t be spending forever together as more than friends (this regret pops in my head when he does something especially sweet or funny of course).

  • Karen says:

    And along with that note, I had some folks come to the door today and offer to pray for me as they were going door to door seeing if anyone needed prayer. I told them I couldn’t think of a thing I need that isn’t already here. How cool is that knowing.

  • Karen says:

    So very happy for you ! 🙂 Where’s the happy dance icon when I need it?

  • Namaste says:

    Great article! And such a great reminder. As I was reading what you wrote, I was reminded of the fact that I do have everything I want right now. Of course I have desires beyond this but at this point in time, right now, everything is perfectly in place for my journey at this time. Thanks =)

    • Jeannette says:

      Yeah, this one’s played out for me enough times you’d think I’d have learned this lesson fully by now.
      Maybe I could facilitate that with a new story about how good I am at seeing how Universe delights and amazes me in all the best ways. ha
      Thanks for reading, Namaste, and for sharing it on your facebook page. Always a pleasure to be featured there!

  • Felicia says:

    LOVE the story – AND that you linked to our RescueMen calendar!
    We agree there aren’t enough men active in the animal rescue world – we we wanted to highlight some of the quiet hotties! Some of whom ARE single!
    Congrats on your manifestation, and thank you again for linking to our charity calendar!

  • Jesann says:

    This is such a cute post. And enjoy transporting those puppies!

  • Brian says:

    A quote from Abraham:
    “It’s so easy to give other people credit for the way they behave.

    That’s sort of what feels logical to you. But it isn’t logical. Because the way they’re behaving to you, always matches your expectation. People will raise, or lower, to the level of your expectation.”

    “We start seeing their shortcomings and flaws. We switch focus from what we love to what irritates the hell out of us.”
    You switch your focus from what is wanted, to what is unwanted.
    You think they’re the source of your happiness, and so you also think they then become the source of your unhappiness. But it was never about them. It was always about your focus, and your relationship between you and you.

    • Jeannette says:

      So true, Brian. In every case. If only I could remember that consistently in the red hot moments. (Or even shortly after they’ve cooled.) lol
      Thanks for chiming in on this one. 🙂

  • Great post! I love the way you presented the story. PS I am also from Salt Lake.

  • You have no idea how much I love this post. I am now going to look for what I am seeking right under my own nose.
    I have long since been a fan of Russ and there are many, many things I love about him.
    Also, when we are in long term relationships, we grow towards each other and become more alike.
    What a triumphant love story!

    • Jeannette says:

      That is so true, Iyabo – you have been a solid supporter of Russ from the very beginning! Maybe I should have asked to borrow your glasses a while ago.
      Love you!

  • Love’d this post and happy endings. It makes me want to focus on my husbands fabulousness a little more than I do. Thank you!

    • Jeannette says:

      I have a feeling that can’t help but be a two way street, if you know what I mean. When we’re giving someone else our best attention, I think we eventually get theirs in return, too.
      Thanks for reading, Susan! 🙂

  • Aww, I’m SO in love with this post. In love!

  • Jeannette says:

    And I have an update!
    So while I was drafting this post I got a request from Kindred Hearts to help with another transport.
    I said yes immediately, but then I started thinking about whether Russ might want to go again.
    Was it too good to be true that he was up for it last time? Or is he really game for this sort of thing?
    I could tell I didn’t believe he’d want to do it again.
    And I decided to be willing to be wrong.
    I decided that maybe I was wrong about him, and maybe he would want to go.
    So I texted him saying, hey, I’m doing another transport next Sunday.
    I didn’t actually ask if he wanted to go. (I was kind of chicken about being rejected.)
    But I thought he can’t come along if you don’t at least tell him about it.
    And a couple hours later he said he’d be happy to go again. !! 🙂
    Seriously, this guy was here all along?!? Wow.
    The things we miss when we tell our opposite stories, huh?

    • Della Monk says:

      I know this is really not what your post is “about,” but I can totally relate to Russ’ point of view about the animal transport gig. I am not an animal lover in the “take them home with me” or “let them crawl all over me” kind of way. But I think this is a personal space/comfort preference, and not a reflection of my feelings about animals in general. In fact, I love animals, but I don’t want to live with them; and I get guff for that all the time, as if I’m less of a person because I don’t like cat hair! I also love the idea of being a part of an Kindred Hearts transport, because it sounds fun! Fun to meet new people, fun to drive, fun to meet the pups. As I learn more about myself and about the true nature of reality, I realize that there are “degrees” (or maybe wavelengths) to everything. The trick is to wear the right lenses. Cool post! xo

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