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The Perks of Procrastination

In most personal development circles, procrastination is considered a problem to be overcome.

Which makes sense if you believe action is required to get what you want.

But conscious creators have a different take on it.

We know action isn’t what makes the big difference; but rather vibration that dictates what unfolds next.

So conscious creators don’t need to get too uptight when we notice we’re procrastinating something. Instead, we can glean it for valuable insights and opportunities. Consider this …

1) Procrastinating just means inspiration is absent, which means it would be silly to proceed with action anyway. If we don’t feel like doing something, that means it’s not part of our path to success. At least not now. (Bashar teaches that all we have to do achieve our desires is follow our highest excitement. Excitement is the indicator of what’s required to manifest what we want.)

Which means the thing that helps us get where we want to go is whatever feels best in any given moment. So the thing that doesn’t feel good means it’s not required. At least not now. Maybe not ever.

That’s why procrastination may save us from fruitless action that just wastes time and energy.

Here’s what else we know …

2) If inspiration is missing it may be because we’re simply not aligned to our desire yet. When we’re aligned, inspiration calls us forward swiftly and joyfully. So if you’re not feeling the love for doing something, it may be because you’re not aligned to your desire yet.

That can happen for a couple reasons: maybe you don’t fully believe you can have it, or maybe you’re focused on the absence of it, or maybe you’re getting distracted with actions you think are required to get there. All of which is good intel to work with.

3) So if you notice you’re not taking action on something you thought you wanted, it’s worth asking these questions:

  • Am I aligned to my desire (i.e. do I know what it feels like to have it, or at least am I thinking about it in positive ways?)
  • Am I open to how it will unfold (or am I believing I know “how” to get there?)
  • If I am aligned, am I honoring the inspirations that come? (or am I dismissing them because they don’t line up with my expectations? or because I’m making them “hard”?)
  • Maybe even: Do I really want what I thought I wanted, or is something else calling me instead?

Procrastination doesn’t mean we’re doing anything wrong. It just means we’re not aligned enough to be called into action yet.

Sometimes that’s just a function of time. (It can take a minute to acclimate to the idea of having what we want. That’s okay!)

Sometimes it’s a chance to realize a deeper desire wants to be honored.

And sometimes we just need to take a minute to practice the feeling of a fulfilled desire in order to kickstart the flow of inspiration!

Procrastination could be a gift in that it keeps us from moving forward on something that isn’t necessary to our satisfaction or success. Go where the inspiration points instead! That’s always going to serve better!

It could also be a gift in that it points out our vibrational gap so we can better close it.

At the very minimum, let’s not make the mistake of thinking that procrastination is something to be overcome by forcing ourselves to proceed in the absence of alignment. That’s a muggle routine we’ve probably all done enough times to know doesn’t have the happiest ending.

Bottom line: it’s okay not to do it. Procrastination can be a good thing.

  • May 2, 2020
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