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Pick Your Favorite Vibe

What if we thought of the new year in terms of dominant vibration, rather than goals, desires or resolutions?

What if instead of asking what we wanted to accomplish/manifest this year, we asked how we want to feel? On a dominant basis?

What if we asked ourselves what our most common vibration has been in years past? (Does anyone else find lots of room for improvement on the dominant vibes of 2021 or 2020)? 😉

What if we used our awareness of last year’s dominant vibe as a springboard to even better in 2022?

What if the best way to make the most of the new year wasn’t to focus on what we wanted to create, or what we wanted to do, or even who we wanted to be – but rather how we wanted to feel?

What would you pick?

And then, how would you use your LOA smarts to go about creating that dominant vibration?

Maybe by purposely finding ways to feel that way now?

What would your favorite vibration be for 2022?

Maybe we could list of our top three favorite vibes (because more than one might be more fun), and keep that list handy as a grounding point for a fab new year?

Sounds like an LOA savvy set up to me. 🙂

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  • January 3, 2022
  • Donna says:

    Thank you for the reminder Jeannette. ♥️

    I guess I already knew many years ago while mostly “muggling” … that no matter what I had in life of “objects or accomplishments” how I felt was even more important to me.

    The days when I choose the route of alignment it goes something like this …
    My dominant vibration:
    I am feeling alive.
    I am feeling free.
    I am feeling appreciative.
    All the rest that manifests is the “icing on the cupcake”.

    I feel where I see improvement is the times when I “wobble” or waiver from this dominant vibration and can feel a much lower vibration. If I remind myself I am just going through this for a brief blip in time is easier. Letting it flow or pass is becoming much easier than resisting.
    And even by appreciating these brief blips in time, I know even more I want to feel even better more of my life.♥️

  • Patrice says:

    This is genius. Humans tend to focus more on the negative than the positive and thus all we see is positive. TURN OFF THE NEWS. We remember all of the bad things we’ve done, not the good. I see this over and over. It is an easy tweak. We just need to change our focus. But, what do humans always says, “Easier said than done”. We really need to eliminate that phrase.

    One of my aunts used to say that it is just as easy to be happy as it is to be unhappy and that it is simply a choice. Abraham says that all the things we want are because we will feel good in the having of them. So really there is just one feeling, feeling good. We can assign all kinds of names to that but essentially feeling good is the root from which the tree grows!

    I feel that tyring to assign a specific feeling for each thing would get tiresome. We all, everyone of us, has at least one thing that makes us feel good. Just choose that and thing and focus on the feeling it gives us until it just becomes a habit to feel good. No “buts” allowed. None. Don’t short change yourself because only you can give or take from you. We are all where we are by right of consciouness.

    But to the point of this blog post. A list of “things” is exhausting. Unless your list of things brings you tremendous joy to look at I’d toss it. The Universe knows the desires of your heart. So who are you writing them for?

    My step daughter married a magnificent man and once she told me if, before she married him, she wrote a list of all the great things she like in a man she would NOT even have come close to all the things he does for her. She would have never thought of them.

    So remember the Universe has so many surprises in store for you. Don’t short yourself by pigeonholing your dreams into a mere list! Open your entire being to the gifts the Universe has in waiting for you.

    The Universe has things we don’t even know we want, things that will bring us joys we’ve not even experienced yet. KNOWING that I choose to feel good because I really love surpirses!

    Feeling Good,

    ps.. not sure why this is making me post as a guest. I am a member and came here from the site. Is there a separate log-in for the blog?

  • Timeline Traveller says:

    Excellent article 🙂 I guess my feeling can be summed up as “having a magical day”. It’s sort of a combination of various good emotions.

    Although I’ve had these sorts of days before, I didn’t really think of them in this way until, after a really good day in October, I decided to keep a record of it (mostly as a reminder of the thoughts that led to it, the insights I had etc…).

    So, I wrote about it and titled the document “A Magical Day”. Then I had another one a few days later, and wrote about it. They kept only being occasional things until about mid-December.

    After that, they have pretty much become the norm at the moment. Ok, some days have only been “semi-magical”, but even this teaches me to look for the good parts of each day. And, in each document, I usually include a reminder to myself that I made the day magical via my thoughts, emotions, state of being etc….

    • Jeannette says:

      Oh wow, I love this principle you’ve engaged, Timeline Traveller! “What we rave about grows” … and here you are raving about magical days and experiencing more of them. That feels like a really good use of your creative power!

      I might take some inspiration from “Magical Day” notes as well. Thanks for sharing with us here! 🙂

      • Timeline Traveller says:

        Thanks 🙂 Have fun with it 🙂 Another bonus of it is that, if a day seems… less… magical, then I can look back at what I wrote about more magical ones to get back into the right mindset (or to remind myself that any day can become magical).

        In this regard, it’s kind of a like a real-life version of “saving your progress” in a videogame LOL!

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