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Playing with the Money Mantra

Shreem Money Mantra for AbundanceReady to play with a mantra that will help money manifest in your life?

Here’s one that many folks report fabulous results with.

This money manifesting method is even more successful when you approach it with a light, easy, carefree attitude, so have fun with it!

This money mantra is designed to allow more abundance into your world.

Whether it’s more health, wealth, or happiness, you can chant this mantra to the goddess Lakshmi, the Hindu embodiment of good fortune, prosperity, and beauty – 108 times every day for 40 days.

Thomas Ashley-Farrand said he’s heard many amazing success stories of how people’s situations have improved by invoking Lakshmi.

Sometimes the mantra allows just a small stream of abundance to trickle into relationships, health or finances. But other times a flood of good fortune comes very quickly.

Find out for yourself by beginning the money mantra chant.  Here it is:

Om shrim maha lakshmiyei swaha

Phonetically it’s: Om shreem mah-hah lahk-shmee-yay swah-hah

And it means: “Om and salutations to she who manifests every kind of abundance.”

(Please note: if you’re under age 28, you’re supposed to chant “namaha” instead of “swaha.”)

I don’t know why it works, but it sure seems to. (Even before you get to day 40.) Some people just chant it for 10 minutes rather than count out 108 – but those in the know insist there’s significance to 108 repetitions.

You may also considering combining this technique with the pray rain journaling process for extra money magic.

Have fun with it if you feel inspired to play. And if you’ve got positive experiences to share about this mantra, we’d love to hear them!

  • March 5, 2009
  • SIMON GOD says:

    Thank you dear, i appreciate your suggestions for this lakshmi mantra. indeed i’m gonna try from tomorrow onwards. i really need the wealth and health to promote my welfare services as well as to achieve my goals in life. perhaps i’ll get my enlightenments soon.

  • Elby says:

    I did my first 40 day Lakshmiyei mantra. My income after quitting all my part time jobs remained the same…well it was actually a little more. I’ve already started my 2nd cycle, I’m on day 18.


    Meanings: Shreem for Lakshmi (love, beauty, health, prosperity), Hreem for Great Goddess/Sun
    (illumination/dispel illusion), kleem for Kama/Krishna (love and fulfiller of desires from material
    to moksha, where your intention is) and Vitteswaraay (Kubera)Lord Kuber (or Kubera or Kuvera)
    is believed to be the lord of riches and wealth.
    In Hinduism. Kuber Sadhana is considered a great way of pleasing the lord to bestow one with wealth and fortune.Kuber is many a times called the treasurer of gods. If pleased with you the lord opens avenues of wealth and riches for believers. Lord Kuber is also believes to be the head of the Yakshas (savage beings). The Yakshas are both human and demon and are responsible for the security of the treasures hidden beneath the earth of the great mountain Himalayas.Kubera Yantra is used as a tool to attract the cosmic wealth energy, accumulation of riches,Increase Cash Flow at home, etc. It opens up street for new sources of income. Worship of Kuber Yantra is also suggested for excellent growth in business, career and profession and increase in personal income and abundance.


    for wealth we can chant.
    Kubera Money Mantra|| Om Shreem Om Hreem Shreem Hreem Kleem Shreem Kleem
    Vitteswaraay Namah
    Kubera Mantras (God Of Wealth)
    OM Shreem Om Hreem Shreem Hreem
    Kleem Shreem Kleem Vitteswaraay Namah
    108 time every day…can see result 100%


    Traditionally, the Gayatri mantra is recited or chanted 108 times on three occasions daily – at sunrise, at midday and at dusk, when the sun is setting.
    It can be repeated in totals of 108, 1,008, 10,008, etc.
    When we repeat the Gayatri mantra three times over the day, we are basically affirming the concept of the trinity of life – birth, growth, death.
    A japa mala (prayer beads), having 108 beads, is often used during the chanting of the mantra.
    For centuries, the number 108 has had relevance in Hinduism, Buddhism and in yoga and dharma related spiritual practices. Countless explanations have been given to provide significance to the number 108. Here are a few:
    The ancient Indians were excellent mathematicians and 108 may be the product of a precise mathematical operation (e.g. 1 power 1 x 2 power 2 x 3 power 3 = 108) which was thought to have special numerological significance.
    There are 54 letters in the Sanskrit alphabet. Each has masculine and feminine, Shiva and Shakti. 54 times 2 is 108.
    On the Sri Yantra, there are marmas (intersections) where three lines intersect, and there are 54 such intersections. Each intersections has masculine and feminine, shiva and shakti qualities. 54 x 2 equals 108. Thus, there are 108 points that define the Sri Yantra as well as the human body.
    9 times 12 is 108. Both of these numbers have been said to have spiritual significance in many ancient traditions.
    The chakras, our energy centers, are the intersections of energy lines, and there are said to be a total of 108 energy lines converging to form the heart chakra. One of them, Sushumna, leads to the crown chakra, and is said to be the path to Self-realization.
    In vedic astrology there are 12 constellations, and 9 arc segments called namshas or chandrakalas. 9 times 12 equals 108. Chandra is moon, and kalas are the divisions within a whole.
    In 108, 1 stands for God or higher Truth, 0 stands for emptiness or completeness in spiritual practice, and 8 stands for infinity or eternity.
    It is said that Atman, the human soul or center goes through 108 stages on its journey.
    There are 108 forms of dance in the Indian tradition of Bharatanatyam.
    There are 108 Upanishads according to the Muktikopanishad.

  • Christina says:

    I have done this chant consistently for months. Every day 108 times. Things seemed good at first, but then we suffered a huge financial blow. I was very upset and then came back to the site and realized that I was not chanting with an open heart. Rather than trying to schedule a time each day to chant (as if it were a routine) I began singing the chant. The concept made the whole process fun. Out of the blue, everything started to change. I believe that this must be done with an open heart. Never do this to expect things in return. Do this because you want to do it and enjoy doing it. It will change your perspective.

  • Guru Interviews says:

    This mantra reminds me of the idea of money affirmations. Just today, I discovered the millionaire mind affirmations… I highly suggest that anyone interested in manifesting more money into their life look into this. Affirmations are an easy way to re-program the way you think about money… Thank you for sharing this mantra with us! I will do it every day 108 times.

  • manoj says:

    Hi Victor,
    recvd ur sms on 11th, sorry for delay.
    “Hi am Victor from Ghana. How can I manifest money physically and gain power spiritually using chants? regards”
    Ours is a method of purity. Wen look for abundance in physical as well as spiritually fulfilling life. We do as per guru’s advice.
    1. Get up , make body pure, wash and lit the oil-lamp, chant 108
    times Gayatri, read a chapter of holy book – Bhagavad Gita –
    told by SriKrishna , consort of Laxmi.
    2. Do the above in the time 3am to 5am, earlier the best.
    3. Be a vegetarian in its strict sense, not even egg. Milk is ok.
    4. Spend 10% of income for the “food for needy”, one of the best
    service that can be done for humanity.
    5. In the prayers, if v ask something, v will get it (if v r
    eligible for it, it should be a neccesity, not a greed). If v do
    unselfishly (difficult for me at times, I admit), v gain
    spiritual wisdom.
    Gayatri mantra is basically to meditate upon the creator of the universe. The mantra creates some vibrations in the body, which helps drastically in manifestation/spiritualisation process. If you belong to some other religion, u may take the meaning of it and do according to your religion. Timing is important.

  • TamilNadu, India says:

    You are an Angel ! truly you are blessed by both Brahma and the son of the god Jesus..
    I wonder why westerners did not understand or why they hesitate to understand that Hinduism and Christianity are one and the same except some few styles of worship!
    Few examples why Hinduism and Christianity are one and the same:
    Hinduism= Ash in forehead, Christianity = Ash Wedenesday
    Hinduism= Abhishek or Holy Bath, Christianity = Baptism
    Hinduism= Gingelly Oil/Coconut Oil/Sandal Oil (Holy Oil), Christianity = Olive Oil
    Hinduism = Many festivals with Masks to fight with evil forces,
    Christianity = Halloween Masks for kids!
    like this we can continue….
    Be blessed by the divine

  • manoj says:

    Hi Good Vibe
    thanks for this blog, which seems helpful to many.
    I wish to make a comment that the ancient Indian wisdom refrains females from mantra during those 5 days.
    For those looking for Guidence in spirituality, can have it free from 00919846299909, 00919745230002 or visit “prayersent com”. My Guru can scan from remote and suggest the remedies. Please circulate this message so that it may be of help to someone.

  • manoj says:

    Hi Meghana
    The most powerful mantra is Gayathri mantra. I do this as the most important one, and also do the Narayana mantra , Mahalakshmi mantra, etc, all 108 times early morning.
    According to ancient Indian wisdom, one meets Guru when he/she is ready for next step. So do the practice and ask the Lord to bless with a good Guru (beware of lot of Fake Guru’s). Quality of Guru one gets depends on ones quality.
    My Guru’s website :
    You can get the guidance directly from them.
    In case you wish , later you may contact me on my email id [email protected] or +971504345490

  • manoj says:

    Hi Nilo,
    u can relax/sleep after the sadhana (daily spiritual excersise). We relax for 10mins. Writing on a book is better, gives more concentration. nice of you to do such in the beginning. I used to do it in my earlier days, but it was Gayathri mantra.

  • meghna says:

    i dont have a guru as such so if anyone could suggest me one mantra .. i know about this lakshmi mantra also i am chanting kali mantras as well and nav durga mantras which is 9 different form of goddess ..

  • meghna says:

    hi all i am actually confused about which particular mantra should i recite since i believe god is one its just the different avtars (forms). i pray to all forms and chant all mantras day and night whenever i get time or when am driving or when i am about to sleep . but i really wanna know one mantra which i can chant since its really confusing me .

  • I’m grateful to those of you who know the answers to these excellent questions for sharing your expertise with us! I’m learning a lot from you all.

  • Nilo says:

    and also can i write it in a book for 108 times.

  • Nilo says:

    Hi manoj,thank u very much for i have to say between 3 to 5,then after saying the mantra, can sleep o have to a bit confused,cos i work in the nite shift everyday and go 2 bed at 1.30.

  • manoj says:

    early morning …is called Brahma muhurtha [Divine moments] or amritvela…please check on google for more details

  • manoj says:

    Please note that this is a sattvic Mantra which means PURE. For best results, it has to be done early morning 3am to 5am, after bath. 108 times. Has to observe vegetarianism, and give some food for the hungry. How long …depends on ones spirituality and ones unselfishness and ones eagerness/love for the divine. I and my friends practice Gayatri mantra, and the results are great.!!!!

  • Nilo says:

    Hello,wht will happen if i eat meat on this 40 days.

  • Nilo says:

    Hello to all, what is the best time to say this mantra,if is in morining wht time,can someone tell me pls.thank u

  • lito avalos says:

    Hello guys,
    I feel encouraged to continue chanting this kind of mantras, but honestly i have not seen any real imrpovement yet, it doesn’t mean it will not work one of these days, i have faith to be a better allower using this mantra. Thanks a lot for sharing such a valuable information. I never learned so much as I am learning in this blog. Thanks again.

  • Jeannette says:

    Here it is, Karuna:
    Om shrim maha lakshmiyei swaha
    Phonetically it’s: Om shreem mah-hah lahk-shmee-yay swah-hah

  • karuna Ramjattan says:

    hey, i would like the laxmi mantra and will also like to know for the 40 day prayer .please let me know so i can start the soonest. tyhank you

  • Jeannette says:

    I like that answer a LOT, Nash! Thanks for posting! 🙂

  • Nash says:

    Hi Jeanette
    I’m so glad to have found this link and topic. I guess anyone who wants abundance and beleives it to be possible and achievable can receive it. I am of the firm belief that The Maha Lakshmi mantra “Om shrim maha lakshmiyei swaha” can be chanted by ladies at all times, irrespective of the time of month because Lakshmi is a female deity Herself and She understands the bioligical make up of all female beings. Please do not consider the monthly period as dirty or un clean or even un holy in any way. It is an important part of every female life and should not be considered as dirty. When the mind is pure and clean , the body is irrelevant.
    Nash – South Africa

  • tasha says:

    I would like to try this mantra for 40 days. I am a female. So, what do i do when it is that time of the month? i see someone asked this question previously but you emailed them. Pls email me & let me Know also. I would like to start A.S.A.P.

  • Anju says:

    WOW this seem an amazing matras i will start my first..

  • I think that would still be effective, Enoch. I also believe in one Source and still had fun with the Lakshmi chant.

  • Enoch says:

    I want to try this, but I am a monotheist and I don’t believe multiple gods exist (such as the Hindu pantheon of deities.) Could a person chant this mantra without believing Lakshmi is an actual goddess, but rather a certain kind of energy of a single God?

  • guruprasad says:

    I will say one thing to all who ever are interested and practice this mantra very powerful.
    Please my dear foreign friends try to understand one thing practice with more faith as if she is in front of u. Close ur eyes and keep on chanting in such way she is sitting in front you also feel her presence that she is blessing u with all ur affirmation.
    Om shrim MAhalakshmi ye swaha

  • Milad says:

    Great Article! I’v just been finding out more about mantras, and like a young lady asked before how do women workout the 40 day thing considering the cycle!
    Thanks in advance for your time

  • Jeannette says:

    It’s been a while since I committed to a 40 day practice, but from what I remember I didn’t make it to day 30 even before I noticed things starting to go my way financially. I’ve often wondered what would happen if I did this one by the book!

  • Hi Good Vibe Coach,
    Have you tried this one for the 40 days and if so, what has been your personal experiences with this mantra?
    Thanks for the great article!

  • Arjun says:

    Hi Friends,
    I am sure many of u’ll must have practised the Mahalakshmi Mantra for abundance & acchieved results too,
    I would request u’ll to post your experiences here if possible,
    it wuld be very inspiring 7 motivational for people who plan to start for the 1st time

  • Srikumar/Astologer/Kol-2 says:

    Full cycle of chanting should usher good result.

  • Obogum Walid says:


  • ChazKray says:

    I have been doing this mantra for multiple 40 day cycles. I also have others I do in the morning, afternoon and evening. You can do these mantras anywhere. I sometimes get stranges looks when I am in the store or wherever and they hear me “mumbling”. If it does not work for you after the first 40 days do not discourge and start up another 40 and another ect, ect. I will do these mantra’s till my last breath.

  • gopali ghosh says:

    Dear Michelle
    thanks for all your lovely things on the site. regarding the ABUNDANCE mantra… in sanskrit there are sounds called veeja (seed) sounds which embody the vibrational purity of that deity you are meditating upon and is to help raise our own vibrations. GUM is the veeja mantra of Ganesha remover of Obstacles and bestower of abundance and SHREEM is the veeja mantra of MahaLAkshmi who is abundance incarnate so the youbtube mantra is quite correct as such.
    Once more thanks; I lost your url yesterday and was frantic to come back and obviously did not. I let go and just thought of how wonderful I felt when visiting the site and obviously, I am here now…Praise be and Thanks

  • gopali ghosh says:

    Dear Michelle
    thanks for all your lovely things on the site. regarding the ABUNDANCE nantra… in sanskrit there are sounds called veeja (seed) sounds which embody the vibrational purity of that deity you are meditating upon and is to help raise our own vibrations. GUM is the veeja mantra of Ganesha remover of Obstacles and bestower of abundance and SHREEM is the veeja mantra of MahaLAkshmi who is abundance incarnate sothe youbtube mantra is quite correct as such.
    Once more thanks; I lost your url yesterday and was frantic to come back and obviously didnot. I let go and just thought of how wonderful I felt when visiting the site and obviously, I am here now…Praise be and Thanks

  • Thank you for the intention reminder, Chand. No surprise that I agree that’s a very powerful element!

  • chand says:

    This mantra can be chanted while travelling in your car. Best way to use your time effectively. When you chant the mantra you must do it with true intention , then the force will manifest itself.

  • Jess says:

    Of course! Thanks so much, ladies 🙂 xxx

  • Jesse says:

    Of course! Thanks so much, ladies 🙂 xxx

  • Justine says:

    Hi Jess:
    Regarding chanting and counting simultaneously, here’s what you can do. Go out to a craft store and buy some beads and cord or string. Take 108 of your beads and string them up into your own set of prayer beads. Then you can use the beads when you chant and when you’ve gone once around the string, you’ve done 108 chants!

  • Mala beads! I always wondered what they were for. lol
    Now I know! 🙂

  • Jess says:

    But how do you chant and count at the same time??? 🙂 x

  • Sweetie, I’ll send an email to you directly now …

  • angel says:

    I am a hindu girl and i am very much interested in worshiping goddess Lakshmi. but could you plz tell me that how is it possible for females to cont. this for 40 days i mean what about the 5-6 days of period problems.
    Plz guide me.

  • Sanjay, from what I understand it is supposed to be a continuous practice if we were following the instructions to the letter.
    In fact, the way I learned it was that if you skip a day, then you have to start all over.
    But I also know that what matters most is what we believe and how we feel. So maybe with just a weekday practice you’ll find benefit from it. ?

  • Sanjay says:

    Does this have to be done continously for 40days ?? I do it everyday i.e. work day which is 5 days continously and then Sat & Sun if off and back agaon on Monday.
    Will it make a difference??

  • Hilario says:

    I will try this mantra because I’m a believer of all things that are for me positive and I think this one will blow me away even before the 40th day. Thanks for disclosing this fun but powerful stuff.

  • sreekala says:

    i used to do chanting
    there is 108 sivatemples

  • Jeannette says:

    Thank you for that inspiring personal insight and experience, Manoj! Much appreciated.

  • Manoj Kumar Manmathan says:

    Hi Good Vibe Coach
    Your comments on mahalaxmi mantra caught my attention, so I just wished to share something.
    Since long ago, I used to chant Mahalaxmi mantra 108 times and got results. Then I met my present Guru who told me to do Gayatri mantra 108times, which is the most powerful mantra, and also read a chapter from Bhagavad Gita, in early morning (anytime between 3am to 4.50am) after bath, should be fully vegetarian and should give 10% income for charity(food for hungry). We did this for a month and got excellent result, a long awaited abroad job. Our debts are being cleared and life is improving fast.
    Hope this would add something useful for this group. Do a google search and u can get meaning and audio of this mantra. My Guru is available on 00919846299909, incase u like to know more.

  • Bonnie says:

    I am very familiar with chanting. I would like to know the proper pronounciation for this mantra. Is there a u tube video or someting that I can chant with?

  • Caitlin says:

    This is great ty!

  • Kin says:

    If you read the Aquarian Gospel, Jesus went to India and learn Vedic and Tantric cultures. We are only told the 3years of Jesus lifetimes, but where is the rest 30years? The Aquarian records was accessed by someone who activate his pineal gland/third eye from the Akashic records or etheric library equivalent to the Book of Remembrance in the book of Malachi. You can read Aquarian gospel online at
    “The name Brahma signifies he who multiplies; the name Abraham likewise means the father of a multitude. (Arabic, Rahama, a multitude. Genesis xxii, 5.) The wife of Brahma was named Savitree. The wife of Abraham was named Sarai or Sarah.”
    Some learned men consider Abraham to be a conversion of Brahma, the Hindoo Deity. The name splits up curiously. AB is father, BR is son, AM is like OM or AUM, a deific name of Power; RM meant “he is lifted up.” Blavatsky remarks that Abraham and Saturn were identical in Astro-symbology; the Father of the Pharisees was Jehovah, and they were of the seed of Abraham.

  • Mary says:

    Hi there,
    I would love to chant Goddess Lakshmi mantra but I am catholic and am not really sure if it would be appropriate. Does anyone know if people who have other religion are allowed to chant Hindu mantras such as the one above? I am not sure if doing so would be considered a sin since it’s from another religion…
    Any comments on that would be greatly appreciated 🙂

  • What?! How did I not ever know this before, Justine?!
    That’s giving me goose bumps!!
    Yes, I think you’re right: understanding the significance of 108 will make the repetitions even more powerful.
    Thank you for sharing that, Justine!

  • Justine says:

    Hi Jeannette:
    Here is the significance of repeating the mantra 108 times. It comes from the ancient Vedic truths. The wise men who recorded this information had an astounding knowledge of the cosmos – information that we have only come to know through science during the last century. So….
    The distance between the Sun and the Earth is approximately 108 times the Sun’s diameter.
    The diameter of the Sun is approximately 108 times the diameter of the Earth.
    The distance between the Earth and the Moon is 108 times the diameter of the Moon.
    And, as an extra piece of trivia, Lakshmi has 108 names.
    I suspect knowing this extra information will make our mantra repetitions even more powerful.

  • Arjun says:

    Dear jeannette,
    thanx, dats very kind of you,
    My Knowledge is very limited compared to yours
    after all you are a professional while I am just a layman,
    However I just try to share what I have read & been taught from childhood here in India,
    But I believe at the end of the Day..Ur d best person to instruct people
    coz after all ur the Good Vibe Coach 🙂
    Warm Regards : Arjun R. Prabhu

  • I’m learning a lot here, Arjun! Thanks for the information.
    I hadn’t thought about choosing the same place consistently for conducting the chant. Much appreciated! 🙂

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