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Re-Making History

Conscious creators are taught that if we can imagine it, we can have it.


No qualifications. No exceptions.

If you can imagine it, you can have it.

That’s a bold promise for those of us with good imaginations.

Which is why when I hear Abraham say something like, “You can’t change what’s done,” I want to chime in and say, “Well, technically … we could.”

Because we can.

And it’s not even just that can …

We are.

In fact, researchers have been doing it in the labs and in studies for years.

This is a real thing.

But there is a trick to it, as my inbox will attest.

Lately I’ve received a handful of emails from fellow creators desperate to change something in their past, wanting to know how to successfully achieve that change.

I’ve written on this subject before, so read those posts for general instructions on past-changing.

But here are a few helpful tips and caveats for aspiring revisionists who might feel stymied in their success:

1. Don’t Need It
The first thing to know is that the more you need something to be different before you can feel better, the less likely you are to achieve it.

Desire is a powerful force, but when it’s tinged with attachment or neediness, it creates the opposite effect.

So the first thing to know about how to change the past is to learn how to not need it.

Seems kind of rude, right? The person who most wants it is the furthest away from creating it?

But I didn’t make this system up. I’m just sharing best practices.

And that is to make some good peace with your present version of the past.

If you can find a way to be okay with what’s already gone down, it gives you a cleaner slate for re-visioning magic.

2. Don’t Try Too Hard.
Re-making your history works best when you use a light touch. It doesn’t require huge effort or intense focus.

In fact, in one of the studies where they asked normal everyday people to alter the computer output that had already been printed, the girl who was most successful at doing so was the one who sat down and ate a green apple while reading a magazine.

Not the guy who placed his fingers to his temple and intensely willed the numbers to change. It was the girl who didn’t try too hard.

It’s worth remembering the power of a light touch! Changing your past is only hard if you think it is.

3. Let Go of The Past You’ve Known
You have to be willing to continue engaging your new past, even when it looks like nothing’s changed. Otherwise you’re just letting present reality carry you further along the same path.

Your imagination is the key here. Because in the beginning, that’s all you have for plugging in to your alternate version of history.

Dismiss whatever present evidence doesn’t line up with your new choice, and continue knowing your preferred version.

It’s a lot like regular manifesting, just doing it in a different time zone, really.

Final Tip:
The last thing I want to suggest is that whatever judgments we’re making about the past and how it’s affecting our future, it might be worth changing our minds rather than changing the past.

Although technically that is the same thing. You can’t do one without the other.

If you’re believing that something from your past prevents you from having what you want now, it might just be easier to drop that belief.
Universe knows how to give you what you want, no matter where you stand now. All you have to do is be willing to believe that and receive it.

Changing your past probably isn’t really even necessary to have what you really want.

So while it can be fun to consciously navigate between different parallel realities and experience alternate pasts in each one, it might be even more beneficial to just see things differently rather than change what you think happened.

Regardless, seeing things differently is crazy cool magic!

Hope this is helpful for those who have felt frustrated in engaging this particular manifesting power. If you have any tips to share, or questions to ask, please post here.

  • September 27, 2016
  • Melissa says:

    My understanding of this is that you’re not actually changing your past (as in, if something happened, and another person witnessed it or knew about it, they might still observe it the same way they always have).
    But by imagining that it all went down a different way, you’re changing the way you feel about it in the present.
    This means you feel better about the situation, so you attract positive responses/scenarios, related to it.

  • Anonymous says:

    I have a question. Say I want to change two events in my past. If event A is changed to how I would have preferred it to go, then event B may have not happened subsequently. So, do I still change both events, or do I just change event A and the past will adjust itself around the change?

  • NinaO says:

    I’m thinking, that you don’t change your past, but rather create another past.

  • r.b. says:

    I have always pondered this… It is a lot like usual manifesting, you are just connecting with another reality, the one where you did certain other things in the past.
    I still have many memories of my “past” but after a long journey the passed almost three years, I realized that connecting with my new current reality maybe somehow is connected to changing my past… Like instead of focusing on changing my past I ended up in the present where I might have been had different decisions been made in the past. Does that make any sense?
    Thanks for this great post anyways !
    ~ R

  • Sharne says:

    Hey Jeannette! Another piece that kinda fits with the latest revelations. Being a constant Abe listener, I was pondering the idea of the now is ‘old news’ and we are really just creative mechanisms in a physical form. So the thought that coalesced was we are always creating, no matter what, new cells, a piece of art, some brilliant writing etc. So everything in my now is a passed creation, from passed thoughts, action, imagination etc. I am always looking at my past, everything in my now moment is my past, only thing to focus on is what I want to create in my future! So now my practice is when I’m looking at something that no longer works for me I say to myself, ‘this is my past, what do I want now’. Easy for me to apply in the now. Feels like it is changing my past to my future in the now!! Thanks again Sharne

    • Maria Dunn says:

      Hi Sharne,
      I just joined GVU last month. I’m really enjoying the like mindedness. Like attracts like!
      When I am experiencing something that I don’t want, I tell myself that this is old stuff. And then I use
      EMT (meridian tapping) to tap out the old and tap in the new with clarity. It works great for me. I too listen to Abraham a lot. They have helped me remember who I am. So thankful for them and for this group!

  • Adrienne says:

    Thank you for this great post, Jeannette! The only things I think about reversing time for is lost objects (really, two heirloom pieces of jewelry.) They were lost years ago (one was a decade ago an in another state.) I *know* they were lost outside of my home. Does anyone know if the method above could *possibly* work to make them reappear? (or have you heard of such a thing?) Many thanks!

  • Flamingo says:

    I found this article really interesting.
    When I was very, very young, I fancied myself in love with a celebrity. He was a member of a rather famous British band – I wasn’t even that keen on the band or their music – they were OK but I wasn’t a fan – it was him. I fancied the absolute pants off him and was obsessed with having a relationship with him. I found a way to meet him after a concert – we went to a club and back to his hotel and he invited me to his hotel room. He tried to get me to sleep with him. I was 15 at the time but I never told him my age. I didn’t want that – I wanted to talk, be his girlfriend, kiss him (oh so naive!) and start a relationship. I was unable to articulate this to him. I spent years beating myself up for not being good enough for him and simultaneously losing all respect for him and became very, very confused. I spent months sobbing because I had “lost” him. I found a recent clip of him on YouTube and it brought all the thoughts back. Then I spotted this article.
    I’ve been visualising an alternative scenario where he invites me to his room as he actually did, but after trying it on I did tell him what I really wanted, and he realised what he was doing was wrong. We did talk, the encounter was positive, and we parted as friends, but with no further contact. I then went on with my life in a more positive way than I actually did at 15.

    • Namaste says:

      Your alternate visualization seems solid and plausible. I’d love to hear about the results you experience =)

      • Flamingo says:

        I’ll keep everyone posted. I’d be interested in thoughts on what I’ve said. Thanks for your comments!

  • Heather says:

    Hi Jeannette!
    Such a great and timely post. Thank you.
    May I comment and share my thoughts on few things?
    1- You said,
    But I didn’t make this system up. I’m just sharing best practices.
    Here when you say the system, do you mean ‘the laws behind the operation of the universe’ or are you talking about the manifestation tips?
    Because I have a further comment about it according to your answer. lol
    2- I love the story you shared about the girl eating an apple and reading a magazine. I would like to know more about that study if it is possible, too.
    Thanks again for this post!
    Much Love

  • Here’s how Paul/COL talk about this:

    Every idea that arises in the present arrives with its own timeline and backstory. Your memories of the past are the proof and evidence that support the current version of the present. That’s all they are.

    We always invite you to question the so-called permanence of the past.

    Facts are constantly evolving. You do not live in an objective universe. You live in a highly subjective universe that is the subject and effect of your current-moment perspective.

    You have powerful beliefs about consistency and permanence that make the backstory a necessary element of most new thoughts.

    We always suggest you rely on how you feel now and disregard any thoughts about the past that you don’t like since they are nothing bust dust and bones.

    There literally is no past. There is only the present. And, as we say, the idea of the past serves the present for the sake of consistency. The more easy you are with yourself, generally, the more you will notice this.

    • namaste says:

      Really enjoyed how easy and simple this makes things feel =)

    • Jeannette says:

      Thanks for posting that, Frank. I especially enjoyed: “We always suggest you rely on how you feel now and disregard any thoughts about the past that you don’t like since they are nothing bust dust and bones.” 🙂

  • Nikky says:

    Hi Jeannette,
    Like you I have rewritten and re narrated a better story of my past and my childhood. I have etched the details of my child hood so well that not only do I feel good remembering my new self created past but o have had people who know me in my present say to me that ” Nikky , you seem like you must have had a great childhood filled with love and support and harmony ” … So I have changed …. I must have and so has my past 🙂
    Love this creative process.

  • Nikky says:

    Hi Jeannette,
    Like you I have rewritten and re narrated a better story of my past and my childhood. I have etched the details of my child hood so well that not only do I feel good remembering my new self created past but o have had people who know me in my present say to me that ” Nikky , you seem like you must have had a great childhood filled with love and support and harmony ” … So I have changed …. I must have and so has my past 🙂
    Love this creative process.

  • Namaste says:

    I LOVE this post! And I’d love to see more like it =)
    In 2005, I decided to quit the job I had at the time and take off to Southeast Asia for my first multi-month trip. For some reason though my intuition wanted me to go to Costa Rica. I didn’t get it. But I kept getting the feeling to check out Costa Rica so I went and researched it. Costa Rica seemed like a great country but I wanted to go to Thailand. I was so mad at my intuition because it made no sense. The day I bought my ticket to Thailand, my intuition was literally screaming at me to get one for Costa Rica. Within 24 hours of purchasing my ticket to Thailand, two of my best friends in the world (that I’d wanted to travel with forever) decided to clear their schedules and travel to Central America (which included a visit to Costa Rica) at the same time I would be in Thailand. I was stunned! I looked into changing my trip but it was too much of a pain. Years later, when I began to realize that my experiences proved to me that time couldn’t work the way I thought it did (there is a past, the current now and a future that hasn’t happened yet) I asked myself, “How could my intuition know that my friends were going to be traveling to Central America before they’d even decided to take the trip themselves?” The only way this is possible is if the future has already happened. Realizing this was true meant that everything I know about time, and what is, and what is not possible, is false.
    Where did you read about the study where people changed computer outputs that had already been printed?
    Additionally, I hope some people post personal stories of their experiences changing the past. I’d really love to read some =)

    • Jas says:

      Hi Namaste,
      I find your point about the future having already happened a fascinating one. When I consider it, it actually sends me directly to a state of relief (as in – there’s nothing ‘to do’!).
      Here’s an example of this phenomenon. Literally, two hours ago, I was coaching a new client of mine. She was seeking a new job after quitting one of 10 yrs and also wanted to develop her leadership skill set through our work together. Happily, during this time, she just landed a great job, even better than her last.
      As we’re talking today, she goes on to tell me that a year ago, during her maternity leave, she began having dreams that she was having job interviews. They didn’t make sense to her since she wasn’t looking to change and wondered why she kept having them. A bit later, she began having a sense that her work was going to be criticized. Having a great work history, this also didn’t make sense.
      Upon returning to work, the scenario began to unfold as she sensed it. A new co-worker created problems and began causing her much anguish. After trying to sort it out, she realized it wasn’t changing, so she made the brave choice to leave. And since then, she’s had several interviews, as appeared in her dreams, all in a few weeks and now landed her new job. Was ‘the future’ already written?

      • namaste says:

        Thanks for sharing the story about your client. I’m going to save it and add it to my collection =)
        I reposted Jeannette’s article on my Facebook profile. A friend of mine (who is a serious student of Neville Goddard) posted the following comment, which I felt was really insightful. Sharon Roberts wrote, “There isn’t one past, there are unlimited pasts, and all of them exist now 🙂 We can choose which past we “remember” now But it’s not possible to change any past. Memories are in our minds and we are also imagining our realities, which also exist in our minds. Our bodies exist in our minds (not the other way around): the mind/ consciousness is not limited in size, it is infinite and all the world exists within it. Understanding these things makes it easier to accept that we can experience whatever we like and are not bound to keep receiving the same memories at all.”

        • Jeannette says:

          Ooh, I love that! We’re not creating something anew as much as we are just choosing a different alternative! 🙂

        • DavyMetro says:

          Yes. Check out Neville’s, “The Pruning Shears of Revision.”
          “I firmly believe that if you will wisely and daily use the pruning shears of revision that you will find there is no objective beyond your ability to realize. And I mean that seriously, no objective beyond your ability to realize.”

    • Elle says:

      Namaste, I have posted on this topic before on here numerous times because that is how LOA came to me. I had deep regrets about the past that I should have followed, but did not. The Universe gave me what I wanted, as I did not as I did not follow what just came to me at the time, which was easy. Instead, I took the much harder route which I’m still dealing with today, hence my regret about the past, however, I told a different story about the past and the jobs I have had since and it does wonders. You can actually change it by talking about and thinking about it differently. Always listen to your intuition, as it knows best. It is never wrong and I even have more evidence of this today, when my intuition said not to do something I went ahead and did and now I will end up paying more than I would have had I not said anything. Silence is golden, after all.
      Also, there is no time, it is an illusion.

      • namaste says:

        I definitely agree with you about telling a new story and the wonders it does =) I always felt like I’d a really unhappy childhood. One day, a woman in my mastermind came in and said she’d learned how to change her past. She now had a happy childhood. I knew the circumstances she’d grown up in so I was very interested in finding out what she’d done and also very skeptical. She explained that she went back and looked at every event from her childhood that was unhappy and asked herself, “Why was this perfect? How did it contribute to my life?” When she was done, she’d totally changed her perspective of her childhood being unhappy (and it still contained all the intense stuff she went through). I did the same thing. It was a lot of serious mental work but it paid off in spades. Today, I always smile when I tell people I had a happy childhood because it’s true, but I’ll never forget that I spent the first 30 years of my life thinking the exact opposite. Reframing truly is amazing =)
        I recently ran into this youtube video of a guy finding the extreme advantages of growing up poor and I was again reminded of the power of this

    • Heather says:

      I love your story, Namaste! Such a great example for realizing that past, present and future can be known at a certain level. And intuition comes from that level. Thank you for sharing.

    • Jeannette says:

      I bet that experience also gave you good incentive to trust your intuition more after that! ha
      I think it was Lynne McTaggart’s Intention Experiment where I first read about the study, but I believe I’ve seen it quoted in other places as well. Let me pull my copy off the shelf and see if I can confirm that and give more details about it.

  • Agreed!!! AND…..
    If you use your mind to figure things out, you are using either your past or someone else’s past.
    There is an energy in the past that we keep bringing into our present to create our future. In my experience, the best thing I have found to wipe out this energy is the Access Consciousness® Clearing Statement. It absolutely goes back to the past and undoes the energetic attachment we have to any limiting belief.
    Thank you Jeannette for this great reminder!!!

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