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The Real Life Daily Practice

Here are my latest stories of using law of attraction in the real world of daily life:

My Masters of Creation Circle includes a private call-in day with members every other Thursday, which is one of my favorite things to do. All day long is just one fabulous conversation with one amazing creator after another.

So when I woke up this Thursday morning to no phone and no internet, I was not pleased.

I had a lot of swear words for Comcast, who took the blame for spoiling my good time yet again.

I tried all the things you’re supposed to do (unplug, reset, etc.), but nothing worked. And since I don’t use a cell I had no connection to contact Comcast.

Which was good for them, because I had nothing but swear words for the situation.

But I would not be deterred, so I jumped in the shower with intentions of working from the local wifi coffee shop. While racing to get ready I thought of all the reasons I was so fed up with Comcast, and all the things I wanted to tell them, and all the things I would do to be rid of them forever.

It was impressive litany of angry, highly-charged thoughts.

Which is not how I usually shower.

The realization came that if I thought things would work out at the coffee shop with this vibration, I had another thing coming. Because no way could something good happen in that foul a mood.

I knew my work: switch the vibe. Find the better feeling thoughts …

Is it the end of the world that you don’t have internet or phone, Jeannette? Well, probably not. The world will probably still turn.

Is it even Comcast’s fault that this is happening, when you’re the one running such a crappy vibe? Well, there is no doubt they are terrible (I have evidence!), but I am indeed the one who aligned with such a rotten provider. (Yeah, making friends with Comcast in that red hot moment wasn’t happening.)

Ok, despite that, girlfriend, can you imagine this day going smoothly? Can you imagine being pleased with how things unfold?

Yeah, I can imagine that. I can imagine being happy in some form or fashion. Things often work out that way for me.

And I could feel my vibe start to soften.

I tried on my favorite thought: “I can accept this.” But I asked it instead of said it: “Can I accept this?”

Yes, I can accept that my day might not go as planned. I can accept that people might wonder what happened to me and that I might not get to talk to anyone today. I’ll live, and they probably won’t lose sleep over it.

With that, the rough edges were gone. I was more peaceful, more calm, more pleased even.

And when I got out of the shower, lo and behold, phone and internet worked just fine without any intervention or effort on my part.

Chalk up one for deliberate vibration management. 🙂

The next day my foster momma cat took a serious turn for the worse. So much so that we went to the emergency vet at two in the morning.

Before we went, I asked higher power to help me know what to do. When I phoned the emergency vet and the hottest vet tech in the entire world answered, I knew that was Universe’s way of saying “come hither.” Like Neo’s “follow the white rabbit.” hehe

After the exam, blood work and x-rays, they felt she should stay in their care until the radiologist and the ophthalmologist were consulted. I got an estimate for a very expensive surgery and they used words like “alarming” and other words I won’t repeat that were 100% in line with my worry vibe.

Because that’s exactly what I’d been flowing since the day she arrived as a starving refugee from a hoarder house who gave birth to eight kittens the next day: worried. I didn’t know how she’d have enough milk to feed everyone. Eight is a stretch even for a healthy cat, and she was far from that.

I was nervous about syringe feeding newborns; I was nervous about failing my duties as a foster mom. I didn’t want to create more problems than already existed.

That vibration continued until I realized – holy sh*t – mom can’t be well until I know the vibration of “healthy and thriving” instead of “worried and nervous.”

While mom was at the emergency vet I practiced feeling relieved. Pleased. Satisfied that all was going well. I released attachment to outcomes, making some semblance of peace with whatever might unfold. I found the thoughts that felt better. I asked GVU OutSourcerers for help with the good vibe.

But mostly I practiced feeling relieved and pleased with mom’s progress and the kitties’ state of being.

And things have just gotten better from there. In fact, they keep getting better the more I remember to practice the vibes that serve me instead of the ones that don’t.

Although truthfully, we know even contrast serves, since that’s what launches the “even better” party to start with.

My point being – it’s one thing to know this stuff, and it’s another to put it to work on a daily basis in real life.

This manifesting routine isn’t just for the big dreams and far out goals. It’s for crafting our preferred life in the daily moments as they unfold.

It doesn’t matter how knowledgeable you are if you don’t put it to work in real life. Here’s to leveraging all we’ve learned about the art of conscious creation.

I’d love to hear how you’re practicing today, too …

  • December 5, 2015
  • Hey Jeanette,
    I think it’s important to highlight the value of not just focusing on the big things, but focusing on the magic of each moment as they unfold. Having said that, I’ll share with you a simple thing I do.
    When I’m about to go do something – let’s say I’m going to work, I try to visualize the most likely scenario. I do this to get an accurate reading of how I’m feeling about what I’m about to do.
    When I feel like I’ve stabilized in that feeling (even if I don’t like it), I try to visualize one thing that’s also very likely but positive.
    So, let’s say that in my initial visualization, I pictured that I would be late and anxious. Instead of trying to jump to feeling good right away, I’d accept that as a possibility, especially if I didn’t budget enough time to get to work on time.
    Then, I’d visualize a very probable, but positive thing that could happen instead of or regardless of that. If I’ve got just barely enough time, then I’d maybe visualize getting to work one minute late and shaking it off and going about my day. More positive than feeling anxious, certainly.
    It’s not very sexy, but I find that it opens me up to an even better visualization. I don’t stop there. Instead, I think of one better thing. Maybe, I get to work one minute late, shake it off, and see someone smile at me.
    Each time, I give myself time to feel how that feels. Maybe next I see myself getting to work one minute late, with a smile, and a good conversation. Maybe I see myself saying, “Sorry I’m late,” to my boss and them saying, “It’s no big deal.”
    Just this simple process helps me to smooth out my energy. Hope this helps.

    • blank Elle says:

      Yes, I do this too! It works!

    • blank Amina says:

      I love this! I find that anytime I am able to accept my crappy state of being, I use the how long will I relish in this until I let it go. Usually, I give myself about 5 minutes, or until I pass a certain street. That way, I get to allow what is to just be and have some fun with it, then let it go and find a better, feeling thought. I think the acceptance of what I am truly feeling in the moment, is a key step to the switch to a better vibration.

      • I like this Amina! It gives you both space to allow how you’re feeling with an agreement upon when you will try to let the feeling go. I’m going to try to use that.

    • blank Jeannette says:

      What a great practice, Chris! Thanks for sharing it here. I can see how effective this would be. Very practical – and you’re right – haha – not super sexy, but it makes all the difference! 🙂

  • I second the idea of putting this to work. The more we practice finding the better feeling thoughts, the more automatic it becomes, even in contrast (or maybe, ESPECIALLY in contrast). And if all else fails…I invoke Easy World and take a nap! Upon waking, it’s usually easier to find the better feeling thought(s). 😉
    Last night I came home to a power outage, which is very rare for this location. Anyway, I decided to just enjoy it. I have candles and a backup battery I can use for a lamp to read a book by. I used a flashlight to gather my books (yes, plural), and head to a cozy spot to read…and seconds later, the electricity was back on. 😉
    The only downside to becoming really good at this is I might not practice appreciation for the *magic* as often as I could. I’ll work on that… 😉
    Many blessings,

    • blank Jeannette says:

      Aw, you didn’t even get to enjoy your lights out night, Nancy! haha Way to allow it!
      And I agree with you about this becoming more automatic “especially” in contrast, the more we practice it. Here’s to that! 🙂

  • blank Susann says:

    “This manifesting routine isn’t just for the big dreams and far out goals. It’s for crafting our preferred life in the daily moments as they unfold.”
    Wow. How often do I forget this. I’m getting better, certainly — I tend to invoke Easy World pretty routinely now. But why not use the techniques I know every day and in every situation?
    And the kittens? You’ve got this, Jeannette. Syringe-feeding newborns *isn’t* easy, but you know what you’re doing. These poor babies couldn’t be in better hands. Mama cat, too. The Universe brought her to you when she needed you the most — starved & on the verge of giving birth to EIGHT kittens?! Holy moly! It’s obviously all been worked out ahead of time, Universally speaking; all you have to do is be you.

    • blank Jeannette says:

      Susann, I can’t thank you enough for the encouraging words you shared here. I repeated them in my head many late nights while syringe-feeding! And I’m delighted to report that now – over a week later – everyone is thriving! YAY!! 🙂

  • Hey Jeannette,
    Awesome article and you so got this!

    • blank Jeannette says:

      Thank you, Elaine! They’re gaining weight and looking great and having fun – and I can say I am having more fun, too, now that I’ve got more confidence under my belt.
      Thanks for reading and for sharing your encouragement. 🙂

  • blank Elle says:

    I agree with Susann, Jeannette. You are a cooperative component to those kitties. Cats giving birth, for me, is a sign from Universe of fertility. It is a clear sign and I am attune to this communication.
    What a wonderful post to remind us to put good vibes to action every day. Conscious creation is also about constant communication with Universe and being open to the exchange. Masters say to keep cool and pray incessantly, keeping the channel open and going. This is one of the best feelings.

  • blank Mary says:

    I love this post and these real life examples of using deliberate creation. I’ve made my job much better by using my commute to tell myself what an easy, fun day I’m going to have. I do this most of the time. Today, I found myself using my commute to practice the overwhelmed, stressed day I was afraid I was going to have. I caught myself mid-thought and tried to turn it around. Ended up with a too busy, but relatively smooth day. It was definitely better than where I was initially headed. It is practice!

  • blank Sandeep says:

    Hi Jeannette,
    I wish I was there to give you a hug when you felt so awful.
    I can understand how one feels when internet is off and the telephone is out of order too.
    You don’t use a cell phone in the present times? Really, Jeannette!
    It is essential in emergency – when your car breaks in the middle of street/ or when you need healthcare services/ etc.
    My parents got the landline connection disconnected after deceptive marketing practiced by the company that my parents were not aware of. Now each of them uses the handy, portable cell phone.
    As you know, I love cats in my society dominated by superstition that cats are not a good omen. So I do not mingle with these people. God chose you and your loving, caring home for the cat to give birth to 8 kittens. You are a lucky mom!
    I am working on some social issues and trying to remove the evils that are aggressively, vociferously practiced by the devils. As a man, I cannot see the good people falling prey to these devils. I know this is not in my alignment of personal goal to buy a hotel in Florida. But this is perhaps the need of the hour. And may be the Universe wants me to do this before doors open for manifestation of my personal goal.
    Regarding one of the social issue that I solved yesterday, I want to share with you and other writers here; perhaps it will give motivation and way too. Yesterday, there was a tobacco ad on a TV channel in which a popular film actor was illegally promoting the tobacco product at every 5-minute-interval of a sports event. So I called an NGO and a News channel and then emailed with the relevant Laws of Parliaments. Within half an hour, the ad disappeared. I wish it stops forever.
    Giving you a hug that you may please share with your cat and kittens.
    Love and regards

  • Love this!!! Love the blow by blow on how you switched your vibe. Love that ranting was part of the vibe shifting. Love that you admitted that making friends was not in vibrational reach. Loved all of it!!!!
    Way to go!

  • blank Stephen says:

    “This manifesting routine isn’t just for the big dreams and far out goals. It’s for crafting our preferred life in the daily moments as they unfold.”
    I find when I attend to this, the “big dreams” and “far out goals” are manifested just in the course of having a happy life.

  • blank Marina says:

    I am thousand miles away from Comcast but I had a similar experience with Internet connection a few days ago. Trying resetting and what not, all in vain. Having Mars/Saturn conjunction, my habitual response is to get stubborn and impatient when smth does not work; to try to make it work by all means and then become even more frustrated and angry. This time I recognized the feeling of impatience and stress early enough to change the reaction. I said, “OK, let it be so”, and went to make myself a nice breakfast. When I came back 10 minutes later, Internet was on and working all rihght. Letting go is such a powerful thing.

  • blank KO says:

    I like hearing about the real-life every daily practice in action.
    My path of least resistance with Comcast was switching to ATT. I didn’t have the thoughts necessary to elicit good behavior from Comcast, lol. *LOA Rookie Status* But it’s been a year and I have been much much happier with my change.
    As Abe has said before, getting off the subject is one of the most effective tools I use when something is bothering me. If moments of appreciation naturally bubble up on a different subject, I try to stay with them longer.
    Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  • blank Heather says:

    Oooh such a great post, Jeannette.
    I specially like this:
    ‘but I am indeed the one who aligned with such a rotten provider. ‘
    Such a wake-up call! lol
    Thank you for writing in the middle of all this work in progress.
    I appreciate it.
    Sending love and all the good vibes. 🙂

  • blank mary says:

    It happened to me twice, almost same exactly as yours, I had an experienced with having no internet connection at home for some bad weather condition it lost and I waited for days to get it back on, and I was pissed off with BT for not doing their job, I run an Ebay business and that time so obviously it was a big deal for me even just a day of no internet connections, I had this very clear contrast ,until I decided to give up and pack my bags up and decided to go to stay somewhere for a day or so until it goes back on, I inquired a room reservation for my two day stay and when the moment I put the phone down , there you go the internet went back on, coincidence? no, because it happens twice on same situation.

  • blank raji says:

    Whoa whoa
    Talking about internet providers!!!!!!!
    we bought this beautiful house, and the day we were signing contract my DH asked the broker, “i hope the internet connection is good here, we are in IT and would suck if internet was not good”.
    Guess what happened… our previous owner had internet connection. Its been a month since we moved, but due to one reason or another we just dont seem to get a connection.
    I spoke to my husband yday, that lets start thinking about how it feels good to have the connection.
    Lets see how this turns out.

  • blank anonymous says:

    Hey Jeannette,
    How do you move past jealousy/envy? There’s someone I see on social media who looks like she has everything I want. She always posts pictures and writes about how happy she is, how great her life is, how much success she’s having in music and all the great things she’s manifested. I am also an aspiring musician and have been taking small steps every day towards my dreams, but I’m still no where near where she is. It hurts because although I know everything I see in her is a precursor and that I should feel happy for her, I feel horrible. I feel constantly reminded of how I’m not where I want to be, how far behind I am, everything that’s wrong with me and what I’m doing. Sometimes the pain feels like too much, and I just want to give up on living. So often I feel like I will never shift enough resistance and fear to get what I want.

    • blank Jeannette says:

      Comparing to others is a tricky game to win at, so I’d start by focusing on your own progress and successes. Being able to identify and celebrate your personal wins, and let someone else’s game be their game (not yours), is a good start to shifting that vibe.
      Others would also say it’s important to let ourselves feel what we feel, rather than deny or ignore it. There is value in that, but I wouldn’t dwell in it for long. This might help, too:

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