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Saying Yes Takes Practice

It seems obvious that we’d know how to say yes to what we want when it shows up, but sometimes it’s more challenging than you’d guess …

When my store was out of my favorite shampoo, I resorted to a new brand. Caught myself expecting it probably wouldn’t be as good as my old shampoo, so I turned that vibration around by practicing feeling really pleased with how good it was to my hair.

I did that on purpose. Intentionally. You’d think I’d know how to have an amazing shampoo, right? I mean, after I got all deliberate about it and everything.

And sure enough – the new shampoo was fabulous! My hair loves it! I love it! It makes me want to wash my hair more often! It’s amazing!

And then …

Right after my third wash or so, while I’m reveling in this gorgeously soft and shiny hair, thinking how fortunate I am to have stumbled on this new shampoo, a little gremlin whispered, “Yeah, but it’s probably not healthy.” Probably has all the sulfates and para-whatever I’m supposed to be avoiding. Probably ruining your color. Poisoning your scalp. Probably risking hair loss if you keep using it.

Because there’s got to be a catch to something this good.

That was my thinking about my stupid fabulous shampoo: “It can’t really be this good!”

Which means I even have upper limits on my shampoo. I don’t even know how to have amazing hair without ruining it!

People think it’s so easy to say yes to what they want if it would just get here … not realizing that it can’t get here until we know how to say yes to it. We unconsciously sabotage ourselves left and right because we don’t know how to let it be that good.

Like when I was dating the guy who spent two marriages with women who didn’t enjoy hands on attention. They had trained him to keep his hands to himself, despite the fact that touch is his love language. So he learned not to touch his lovers.

Well, I told him it’s a new day now, because – ta da! – I am a fan of touching! Here I am, his literal dream come true: a woman who appreciates physical touch. “We’re both gonna love this!”, I’m thinking.

But no. That guy still didn’t touch me, even with me asking him to, reminding him to. Because old habits die hard and he (apparently) didn’t have the programming for touch. He had the programming for abstaining.

Ay yi yi.

This is why The Ultimate Receiving Challenge exists, because so many of us haven’t practiced having what we want – and we need that practice. We sometimes don’t know how to say yes to it even when it’s right in front of us saying, “Kiss me.”

And it’s why I’m leading an advanced receiving skills course at Good Vibe University right now. Because getting deliberate about letting life be good to us is essential to allowing the dream to come true.

I know this stuff inside and out and I still get challenged to say yes to dreams come true. Like the other day when I met someone who looked like he’d stepped straight out of my vortex, and my first thought once I got a load of him was, “Too good to be true.” Those five words are a sure tipoff I’ve got allowing limits in place.

Luckily I’m onto myself and my second words were … different than that. I reminded myself I know how to have what I want. I know how to let it be that good. I know how to say yes to the good life.

And I practice having what I want every day. In the small ways, in the big ways, and I don’t get mad even when it seems I ruined a good thing, because Universe keeps giving us another chance to get it right. Your dreams never give up on you.

If this has come up for you and you’d like support in becoming a better receiver, join the free Receiving Challenge online or check out Good Vibe U to jump in the Advanced Receiving Skills course underway now.

It’s never too late to tell Universe you’re willing to have the fabulous shampoo, the amazing love, and whatever other wonderful things you’re ready to conjure into reality.

  • February 10, 2020
  • Juli says:

    Awesome post as always Jeannette 😊 and a great reminder that I NEED to join the receiving challenge ASAP.
    Lots of blessings and love 😙😙😙

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